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  1. Uncle Brian

    Show us your Frankenrazors

    I have seen a few of these in almost all areas of B&B so I wondered if it might be nice to have a thread where we can show off our modified, improved or just plain messed with razors. I shave with one :) It's an Old Type head I think and I'm not sure as it has no Gillette markings and the...
  2. Uncle Brian

    Gillette or not?

    Hi folks, I need a little help identifying this razor. It's for sale on a local auction site but I don't think it's a Gillette as the seller claims; I think he assumes it is as it comes in a Gillette box. 1.There are no makings on the razor but I have asked him to confirm this. 2.The head...
  3. Uncle Brian

    Primus enamel shaving bowl

    Hi, I found this on our local auction site but while it looks ' interesting ' I have no idea exactly how it would be used. Does anyone have any ideas?
  4. Uncle Brian

    1937 Schick Injector

    This little beast is for sale on an auction site here in New Zealand for $25 start and $35 BIN Is it worth owning and can I still get blades for it if I decide I like the way it shaves? Will these work...
  5. Uncle Brian

    Old Type

    Hi, I have always figured this to be an Old Type but looking at the base it is marked G/N one the left side and Made in England on the right hand side. Pity about the bent tooth but it's part of its history and I'm too scared to try and fix it. Is it an old Type or a copy or something else...
  6. Uncle Brian

    7 0'clock safety razor ???

    This little piece of treasure has just popped up on a local auction site, I'm guessing it's an SE but I really don't know. The photos aren't that good but I think it's the best the guy could do with his cell phone. Anyone know anything about this razor. Thanks guys, Brian
  7. Uncle Brian

    First DE shave in 20+ years

    I guess it's been at least 20 years since i had a DE wet shave not sure why i went to the evil 2 then 3 then 4 blade razor complete with goop in a can but I did. Those things don't even give a decent shave and the peice of the blades is crazy. After finding this forum a few days ago i started...
  8. Uncle Brian

    Old and going back to basics

    Hi y'all, I started wet shaving with an old Gillette back in the dark ages and then some 20 or so years ago started to believe that more blades were better and we all know that is the slippery slope to shaving hell. I even bought goopy smelly stuff in a can! Not sure why beacuse i started off...
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