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  1. smalltank

    turkish coffee pot to make superfine coffee.is that ok?

    My wife said our electric coffee grinder can grind beans super fine...but now im asking myself...well....whats the point of my coffee brewer..guess it just gives me more brewing options..lol..turkish coffee pot holds 12oz..made from pure copper except handle which is brass..
  2. smalltank

    any Japanese aftershave WITHOUT menthol/Castor Oil?

    just curious if anyone knows of any Japanese aftershaves WITHOUT plants/oils/extracts..Castor Oil and Menthol seem like they are in many AS's ST
  3. smalltank

    Well.I FINALLY bought a Turkish Coffee Pot.

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/260964439654?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I realized this morning aiming "just right" into my insulated mug without a spout was a "hit or miss" yeah missed a bit and the thought of bioling hot water dripping from a round small pot didnt make me...
  4. smalltank

    I needa new smartphone case recommendation.

    I now own the Samsung Relay 4g...has a full physical keyboard...I was thinking a skinomi covering..well..it isnt exactly a case but peel on rubber housing..interesting vids on youtube about em and ebay has em for under$20 shipped...phone weighs about 5.6oz..and the keyboard is pretty...
  5. smalltank

    Los Angeles parks.but 100 years earlier.nice pics ;

  6. smalltank

    This story made me smile.enjoy :

  7. smalltank

    $104 Refurb Nexus 7 (after rebate)

  8. smalltank

    Our Nespresso machine has passed away.

    Well.... 6 years later and 1000+ Nespresso shots and many capsules later...my wife called Nespresso on speed dial and frantically told them at noon time while at home her Nespresso machine only brewed "crema"....we were given 2 options...$49 discount on $229 or $299 new model or pay $150 for a...
  9. smalltank

    Fix my car or get a new one....?

    my 2000 Infiniti QX4 with 73k mileage wouldnt start properly..took 3 keyturns last night and 2 keyturns a few days ago...my father in law said its either the starter..alternator...or both..no clicking sound so I knew it wasnt the battery....whatcha think these parts could cost with...
  10. smalltank

    So.I got creative for dinner.

    Keeping this VERY simple..(what I had in my refrigerator) * fresh salmon from organic market * Nonstick foil *Frozen organic greenbeans *Turn oven to 400* degrees..wait a few minutes to get really hot so heat is evenly distributed *Set a timer for 40 minutes *Drizzle lightly...teriyaki...
  11. smalltank

    I was thinking of a new AS.

    After splashing on some British Sterling..it got me thinking....what about these 2...are they far off from one another?..im in my early 30's..perhaps my thinking is many years ahead...:lol: http://www.drugstore.com/jade-east-aftershave/qxp20849?catid=183766...
  12. smalltank

    Here's a "fun" scenario.

    Ok....its 8pm...a cold winters night....Abraham Lincoln....Thomas Jefferson and George Washington are all sitting in their own very comfortable chairs each smoking their cigar and sipping their favorite gentlemans drink around a warm fire.....question is....what are all they all talking about...
  13. smalltank

    Another site at the gym.facial hair melting

    I was at the gym recently...saw an african american guy sit on the changing room bench with a grey colored looking mask rub on his face..I asked him if that replaces shaving..his reply..yep..it gets hot then I wash it off after a few minutes..creeped me out...like nair for mens face...:blink:
  14. smalltank

    R.I.P. Adam Strange

  15. smalltank

    any STRONG instant coffee online places?

    I'm looking to change up my routine of French Roast Tasters Choice and Israeli made instant coffee... ST
  16. smalltank

    So.I decided to take a step back from my "smartphone"how about you?

    Long story short...12th phone handset "swapout"in 20 months on Verizon..I realized I was sick n tired or replacing them every 4-6 months due to hardware issues...so I turned off my account..nothing removed..just de active...my wife has the same exact apps on my phone so for me work is basically...
  17. smalltank

    I need a good windbreaker/waterproof jacket.any advice?

    Seems like NorthFace might be the easy route..high quality and breathable...but I always saw these as ski built jackets...thoughts/comments appreciated ST
  18. smalltank

    RIP Leon Leyson .a last survivor.

    http:// http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-74013431/
  19. smalltank

    Would you buy an Ubuntu powered smartphone? (CES 2013 demo)

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