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  1. GeauxTigers89

    FS Shave Soap Lot (B&M, PAA, Razorock)

    Shave soap lot, all used roughly a few times with the exception of the Mike's(8 or 9). I would like to keep them in a lot and not break up at the moment. $85 includes shipping CONUS. B&M Bay Rum B&M Reserve Spice Razorock Amici Razorock New York Razorock XXX PAA CAD PAA A/D Mike's Barbershop...
  2. GeauxTigers89

    FS Rockwell 6S

    Rockwell 6S for sale, 7 months old. Comes in original box with blades. $75.00 with free shipping CONUS
  3. GeauxTigers89

    Through the Fire Fine Craft Shave Soap

    Hey guys, I received my sampler pack from Through the Fire Fine Craft today. It contains 4 of their soaps, and Maria threw in her newest soap Ignite. I'm glad she threw it in because it is my favorite scent of them all! I got a shave in with it, and it was great! I pulled a small pea sized...
  4. GeauxTigers89

    First Shave With Merkur 37c Slant

    Hey guys, with all this stealth slant talk I could not wait for one so I ordered a 37c. I had a hot shower this morning, put a brand new Voskhod blade in, and whipped up some Mike's Barbershop. Then it went downhill.....fast. It was the roughest shave I have had since my first week starting a...
  5. GeauxTigers89

    WSP Rustic Soap.Anyone Use?

    Has anyone used the WSP Rustic shave soap? They have several different scents, and the pricing looks great. Just wanted to make sure I didn't buy a dud.
  6. GeauxTigers89

    A Few More RazoRock Reviews

    Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I did a review on One X and enjoyed it so much I ordered a few more RazoRock soaps. S. Maria- I bought this one as a cheap workhorse, thinking it was similar to Proraso green. Proraso is a great cream I use a lot, but dries my face out. The S. Maria is very...
  7. GeauxTigers89

    Cadet Open Comb

    I have been looking at the Cadet razors and the open comb TTO model caught my eye. Does anybody own one of these? Any thoughts on quality, or aggressiveness? Thanks
  8. GeauxTigers89

    RazoRock One X First Shave

    Hey guys, I received my One X in yesterday and took it for a spin this morning. I have been wanting the XXX, but it has been out of stock for a few weeks and I had been craving a new soap. First off, the scent is amazing! It is very fresh with a citrus/floral smell, but still in a manly way...
  9. GeauxTigers89

    New Member

    Hello guys, I've been a long time lurker,over a year or so. I love the site, its been incredibly helpful. My shaving arsenal includes a EJ best badger brush, EJ DE89, black handled SS (my favorite), a long handled black super adjustable, and my latest score this weekend at a flea market, a...
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