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  1. kcore

    Review of the Write Notepads and CO. Pocket Notebooks

    Write Notepads and CO. Notebooks have been something that has been on my radar for a while and when the opportunity came up to be able to pick some up with free shipping that just put me over the edge to pick some up. I decided to pick up the "fingerprints" edition because they just look...
  2. kcore

    One pen, one ink

    I saw a one pipe one tobacco thread in the Brown leaf section and figured it would be a fun concept to start some conversation here in the nib. So here is the hard question for many of us if you could only have one fountain pen and one ink what would you pick and why. This does not have to be...
  3. kcore

    Suggestions on cigar cutters

    Hello everyone. I have been enjoying cigars for about a year now but my one big issue has been with my cigar cutters. I purchased a cheap on at a local shop here and it worked for a while but quickly got dull. I then purchased a colibri cutter and while it would cut the cigars it seems to...
  4. kcore

    Review of the Exceed Notebook

    I was wondering my local Wal-Mart picking some stuff up to finish my oil change on my car and near the auto section was some clearance tables, so like any person that likes a good deal of course I had to take a look. In there I found some interesting notebooks. One of them was a softcover that...
  5. kcore

    Where did it all start?

    Hello everyone, so i quit smoking cigarettes about two months ago but decided to give cigars a try and have been really enjoying that very much and have been smoking during Friday and Saturday night and has started to become a tradition. Now I am on the fence of maybe getting into pipe smoking...
  6. kcore

    New Cigar smoker looking for some advice

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a nice smoke. So I decided to quit smoking cigarettes and try my hand at cigars I went ahead and ordered one of those 20 dollar deals from cigars international with a humidor and 10 cigars. So far it has been 2 weeks since my last...
  7. kcore

    Sheaffer's V Mail

    Hi everyone so I was browsing a thrift shop down the street and happened to see a bottle of ink I decided why not its glass and would look nice displayed. Can anyone tell me about this ink? It has about half of the bottle I'm wondering if it could still be used. Any feedback is great. They...
  8. kcore

    suggestions on an A5 notebook cover

    Hi everyone I was hoping for some suggestions on an affordable A5 notebook cover. Im really not picky on the material just want something that looks somewhat professional for the office and will protect my notebook while in my messenger bag. All suggestions are welcome! Thanks
  9. kcore

    Handwritten review of the Noodlers Konrad

    Hi everyone so I decided to do a review of my new konrad that I received on friday. It is the regular resin pen and I paid $20 for it from goulet pen co. Again please excuse my handwriting I know it's bad but I prefer writing about the pen instead of typing about it. Let me know if you have...
  10. kcore

    Handwritten review of the Nemosine Singularity

    I apologize for the horrible handwriting I'm working on it I swear. Now below is my review of the Nemosine Singularity. Now this was just my experience yours might be totally different ymmv of course. Now even with all that work I had to do with the pen I ended up only paying 15 dollars...
  11. kcore

    Need help deciding between two pens

    So as the title says i am stuck between two pens at the moment. I currently have a Jinhao x750 that i have been enjoying and i have a Jinhao 500 and Jinhao 599 coming on the way from China for the price of the two pens i figured it was worth a shot to try them out. Now on to the next purchase...
  12. kcore

    Took the plung

    So I decided to take the plung into the world of fountain pens. Ever since I was little kid I was fascinated by fountain pens and have always wanted one. Now that I am in an office setting I figured why not try one out so after much searching and research I decided to order a jinhao x750 and a...
  13. kcore

    A Captain's Choice

    So I received an early Christmas present from the captain and he generously gifted me samples of all five scents of his aftershave. Full disclaimer this is an unbiased review from a captain's choice noob. I have never smelled or tried any of his products before. Now I will be switching scents...
  14. kcore

    Fat Handled Tech popularity going up?

    So for the last two weeks I have been on the hunt for a fat handled tech with triangle slots on the bay but so far have been unsuccessful in winning one end up losing every time! I'm over the losing part haha that's how auctions go you win some you lose some but I have been noticing the price...
  15. kcore

    Who is that Sharp Dressed Man

    So I liked the scent of my sharp dressed man soap from Stirling so much that I decided I wanted to give the aftershave a try there really hasnt been much mention of Stirling aftershaves so I figured I would give my impressions of it. Now I havent had the opportunity to try it yet but I will...
  16. kcore

    First Vintage Gillette

    So I ended up buying my first vintage razor today off of ebay I ended up paying 12 dollars for a gillette travel tech since starting de shaving all I have been using is a weishi tto and I was wondering if I made a good purchase any feedback about the tech is appreciated it has a k code on it and...
  17. kcore

    kcore's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Kevin Corella What are your nicknames/aliases? Kevin Where do you live? Douglas, Arizona What is your age (or) generation? 26 What are you in the real world? Social Worker What is your favorite shave setup? Weishi 9302, VDH shave soap...
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