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    FS Paladin Brush

    Ebonite Chief 26 mm Cumberland Honey (A03). Original owner. New price $310. For sale $240. Free CONUSA shipping.
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    FS Brad Sears Brush

    Brad Sears Arley 26 mm Select Badger brush. Free CONUSA shipping. $140.
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    I have the Limes & Peppercorns aftershave. Nice stuff. Decent smell. Minimal sting. How are the other scents: Bay Rum, Sage & Cedar, Sandalwood, Sweet Orange, Double Strength Bay Rum?
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    Round Two Muhle R41

    ok - I bought the R41 head awhile back. Already had the handle from my R89. Anyway never could gel with the razor. Once in awhile got a very good shave but most other times shaves not so good - lots of tugging. So I sold the head in frustration. Well - still wondered what went wrong - still...
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    Assorted razors

    Selling everything as one lot. $35 plus free USA shipping. Top Row starting at the left. 1. Unknown, I ordered a handle from a Chinese seller. The head came with it. New. 2. Muhle R41, used less than 10 times 3. DLC Yaqi Beast, used 1 time Bottom Row 4. WCS Lithe bottom plate. Designed by...
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    Next Simpson Brush

    I think I am gonna try another Simpson brush. I already have a Chubby 1 and Chubby 2. I'd want a handle no smaller than the Chubby 2 handle. I'd like a knot similar in size ( or just a tad smaller) than the Chubby 2 but not as dense. I want something that lets the lather flow through easily. I...
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    Eagle G2 or G3

    I have a Chubby 1. It's ok but I find the hand a bit small, and the bulb a bit pointy. Is the Eagle G2 handle much larger versus the Chubby 1? The Eagle G3 is another option. As long as they are different from the Chubby 1.
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    Chubby 2 broke

    Dropped my Chubby 2. Broke into 3 pieces. Is it repairable? Or get a new handle?
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    FS Muhle Rocca R94 Head

    Muhle Rocca R94 stainless steel head. This is the newest version. $50. Free CONUSA shipping.
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    FS Timeless Ti 0.95 SB

    Timeless Ti 0.95 SB. Polished finish. Original owner. $200. Free shipping CONUSA.
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    Captain's Choice 45th Parallel Cream

    Captain's Choice 45th Parallel Shaving. Great cherry almond smell - kinda like Cella. But the 45th Parallel leans much more to cherry. Lasts a bit after the shave. Nice lubrication and feel post shave. The cream is very thin - a bit runny. I don't think I have had a cream that was so thin...
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    WTB Wolfman WR1 0.74 SB head

    Looking for a WR1 0.74 SB head only. Also would consider a 0.67.
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    WTB Wolfman 0.74 SB Head only

    Anyone out there with a 0.74 SB head only that they want to sell? Or perhaps loan for a week :).
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    Doug Smith Suribachi Bowl

    For the past month I have been experimenting with making lather in a bowl. Prior to that I had been exclusively face lathering. Have recently tried Captains Choice bowl standard & large (large is too big), Timeless bowl (nice for a gym bag), Georgetown G12 scuttle (hooray for warm lather!), and...
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    Floid Aftershave Shelf-life

    I have a 400ml bottle of the orange Floid. Probably had it for several years. It is 2/3 full. Does this stuff go bad?
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    FS Muhle Rocca Stainless Steel Head

    Muhle Rocca Stainless Steel Head for sale. $50. CONUSA free shipping.
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    FS Muhle Rocca Birch

    Stainless Steel Muhle Rocca R95 V3 with Birch Bark handle. $90 Shipped free in USA.
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    WTB Colonial General SE Aluminum

    looking for a General in aluminum.
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    FS Wolfman WR2 1.15 Stainless + WR2 Handle

    Wolfman WR2 1.15 Stainless + WR2 Handle. All in the Mirror Polished finish. Free 2-3 day USPS USA only. $600
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    Looking for a Vintage

    Ok never tried a Vintage razor. The ones that I have seen listed in the BST are usually pitted, tarnised, bent combs, missing parts, etc. Is it possible to get one in excellent condition? I have read good things about the New RFB. Thoughts? Also where would I buy - just keep reading the BST to...
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