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  1. Avi

    Rex Supply Co Ambassador

    This is going to sound a bit weird .. but I discovered this forum around when our son was born ( April 1st 2020) .. so when the gillette heritage came out i squirreled 2 away as birth year razors as per forums sentimental habits. At the same time, I was getting a bit of anxiety around the...
  2. Avi

    Question about Yorkshire Tea sold in the US

    @AjaxLepinski .. it’s funny you say that, we also have stop and shop here ( Pa / philly ). I also happened to be in Wegmans today which also in random parts of the NE ( but discovered when living in upstate NY ) and happened to be wandering through the Brit. / European section and noticed they...
  3. Avi

    The Next Phase of Poor Customer Service

    It seems there are two competing phenomena out there. The self checkout approach - which I hate for groceries to be honest unless I have like 5 items ( and then it’s great!). We noticed Wegmans has a self scan ( while you walk around ) approach which is a new variation of this . The delivery...
  4. Avi

    ALMOST found my birth quarter razor "in the wild."

    Are you P4 ? I was getting in fights on eBay ;) my new strategy is just to put in a max price and walk away until it’s over ... luckily there are a fair number of P razors online pretty regularly ... sharing is caring :) Regards Avi
  5. Avi

    ALMOST found my birth quarter razor "in the wild."

    I just picked one up from the bay ( with a case!) just today and at somepoint may replate one. I tell my wife I want these as when I am dead our son may shave and think of me in that moment to which the response is “you are weird as f*k” :)
  6. Avi

    Successfully moving to "the middle of nowhere."

    We have always lived in cities and now live out in what really is now the suburbs but in an old ( 1800’s) house with 3 acres of land or so ( that’s rural enough for us). I don’t know if I would call it a culture shock but it’s definitely a different lifestyle. That said every 6 months or so ...
  7. Avi

    R41 Razor

    This is not a razor, it is a Murder weapon!
  8. Avi

    Have you ever encountered impolite remarks when you talked about "shaving"

    I used to really worry the internet brings out people’s true dark side. In reality I think it brings out a tribal side that’s an aspect of an absence of nonverbal cues we use when we are face to face. People say things to each other that they would never say face to face and so ( as an American...
  9. Avi

    3D printed double edge safety razor

    Super cool! this is awesome in so many ways
  10. Avi

    Do you rinse between passes?

    I think I've been posting on the "badger and blade" related threads a bit less but this one got my attention and thought I'd give this ago. The idea of a quick cold water rinse btwn each pass has been a game changer for me. I am doing better with a shave rinse shave than I was previously doing...
  11. Avi

    Is the end of the DSLR here?

    4K monitors are pretty inexpensive .. the LG ones anyway. The real issue is driving the monitor once you get beyond 4K (at least the last time I checked) because of USB-c's bandwidth. To be honest the real issue w/ Macs is I don't believe they have 10 bit color in the OS (perhaps this finally...
  12. Avi

    Is the end of the DSLR here?

    You can eGPU FCP now I think as well?
  13. Avi

    Fried Rice Recipes!

    This entire forum is about .. Fatboy this.. Chubby that, this thread provides the impetus as to why ;)
  14. Avi

    How do you clean and sanitize vintage razors?

    I bought one of those ultrasonic cleaners because of this forum .... a cheap magnasonic from amazon (~40 bucks). I figure it has uses beyond razors and in general. Regards AVi
  15. Avi

    I just finished reading "Great Expectations"

    I reread this a few months ago and I am half-convinced I never finished it the first time (Middle school) as I just did not remember the last bit. On the reread - it does not help that Pip is just so unlikeable through about 80% of the novel. I do get the point in many ways that's what makes the...
  16. Avi

    Medium Format Digital

    . looking at your prices that makes perfect sense. I am dumbfounded the medium format glass is that cheap as well to be honest. I think previously when I looked at this even if the camera was cheap the lenses would cost the equivalent of a first born child :( That said whenever I stare at my 35...
  17. Avi

    Medium Format Digital

    Is the resolution of medium format digital overkill for the effective resolution that you are getting for that sized print on cloth? Actually I see your point, the price for the 645 etc is so fantastic it doesn't matter.
  18. Avi

    If you had like tons of money, and could make the perfect razor

    Personally I would love the Tatara tolerances in the aesthetics of a classic old school aristocrat with the addition of the flex-ball approach (which I miss to be honest) to make the head pivot all without a bulky head so its trivial to get under the nose, jawline etc. The other crazy thing I...
  19. Avi

    Can we talk about mechanical pencils?

    This is my new favorite mechanical pencil. It is the pilot automac from Japan.. not ludicrously pricely but my favorite thing about this is it automatically dispenses the lead as the lead shortens. The end is a tad wobbly because of the mechanism ( like the Kuri Toga ) so drafters would hate it...
  20. Avi

    The best Truefitt and Hill shaving cream

    It's actually not authentic?!?!
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