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  1. dmatcuk

    Loupe/Microscope Pictures

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone have a good source, link, website, etc for photos of what I should be looking for when I use my jewelers loupe while honing? I'm trying to learn Jnats currently and have had limited success. I thought I did really well, got some of the smoothest shaves I have ever had...
  2. dmatcuk

    JNat Help

    I recently started honing with Jnats and have been running into an issue. It seems like after maybe 3 weeks my edges are horrible. It is a rather quick decrease in shave quality too. Shaves go from good to horrible after only a few days. When the razor is fresh off the hone, I get the smoothest...
  3. dmatcuk


    Pretty excited about this latest acquisition. My second razor ever was my Broker 1893 Columbian Exposition Razor. It's still my favorite that I own to date. The etching is just so neat to me. I was searching the bay looking for nothing in particular when I came across a Joseph Allen and Son...
  4. dmatcuk

    Where can I find machine screw assortments/sets?

    Does anyone know where I could find small assortments of machine screws? I would like to have a couple on hand for mocking up scales, sanding, etc. I can't find any small enough in the local hardware or craft supply stores and I don't have a local hobby shop anymore. I hate to order 100 when I...
  5. dmatcuk

    Hand Sanding and Removing Black Spots

    Does anyone have any tips for removing black spots/coloring from a blade? I started with some metal polish hoping that would remove it with no luck. The blade feels very smooth. I started sanding and got some to come off the tang after a lot of sanding. It looks as though there is small pitting...
  6. dmatcuk

    Anyone have some pinning tricks for scales with a slope to them?

    I recently decided to unpin my Dovo Carpe Diem to clean up the blade around the pivot and give the blade a nice polish. When I put everything back together the pin ended up slightly bent and the scales are just ever so misaligned. The scales have a slope to them, if you will, right where the pin...
  7. dmatcuk

    Wedge Materials

    A question for you Gentlemen. When you are buying material for your wedges, what thickness do you prefer to start with? Or do you buy different materials depending on the blade you are working with? I found a wood supply store not far from where I work that I was going to stop at this week for...
  8. dmatcuk

    Excited to try some blades!

    Thanks to a very generous offer from @cw62803 I got some nice blades to try out in my great grandfather's 1916 single ring. I can't wait to try them out. I started cleaning up the kit, so I figure I'll get to give it a go this weekend. Thanks a bunch!
  9. dmatcuk

    Blade Recommendations

    Hi Everyone, A few weeks back I received my great grandfather's 1916 Gillette single ring razor from my mom. I have some experience with DE shaving, but have since moved on to straights. I really had no interest in going back to DE until I received this razor. Anyway, all I have left are some...
  10. dmatcuk

    Great Grandfather's Gillette

    So tonight at dinner my mom gave me her grandfather's Gillette. She knows I'm into shaving and decided it was time to pass it along. I really only use straights, but with the history I figured I may have to use this from time to time. I believe it is a Gillette Single Ring Travel set...
  11. dmatcuk

    Flush Cut Pliers

    Random question for you guys. I'm trying to find some flush cut pliers for pinning my razor scales. I haven't seen anything I like in the local hardware stores. I was looking online, but with out holding them in hand I have no idea how quality they are. Anyone have a brand or style they like...
  12. dmatcuk

    Cheated with a DE, never again!

    It was Christmas Eve day and things were a little rushed. My wife was napping with the 3 year old, which is the only way we could get him down and I was stuck with the 15 month old. He was screaming non-stop and refused to sleep. We needed them both to sleep, otherwise they would be horrible...
  13. dmatcuk

    Do I need to reset the Bevel?

    Hi Everyone, I apologize I don't have a good enough camera to take decent pictures of what I am talking about. I will try to explain it as best as possible. I was touching up my razor the other night and trying out my new loupe ($3 plastic amazon one). I noticed that on just one side of the...
  14. dmatcuk

    SRD Strops

    Does anyone out there have any recent experience with SRD strops? I am looking at their 3" Premium IV English Bridle Strop. As a heads up, I would just like to upgrade what I have which is a Black Latigo Strop with a Nylon fabric secondary. This is going on a Christmas list, so there are some...
  15. dmatcuk

    Plastic Scale Hole Repair Ideas?

    Hi Everyone, So I am working on my first "restoration". Its a generic Solingren blade with what seem to be plastic scales. I didn't want to start with one of my nicer razors, just in case. While I have been learning a lot through the process, I ran into one problem. I don't have a drill press...
  16. dmatcuk

    First go with Naniwa Stones

    So after much debate and reading, I settled on Naniwa Specialty Stones. I got a good deal on 5 stones, so I went for it. The set came with 220, 1k, 3k, 8k, and 12k. I liked that it came with the 220, because I have a couple that I am working on restoring and they may need more than 1k to get...
  17. dmatcuk

    Brands and where to buy?

    Hi Everyone, I have been reading through a bunch of threads trying to get an idea of where to start with hones. I tried lapping film out and have had some success with it. I would like to move on from the films though to something more durable. My goal is to move on from sharpening and...
  18. dmatcuk

    Lapping Film Help

    So I got excited and ordered myself some lapping films. I figure it's better to learn some honing with those before I drop a bunch of money on stones. So I bought an assortment pack without really paying attention to what was in it. It has 12, 9, 3, 1, and .5 micron sheets in it. My blades are...
  19. dmatcuk

    Will too much heat ruin a cream?

    Hi Everyone, So I ordered a tub of TOBS Sandalwood cream, unfortunately AoS is really the only thing I can get in my area at an actual store. Well I forgot what day is was supposed to arrive and it sat out in my black mailbox, in direct sunlight, 90ish degree heat, for approximately 6 hours. I...
  20. dmatcuk

    Help Finding a New Straight

    Ok, so I have been looking around at new straight razors. I currently have 3 vintage razors and thought it might be nice to try something brand new out. I am having a hard time finding something that I like though in my budget range. I would really like to not spend over $200 on a razor. I am...
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