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  1. Earcutter

    Benchmade Infidel

    When I saw it for sale at $150... I just couldn’t help myself. I mean, that’s not free, but it’s not the $200.00 I’m used to seeing either. https://knifeworks.com/benchmade-133-fixed-infidel-4-52-d2-plain-blade-black-anodized-aluminum-handle/ I’m so excited, I even paid for two day...
  2. Earcutter

    India - Haircut & Shave

    A friend of mine is in India. Today out in the open street he got a haircut and shave. He took this picture. I’ve totally romanticized the notion.
  3. Earcutter

    Lights & Lasers

    What do you think about attaching em to your guns? Personally, I never had time for them. I always carry a flashlight anyway. But when I got my AR, using a flashlight was out, so I got one that attached to the weapon. I loved it! Then I got a laser grip on my little revolver and loved it! So...
  4. Earcutter

    Your Carry Method

    Hey! How do you carry? Think this guy might be doing it wrong? Dunno?
  5. Earcutter

    Happy Canada Day Canucks!

  6. Earcutter

    Defensive Weapons

    I figure everyone needs a SHTF gun even if they don’t, and I’ve had my fair share. Depending on where I was living, they all took on different looks. Shotguns, handguns, levers... I eventually jumped on the AR bandwagon about 4 years ago and got a Colt AR. It was awesome, but it was “heavy”...
  7. Earcutter

    Earcutter 2.oh. Coronavirus Issues

    I’d like to think I’ve mastered my straights, but I’m at it again, coronavirus style! Trying to keep the hair high and tight, I snipped off the top of me ear! Freaking virus!! Oddly enough, it really didn’t hurt until I took a shower. What have you taken on during this pandemic that...
  8. Earcutter

    Increasing Scent Complexity (shampoo edition)

    So I love my scents. If I’m going to be honest with myself, scent rates right up there with effective in the old “how I rate shampoos rubric.” Fortunately, a good scent doesn’t compete with a soaps effectiveness, so we can indeed have both. Right now, these are the three shampoos that I’m...
  9. Earcutter

    Cappuccino Maker

    I need a cappuccino. Bad! I must have one! But I need a cappuccino maker first. I don’t want to go expensive. I don’t want to go expensive because I know when this all blows over, I’ll be back at the coffee shops watching the cute baristas making me my coffee, and letting my machine get...
  10. Earcutter

    Shotgun Ammo

    I thought that maybe I’d try something a little different. We all have plenty of birdshot, but not quite enough buckshot or slugs. Normally if I’ve been out bird hunting and I’ve needed to dispatch something a bit bigger, I’d go the “cut shell” method. It works. See Video here. But the...
  11. Earcutter

    Silver’s Sold Out

    Man, I went to my favorite Silver pusher (Apmex) - they are sold out of silver bars of any size! Dang!
  12. Earcutter

    Run on Ammo?

    Is there a run on ammo? Or the beginnings of one? It seems as though ammo selection is pretty low. And I can’t get my beloved 40gr mini-mags anywhere!
  13. Earcutter

    Battle of the “Pocket Gun”

    I think comparing the Glock 42 (G42) in .380 ACP and the S&W 442 in .38 Special is particularly relevant because they are not only identical in size and weight, the ammo they utilize performs practically identically as well. I have both of these handguns, albeit the 442 is relatively new to me...
  14. Earcutter

    Precious Metals

    It's kind of odd to see the stock market and precious metals dipping at the same time. Anyone have any ideas?
  15. Earcutter

    Blade Pif (for Members who’ve been here since 2016 or earlier)

    Well guys, I did it! I sampled a ton of different blades. I’d always wanted to sample a wide swath of blades in my DE, but I got bored of DEs and decided to try straights instead. Years later here I am, determined to see what I see by trying a bunch of new blades. It was interesting— I have...
  16. Earcutter

    Your .22 Rimfire

    So I bought a bit of land here yesterday on a massive river in the middle of nowhere KS. Pretty excited. KS isn’t flat everywhere. So I figured I’d teach the kids to shoot. I’ve got a right tack-driver of a CZ in 17HMR - with a massive scope on it. It’s heavy. Heavy and long. You know, just...
  17. Earcutter

    Buddha Bowls

    How about a little more zen when you’re shaving? How about a Tibetan Singing [mixing] Bowl. https://www.amazon.com/Tibetan-Singing-Bowl-Set-Handcrafted/dp/B01A6B0ICC
  18. Earcutter

    Liquid Lanolin Facial Soap

    Hey guys, I’m looking for a liquid face/body soap. Preferably, a lanolin based soap. It has to be liquid for my shower dispenser. Any ideas? Thanks gents.
  19. Earcutter


    Give me your recipes! Oh man, so after a decade of wet shaving, there aren’t too many unique rabbit holes to fall down. So sometimes you just make one up to keep things fresh lol! And this one sure is unique even by my standards. But I want your help all the same. Honestly, I blame @Wtd1911...
  20. Earcutter

    Making it Soft

    Spent the night out of town. The hotel had soft water. It was... lovely! OMG, it was lovely. The soap lathered with barely a touch, and it rinsed off leaving my skin feel so, soft! It was ridiculous in its beauty compared to what’s going on at my home. I’m determined. I’m going to do...
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