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  1. Mountain Grown

    FS Soap Sale.. A&E - WK - Declaration - B&M- PAA - RazoRock Black Hawk V2 - Proraso set

    The following items will be sold with Paypal payment accepted. Fees and shipping are included in the sale to CONUS. If you have any questions, please send me a PM. Proraso white set – Pre-Shave, Cream and after shave balm75% left with Perfecto pure badger shaving brush along with a new Nivea...
  2. Mountain Grown

    WTB Karve Stainless Steel Open Comb B Plate

    Hoping there may be a member that is willing to part ways with a Karve Stainless Steel Open Comb B plate.. Thanks
  3. Mountain Grown

    FS Rex Supply Co. Ambassador Razor with matching Stand and Freebies

    I have for sale in new condition (no blemishes scratches, etc) my Rex Ambassador. This razor will come with original box for both razor and stand. I found the Voskhod blades to be a great match with this razor and am throwing in 5 tucks for the buyer. Also, cleaning out my Den this weekend I am...
  4. Mountain Grown

    Do you know what this is?

    Hey fellow enthusiast. I have a friend that found this at a yard sale. He stated he remembered his grandfather had one in his shaving den And thought it held a razor in his bathroom. He would really appreciate any information about it if you have seen one before. This would have been in the...
  5. Mountain Grown

    FS Rex Envoy, Edwin Jagger DE89, Wholly Kaw Entropy Man, Zingari Man Explorer, Phoenix and Beau,Declaration Grooming, A&E,Oakley

    Due to the Corona Virus I have had some time on my hands. I have acquired two new razors and three soaps this month. So, I am Spring Cleaning the Den. All sales will include shipping in the USA and will be shipped same or next day with tracking sent when package taken to the Post Office. I can...
  6. Mountain Grown

    What items are always a constant in your shave routine?

    I know we talk a lot about Razors, Brushes, Soaps, Blades etc.. For me all of those things are constantly being rotated and vary from shave to shave. However, I was curious to what others always use constantly for each shave. For me they are: 1. Hot or warm shower and end with a face wash by...
  7. Mountain Grown

    If you were to purchase a Gillette Adjustable 195 - Best date code for quality

    I always like firsts but.. My romantic first inclination says I want A D3-E2. This is what my Grandfather shaved with.. Being in manufacturing myself, not razors but all things that fly. I'm wondering, slightly if the E3-E4 were better - hear me out but - because they were the second run, thus...
  8. Mountain Grown


    Good Afternoon Fellow enthusiasts. I am looking to trade a brand new in the box never worn flawless Oakley Polarized Prizm Jade sunglasses along with a 3 month old gently used Rex Envoy. The Envoy has a warranty that I have not claimed, new owner just needs to register. I am looking to get a...
  9. Mountain Grown

    Favorite EDC knive

    Just wondering what your favorite EDC Knives are. Mine is the Benchmade 556-S30V Mini Griptilian. I have plain black scales with the Drop Point Blade and low pocket carry clip. I really like knives designed by Mel Pardue.
  10. Mountain Grown

    How do you store your numerous razor blades?

    I've had some free time on my hands the past few weeks and reorganized shelving in my shave Den. I found I had a few zip lock bags full of various razor blades. From time to time or when I get a new razor I will test out different blades and have collected a few. The zip lock method kept them in...
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