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  1. Ray Guy

    Small town girl

    Sellersburg, In
  2. Ray Guy

    Small town girl

  3. Ray Guy

    bird test

  4. Ray Guy

    Halloween shoe polish ad

    I came across this ad and thought that I should share.
  5. Ray Guy

    From Bad Restore to Good Restore

    The restore project I planned on was to use an old black & white Made Rite #8 which after cleaning revealed six small cracks in the fluted areas of the handle as well as a deep crack near the base. I opted to cut the lower portion of the handle and save the upper portion fitting it to an...
  6. Ray Guy

    Fuller Restore

    This is my most recent restore of a Fuller Black & Butterscotch. Before and after shots are included. Many thanks to Ernie and TGN for the 22mm silvertip set at about 50mm.
  7. Ray Guy

    Project brush

    Project brush using Honduras RosewoodBurl and TGN 3 band with many thanks to Ernie (eborraga) for the wood and knots. I have been contemplating using one of my friend’s lathe to turn the wood, but I’m really liking the simple clean lines of the straight cylinder. It shows the grain so well...
  8. Ray Guy

    My first Montblanc

  9. Ray Guy

    What the FMF (Flea Market Find)

    I need help identifying this handle which came with a tech head. It appears to have a white and pink pearl plastic faceted handle.
  10. Ray Guy

    signature test

  11. Ray Guy

    A Special Snorkel from a Special Aunt.

    The last gift of the day was from a distant Aunt that had heard that I had a new hobby, and that I had restored six lever fillers in the past few months with new sacs. She mentioned in her card that after her husband passed away a few years ago that she had been looking for a relative interested...
  12. Ray Guy

    Edgar’s in Louisville 25% off Pens

    Edgar’s in Louisville Kentucky (no relatives of mine, that I know of) is offering 25% off Pens and Pen accessories this week. They carry Lamy, Sailor, Pelikan, TWSBI, Pilot and Waterman pens and Lamy & Private Reserve inks. I picked up a couple of bottles of Lamy ink for $6.38 a bottle. They...
  13. Ray Guy

    My wife brought home a Flea Market Grab Bag last weekend.

    She has had pen envy ever since the last time I brought home a few FPs in a grab bag. I’m just glad that she has been using FPs too. She lets me use her pens mostly when they are empty. I was able to fix the bent nib on the Parker 21 (no clip). All her new finds work nicely (after I cleaned them...
  14. Ray Guy

    The “Mary” Widow strikes again.

    I went to visit my favorite widow (from a previous post) named Mary to do a little yard work over the Memorial Day weekend and she has again given me another little gift. She was so surprised in my interest of her fountain pens, that she offered me another vintage fountain pen. I am hoping that...
  15. Ray Guy

    pen test

    mystery pen?
  16. Ray Guy

    Mother’s Day Bonus

    I spent a few hours cleaning up the yard of one of our neighbors of twelve years who is a widow. She’s about 10 years older than me and has some physical limitations (I think that she’s 72). She has no children and is on a fixed income. I would never accept monetary payment, but once in a while...
  17. Ray Guy

    Wearever test

  18. Ray Guy

    Are Parker Duofolds More Trouble Than They Are Worth?

    I came across a vintage Duofold at a local shop, but it looks as though it may be more trouble than it’s worth. After removing the blind cap, the button fell out. I was hesitant to look any further for fear that something may break. The price tag was $150, but the shop keeper said that the...
  19. Ray Guy

    What's wrong in this picture?

    Office supplies in a grab bag from the wild.
  20. Ray Guy

    Link to lined pages

    Link to lined pages http://www.incompetech.com/graphpaper/. Variety of styles and types (PDFs), which can be customized and printed for practice or whatever.
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