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  1. Dpflaum

    Surprisingly good Simpsons brush

    I actually love the Berkeley. Its one of the cheapest brushes Simpsons makes, but out of the dozen or so I've owned it is one of my favorites.
  2. Dpflaum

    A new watch joins the fold.

    I do love the TT1. I wish they made a 38 or 40mm version though. Come to think of it, I wish all companies made smaller versions of everything.
  3. Dpflaum

    What's your favorite blade tip style?

    French, the more wicked the better. I had a semi-custom Harner blade from a SRP buy ages ago that had a wicked "bird-wing" point. It was nearly half an inch of curve with an incredible point on the end. Absolutely beautiful. I managed to do a quick google and find this old picture. Pity the...
  4. Dpflaum

    The Goods! Straight Razor Hobbyist Gallery

    That is seriously good looking. Someone is a lucky guy.
  5. Dpflaum

    Favorite coat? Why?

    My Schott Peacoat in Charcoal. It is really a kind of dirty brown grey that looks great with everything.
  6. Dpflaum

    Red Hook Beer.

    I'm actually enjoying the Long Hammer IPA right now. Its a favorite of mine as it isn't too bold, just tasty. Great beer for the summer when you are outside all day. Admittedly a bit of an odd choice for Northern Indiana in February.
  7. Dpflaum


    I've bought there a couple of times and always received very good service as well as a handwritten thank you in the package. When I bought my Pilot Vanishing Point they were running a deal where you got two free bottles of Noodler's ink with the purchase. Great deal.
  8. Dpflaum

    Watch Ya Wearing

    Wearing the lovely Certina DS-1 today. A bit of a pain to get if you are in the US, but worth the hassle.
  9. Dpflaum

    Dress Watch

    The other great thing for me is that Bernhardt is based in High Point, NC. It is about 2 hours from where I go to school and is the city my fiance grew up in.
  10. Dpflaum

    Help me pick my Chapman!

    Very nice. I looked at Chapman before buying my Filson duffle. It was a very close race.
  11. Dpflaum

    Dress Watch

    They are great! I have one in black. I haven't worn it in a while so I think I will tomorrow!
  12. Dpflaum

    winter coat recommendations needed

    I got an awesome Mountain Hardware down parka for $110 last fall. Does a great job keeping me warm in NW Indiana as well as the mountains here in NC.
  13. Dpflaum

    In praise of the humble plimsole.

    I seem to have the same issues with my feet. Hands down the most comfortable tennis shoes I own are the basic Puma Speed Cat shoes. I'm currently on my 4th pair... What can I say, I'm hard on things.
  14. Dpflaum

    Interesting ink discussion

    Noodler's Sequoia. Great dark green, almost black on a yellow legal pad.
  15. Dpflaum

    Made a new purchase! First FP purchase in over a year.

    I went with a fine nib. I tend to write fairly small and tight so anything larger gets hard to read.
  16. Dpflaum

    Made a new purchase! First FP purchase in over a year.

    Since my last FP purchase I have picked up and dropped a watch habit. I have jumped all over the shaving world. And now the search for the ideal writing utensil continues. Bought a Pilot Stealth Vanishing Point along with two more bottles of Noodler's Ink (Lexington Grey and Beaver, if you...
  17. Dpflaum

    Wee Scot Roadshow

    Haha, you guys will have to talk to one of the guys who went out and bought one about list two. After sending this guy out on his adventure I've begun to miss the Wee Scot. He may need some time at home to rest!
  18. Dpflaum

    Best band for Seiko 5 SNK809

    I had a Maratac Bond and an Olive Nato. They look great.
  19. Dpflaum

    How much $$$ did you invest in the shave den?

    Let's see... I've currently got $40 in creams, $80 in my brush, $40 in my razor, and $20 in blades. Looks like I'm at $180. That said I've bought and sold thousands of dollars worth the stuff on here since I started.
  20. Dpflaum

    Swiss or Japanese?

    That's the problem, you are looking in the Rolex forum. Go to the main forum at Watchuseek and say it and 4/5 people will agree...
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