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  1. dferrari

    My excellent experience with Goodfella

    Last week, I placed an order for a black Goodfella safety razor, directly from goodfella.com. I received it yesterday, after 8 days of (not so) patient waiting. I immediately unpacked it and I was still admiring the tiny handle (side by side with my R41 Grande, it looks like a toy), when I...
  2. dferrari

    Custom - Kauri wood Rudy Vey

    Back in November, I was going through the B&B forum and saw a gorgeous slanted brush Rudy Vey had made for another board member. At the same time, I discovered about ancient Kauri wood and thought it would be super cool to have a slanted brush made with that type of wood. Two months later, this...
  3. dferrari

    Irritation after using alum bar

    Whenever I am done shaving, I pass my alum bar all over my face and then wait for a couple of minutes before taking a shower. While it does sting a little (or a lot, when I first tried my new R41), it is very bearable. The problem is that, by the time I am done showering, my lower neck shows a...
  4. dferrari

    A newbie, a Muhle R41 and an alum bar: how to yodel for dummies

    After a few months of happily shaving with my Feather AS-D1, Proraso soap and EJ best badger brush (plus a variety of blades), I decided that I should get serious and try some other stuff. I mulled for a while what my next razor should be, undecided between the EJ89 and the Merkur Futur, among...
  5. dferrari


    In the few months I have been shaving with a DE razor, I have heard from just about everybody that it is essential not to apply any pressure and to simply let the weight of the razor do the job. For the first few months, I have done exactly that and I would say that as my technique has improved...
  6. dferrari

    Reverting to cartridge razors for a couple of weeks

    I recently returned from a 2-weeks vacation to the country where I lived until a few months ago. Right before moving (and making the switch to DE razors) I had bought some disposable Gillette cartridge razors and a new can of Gillette shaving gel, which I didn't take with me when I moved. It was...
  7. dferrari

    Blind comparison

    Has anybody ever done a blind comparison of blades? When I started out, following the many suggestions I read on this forum, I bought a sample pack to find just which one is the right blade for me. I am not yet done sampling all the blades, although I already found a few that I love (Gillette)...
  8. dferrari

    Mühle R86 SR

    I recently got into wet shaving and started out with a Feather AS-DS1. It is a fantastic razor and one I plan on keeping, but I fell prey to RAD and I would like to test something else. In the very near future, I have in mind to buy the Merkur Futur and a Mühle. I was already kinda set on the...
  9. dferrari

    Yet another newbie (with a question)

    Like many other guys on this site, I shaved with Gillette cartridges for years. After getting tired of expensive cartridges, ingrown hairs and the occasional pseudofolliculitis barbae, I finally decided to look for alternatives... and discovered wet shaving. My (for now) short list of supplies...
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