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  1. mdc

    Help! Best blades for Oster 76 and how to get a smooth taper

    Hi folks. A new Oster 76 clipper arrived on my doorstep and I'm glad I bought a tried and true work-horse. I'm going to try cutting my own hair because I'm busy with work and kids so cutting hair on my time seems convenient. Also I like the challenge. My question is about blades. The clippers...
  2. mdc

    Beard-loving cats

    My cat has fallen in love with my beard and grooms it like it's his brother. He slaps his tongue through the hairs--and yes it's annoying (and cute)--when I'm trying to sleep or just relaxing on the couch. Anyone else have a beard-loving--or 'stache-loving--cat story? Here's Luca going to...
  3. mdc

    Brining: Does hot water neutralize sodium nitrite's efficacy?

    For maximum botulism-killing effect, can curing salt be added to boiling water when making a brine, or should the brine be cooled before adding the sodium nitrite? Bonus points for citing sources.
  4. mdc

    On your cooking Want List?

    What's on your Want List? Here's what's on mine. She's been on my Want List for ten months, the Vollrath 20 quart brazier. Would love to fire this up for lamb shanks on Easter. http://www.foodservicewarehouse.com/vollrath/3320/p361363.aspx
  5. mdc

    Studebaker Metals Shave Brush and Silver & Brass Safety Razor

    Has anyone had the pleasure of using either the brass brush or the brass and silver razor? They are both stunning pieces and priced accordingly. I have not had the experience, just fishing. http://www.studebakermetals.com/shop/?category=Grooming
  6. mdc

    Favorite tried and true tri-tip recipes

    I'm holding some gorgeous tri-tips and realize I have no tried and true recipe for that cut. I suppose I'd prefer to grill them, but I'd love to hear about any recipe that has given YOU incredible results regardless of cooking method. Thanks in advance.
  7. mdc

    So, I want to buy a freezer.

    Hey folks, I need your anecdotes and opinions. I have not had a dedicated freezer before, but I'm looking for one to give me the option of buying slaughtered animals from farms. Of course, I would store other foodstuffs, but I really need the cubic feet for meat. We have a small french door...
  8. mdc

    Sauce on your grilled steak?

    Hey folks - I've taken a renewed interest in grilling-thanks to a new BGE-and I see myself cooking most meat on this gorgeous engine of flavor. I used to cook steak in a 12" stainless skillet and then deglaze the bits in the pan to make a rich sauce. I feel a sauce makes more of a meal out of...
  9. mdc

    Post your Father's Day 2013 shaving gifts

    A little show and tell. Use this thread to post your shaving related Father's Day gifts. Last week a package arrived. Two weeks before Father's Day. My wife left it in the hallway and told me it was my Father's Day gift from our six-month old daughter (thanks sweety). But this box was just...
  10. mdc

    Your most sophisticated smelling aftershave?

    This idea of scents being sophistcated, in a modern and intellectual way, struck me when I first smelled the TOBS Jermyn Street shaving cream. This is no classic barber shop scent, to my nose at least. I have said before that the Jermyn fougere smells like new money. I've been thinking of...
  11. mdc

    Abandoned barber shops in photos

    Hi folks, While some of us think that wet shaving is on the upswing, barber shops certainly don't enjoy the same ubiquity they once did. This article pulls a bunch of photos from around the web showing the faded glory of abandoned barber shops. Take a spin through the article and let folks...
  12. mdc

    Tips on rounding the point on a straight razor

    Hi folks! My first straight razor project is in the mail on the way to me. The blade has a couple of small chips (image below), and I'm exploring how to handle the small imperfections. I understand the method of wiping the blade over sandpaper until the chips are removed. Since the larger chip...
  13. mdc

    How to harm a brush?

    I'm curious...What common products are know to seriously harm badger hair brushes? How about synthetic brushes? I don't have a boar bristle brush, but let me know if you have ruined one with a bone-headed application of some product? I'd like to experiment with mixing common shaving products in...
  14. mdc

    First impressions of my Tradere OC 2nd generation

    I posted this in the Broherhood of the Open Comb threadbut I thought I'd give it its own post to get more discussion and reaction going. ### First impressions from the Tradere OC 2nd are positive, overall. I received it last night and couldn't resist shaving with it right away. I usually...
  15. mdc

    New to B&B and the transition is easy!

    Thanks to the entire B&B community! The wealth of information is incredible! I've found answers to all kinds of questions about technique and am flat out impressed with the massive participation. My wife and I are having our first kid in December and I thought I'd enjoy wet shaving as a...
  16. mdc

    mdc's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Marco D********** What are your nicknames/aliases? Marco Where do you live? Berkeley California What is your age (or) generation? 35 What are you in the real world? Software designer What is your favorite shave setup? 1964 Gillette Slim...
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