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  1. EBE

    Is the Pre de Provence Bergamont and Thyme the same as the Shea Butter?

    I think I remember seeing somewhere that the Bergamot and Thyme is a repackaged version of I would call the “original” Pre de Provence shea butter in the tin with a cream label and green lettering?
  2. EBE

    FS: Lot of Shaving Stuff in Kansas City Area

    I’ve been trying different brands over the years and liquidating the ones that really aren’t my thing. Most have been used once or twice. Due to the number of items, I’d rather not ship, but would make a sweet deal for a wetshaver living in the Kansas City area. Here is a list of it all of it...
  3. EBE

    Aftershave balms like Razorock Acqua?

    I really like the scent of this and Barberia Bolognini Fresco. I have the splashes in both scents but prefer to wear a balm during the winter months. Does anyone have any suggestions? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. EBE

    Has anybody ever had a radial head fracture? Recovery time?

    I had a mountain bike accident two Saturdays ago and fracturing both bones just underneath my left elbow as well as blowing out all of the cartilage in that joint and a severe sprain on my left wrist.:mad3: To make matters worse, I am left handed. The ER that I went to splinted it over the...
  5. EBE

    Cognac for Beginners.

    Hello! I have never had cognac before and have decided that I would like to try some. I am thinking that since it is new to me, I will start out with something reasonably priced like a VS. What are your thoughts on say the Remy VS or the Martell VS? Brian
  6. EBE

    So I am trying a fountain pen for the first time.

    Being that I am one to like vintage stuff, I decided to try an inexpensive fountain pen so see if I thought I might like writing with one. I ended up getting a cheapy Jinhao 159 along with some Private Reserve ink cartridges. I work in banking so about the only thing that I use the pen for is...
  7. EBE

    C O Bigelow and Proraso.

    So I have the C O Bigelow shaving cream that is made by Proraso. Does Proraso make anything else for C O Bigelow??
  8. EBE

    Question about dress shirts. WWYD?

    I have normally been one to believe that dress shirts are either light blue or white. I have been living on the edge over the past two years by adding pink, and some patterned dress shirts. I stepped out even further by visiting a store in NY called Lord Willy's that stocks some unique dress...
  9. EBE

    Question about strength training and overall fitness.

    I just recently started doing some light strength training and don't know if I am going about it the right way. I would appreciate your thoughts. Not looking to bulk up, just tone up and add a little definition. I started this two weeks ago and have been doing this four nights a week...
  10. EBE

    How many of us share our "good shaves" for the weekend??

    With life being the way that it can be sometimes, especially with two younger school-aged children, I find that I save my brush/DE shaves for the weekend when I can take time and enjoy them. During the week it is cheap foam and my Vulfix Mach. Does anyone else have this issue?
  11. EBE

    Question about Moka Pots

    I am ordering a 1-cup Bialetti Moka Pot today and I am also wanting to get some Italian coffee to go along with it (maybe). I noticed that the 1-cup model produces 2 oz. of Espresso/Coffee/Liquid. How many ounces of ground coffee goes in the filter basket to produce this? I was thinking...
  12. EBE

    Does anyone know of a good forum to trade a knife?

    I acquired a Sarge brand knife at a National Wild Turkey Federation meeting and don't need it. I am looking for a place to trade it online. Anyone know of a good place? Thanks Brian
  13. EBE

    Premium Shaving stuff in Kansas City??

    I have Monday off from the banking world and was going into the city to run some errands. Does anyone know of some places to get any of the "three T's" or other premium brands while I am there? Thanks, EBE
  14. EBE

    Just placed my first order with Mama Bear!!!....

    Because of glowing reviews on this site, I decided to try some Mama Bear soaps. I ordered the Earl Grey Tea, Beau Brummel, and Indian Tobacco (my tastes are somewhat eccentric). I also ordered some of the unscented winter and summer aftershave balms as well. I hope I like these scents, I...
  15. EBE

    EBE's Entry into the B&B Hall of Fame

    Please allow me to introduce myself: Username: EBE What is your real name? Brian What are your nicknames/aliases? Where do you live? Central Missouri What is your age (or) generation? born in 1971 What are you in the real world? banker What is your favorite...
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