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  1. Dpflaum

    Made a new purchase! First FP purchase in over a year.

    Since my last FP purchase I have picked up and dropped a watch habit. I have jumped all over the shaving world. And now the search for the ideal writing utensil continues. Bought a Pilot Stealth Vanishing Point along with two more bottles of Noodler's Ink (Lexington Grey and Beaver, if you...
  2. Dpflaum

    Swiss or Japanese?

    I'm going to purchase another watch. I have small wrists. I need something in the ~37mm range. I'm looking in approximately the $500 range. Lume isn't too important as I'm looking for something semi dressy that I can wear almost all the time (I already have a Bernhardt BA so don't...
  3. Dpflaum

    More expensive Russian watches

    I've owned Seikos, Orients, Seagulls, and a handful of higher end/boutique watches. None of them captured my interest quite like my Vostok Amphibia. Do any of you have experience with the Russian watches in the ~$200 range? I've been curious about them for a long time but I'm not sure how...
  4. Dpflaum

    The Finest Nib...

    I have a problem. I write with very small and precise letters. I am currently a student, graduating in December with a degree in archaeology. This means I need something cheap, durable, and with a very fine nib. I'm currently using a Lamy All-Star (basically the Safari in Aluminum), but...
  5. Dpflaum

    Canvas Backpack

    Having completed my search for a high quality duffle bag and dopp kit, my next task (possibly put off as late as the spring) is the search for a quality canvas duffle bag. This absolutely has to be of the highest quality as I am getting my degree in archaeology in December so anything I...
  6. Dpflaum

    Another win. Thoughts on this one?

    Picked this up yesterday. As you can see, another princely sum paid. Even though it isn't perfect, I figured this one might be worth having restored... Here it is!
  7. Dpflaum

    Leather Duffle Bags...

    I'm looking for a lifetime grade leather duffle. I need it to be large enough for at least a long weekend's worth of clothes (I tend to pack light so I can fit a week in most "weekend" bags). I also need it to feature buckles/straps. Zippers break all the time, I don't want to have to...
  8. Dpflaum

    What do you guys think about these?

    I won this auction earlier, figured $30 wasn't too much to be out if they are garbage... HERE
  9. Dpflaum

    It's Official

    I'm back. I got my RupRazor starter kit yesterday (Paladin and NOS Filarmonica on the way) and did my first straight shave in over a year this morning. A little AOS Lavender Cream on a Saville Row 3118 and I got myself a great shave, even if it is a little shy of BBS on the neck. Only 3...
  10. Dpflaum

    Just Super Scored

    I landed a (seemingly NOS) 4/8 Filarmonica Doble Temple 10 for $49.99 shipped on the bay. I'm pretty pleased with this since the BUY IT NOW price on them when they pop up that was is usually $75+$15 shipping. Now I can have it shave ready (since I don't hone) for basically half the...
  11. Dpflaum

    I feel like a kid again

    I've been toying with the idea of jumping back into the world of straights a lot lately. Then I remembered the RupRazor starter package. Seems odd that the last time I sold anything straight related it was a Custom(ish) Harner razor and an SRD Paddle Strop. Anyway, GD and Filly on their...
  12. Dpflaum

    Fitjar Folgefonn

    Can someone explain this scent to me? I'm having a hard time getting a good clue of what it smells like...
  13. Dpflaum

    Fitjar Creams!

    About two years ago I bought a puck of Fitjar soaps on the BST. This was before they reformulated. Long story short, I hated it and ended up selling it. I heard lots of good things about the creams, but put of trying them based on my negative soap experience. I bought some last week...
  14. Dpflaum

    Savile Row

    I got my Savile Row 3118 yesterday and gave it its first run today when I got back from my archaeological field school. WOW Why do these brushes not get more attention? I know one won the Brush Wars and I haven't read a single negative thing about them. As a Simpsons Fan who has also...
  15. Dpflaum

    How about some uncommon brush reviews?

    I know there has been a lot of talk (and purchasing) of the less common Simpsons brushes lately. I will admit I'm guilty. But... The review section is sadly lacking. There are two Berkeley reviews and two reviews of Fifty Series brushes, but no mention of the Classic, Milkchurn, Keyhole...
  16. Dpflaum

    The Three Amigos

    I love my Berkeley and I should have my 55 on Monday. I'm looking for a third brush in the 22mm range (huge for me). I'm thinking the Classic 1 would be the perfect brush to round out the trio. What do you think?
  17. Dpflaum

    Restructuring My Collection

    Have any of you ever sold it all off and started fresh? I've got a lot of stuff sitting around that I like, but I think there are other things I would like more. I'm considering just cleaning house (keeping my Special and Wee Scot) and basically buying a new everything else. Thoughts?
  18. Dpflaum

    Okay, for real this time...

    I'm actually ready to buy my next costlier brush. I have a Berkeley, Special, and Wee Scot. My sweet spot is the 18-20mm range. Your potential choices for me are: Simpsons Keyhole 1 Simpsons 55 That is all. They are the right size, the right hair, and close to the same price.
  19. Dpflaum

    Shipping to the office?

    Just out of curiosity, why do so many people do it? Is it to avoid the hassle of trying to get something from the post office while working full time and the danger of signing to have it left at your door? Or is it darker? Perhaps to hide your disease from loved ones :biggrin1:? I can...
  20. Dpflaum

    Building a Cream Stable

    I've decided that creams agree with me much better than soaps. The scent variety doesn't hurt either. I've also decided that I want four creams with five distinct scents. Here is my scent list: Mint/Menthol Pine Lavender Citrus Something Unique What do you guys have in mind? I'm leaning...
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