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  1. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    For a while now I have been saving up to buy a pickup truck. Early in the search I got turned on to diesel trucks. Finally I found one with a rebuilt engine. I has rust rockers and cab corners (not unusual for Illinois). For the price I paid, I was paying for the rebuilt engine and the owner...
  2. PreachTheWord

    WTB Barbershop Handle

    Every since I bought my Gamechanger, I have wanted the barbershop handle. It looks like Razorock is no longer making this handle. Does anyone here have one they would like to part with?
  3. PreachTheWord

    2 New Additions to the Family

    Today was a good day. I received 2 new additions to my small family of razors: A 1968 black handle Superspeed (date code N4, my birth year and quarter) and a brand new Mergress from Bullgoose. Now my quandary is which one to shave with first!
  4. PreachTheWord

    Premium Packaging

    Some discussions and product on this board have me wondering about the value of premium packaging for products. When Raw shaving was operating, I really wanted an RS-10. When reading reviews about the razor, one of the things mentioned as the premium packaging that the razor came in. When I...
  5. PreachTheWord

    New to fountain pens

    A friend of mine who has long been into fountain pens (both vintage and modern) has convinced me to give them a shot. Not wanting to jump in too deep just yet, I just ordered a Waterman Graduate, a converter, and Pilot Iroshizuku Fountain Pen Ink Shin-ryoku Deep Green. I look forward to all...
  6. PreachTheWord

    Can someone help me out?

    About 14 years ago, my wife bought this home. Picked it up at a garage sale. I stuck it in my bookcase in my man cave and it has not been touched. I discovered it when moving things out for new carpet. Can someone give me any information on it?
  7. PreachTheWord

    WTB Razorock Game Changer .84 straight bar

    As the title says, I'm looking to see if anyone has a Razorock Game Changer .84 straight bar they are willing to part with. If so, shoot me a message.
  8. PreachTheWord

    EDC Flashlight

    I'm asking this question here because I know that a lot of guys who CCW also carry a flashlight. A few years ago I bought my first "real" flashlight. It is a 300 lumen, aluminum body with a tail switch. I discovered that I like having a real flashlight but found some things that I don't like...
  9. PreachTheWord

    Sasieni Fantail

    This morning, I was gifted something very special. A friend of mine gifted me a small Sasieni Fantail (small apple, sandblast). It is a such a cool pipe as I have wanted a Sasieni for some time. I don't know much about this pipe and I'm trying to do some research. Can anyone tell me...
  10. PreachTheWord

    Need some recommendations

    Lately I have been searching for a good lemon scented soap (not super sweet, but sour lemon). I looked at Stirling, but their lemon soap has menthol (not a fan of menthol). Does anyone know of a good lemon scented soap that doesn't have menthol?
  11. PreachTheWord

    New Convert

    I have a young man that I mentor. He was recently complaining about shave bump and irritation and asked me how did I avoid such. I explained traditional shaving to him and explained to him why I think for me it was much better. He paid me a visit the other day and expressed an interest in...
  12. PreachTheWord

    Followed me home!

    I was sitting in my local shop, just minding my own business. The manager who sold me my first meerschaum decided to tease me with this: It's an SMS meerschaum and the carving is gorgeous! Just lit up the first bowl of Oak Park. I have been smoking my meerschaums so much that I have...
  13. PreachTheWord

    WTB Stand for Timeless Bronze

    I'm looking for the inkwell stand for my Timeless Bronze. I should have ordered one when I bought the razor but was too cheap. If anyone has one they are willing to part with, let me know.
  14. PreachTheWord

    First Meerschaum

    I was going to wait a while before buying this but walked out of the local smoking hole with it. It's a Ismet Bekler made for CAO. It came from the collection of a local collector. It was sold as used. The previous owner smoked it once (using a smoking bowl). The only indication that it is a...
  15. PreachTheWord

    Pretty close to buying my first meerschaum

    Was in my local smoking hole the other day, when the manager brought out a nice Ismet-Bekler meerschaum for a really good price. Right now I have about 6 pipes, but they are all briars. Been toying with buying a meerschaum but never really been this close. What (other than the coloring) is...
  16. PreachTheWord

    I just might be a convert

    I started my wet-shaving journey in 2011. Since that time I have been bowl lathering exclusively. I had always read about face lathering but never had any interest in it (mainly because it was not the way I lathered. This evening I was watching a vid on face lathering and something made me...
  17. PreachTheWord

    Carrying a reload

    For those of you who carry a reload (magazine, speed strip, speed loader, etc), how do you carry? When carrying a pistol, I carry the spare mag on my weak side and when carrying a revolver, I carry the reload on my strong side (I shift hands to reload when carrying a revolver). I have been...
  18. PreachTheWord

    New Kimber Micro 9

    Just got back from the local gun store picking up my Micro 9 (Woodland Night). I was not expecting it for another week or so but was doing some work when I got the call. I dropped what I was doing and sped to the LGS. The first impression is that this is a solid gun. According to the paperwork...
  19. PreachTheWord

    Car buying time!

    I'm in the market for a "personal car". Not something for the family, but something just for me to enjoy. I have been driving my current "personal car" since 1997 and it's time to upgrade. I'm not planning on brand new, but something about 4 years old with fairly low mileage and good...
  20. PreachTheWord

    A Good Morning (or what is your morning smoke)

    Woke up this morning and it was cold and rainy outside. I walked into my man cave, turned on the TV (old episodes of M.A.S.H) were playing. I fixed me a cup of coffee and a packed a bowl of Early Morning Pipe. I think it's going to be a good day.
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