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  1. PreachTheWord

    Black Handled Super Speed , are you a fan ?

    I have a birth year (1968) superspeed and when paired with a GSB gives a great shave. I don't think that I would pay extra for one that was NOS and if I got one for a good price, I would most definitely shave with it (it is, after all, a razor and designed for shaving). I see what others are...
  2. PreachTheWord

    Soap is NOT Moisturizing

    I have been wet shaving since about 2011 and for some reason I've never depended on my soap to moisturize. In fact, my post-shave routine consist of washing my face and using a moisturizer.
  3. PreachTheWord

    Do you turn the hobby off?

    I have not owned canned goo or a cartridge razor in over 10 years. I also don't own an electric. When I want to shave I have to use my good gear. So I don't ever turn the hobby off. My facial hair does not grow fast, so I shave at night when I get out of the shower. That way I have all the...
  4. PreachTheWord

    Holsters are getting as bad as firearms and ammunition

    I do agree that the DD-214 doesn't mean you are trained, but Illinois recognizes it and will exempt you from 8 hours of training. I didn't even bother with my DD-214, I just showed my certificate as a Pistol Instructor. Wish I could have combined them and eliminated the need to pay for the class.
  5. PreachTheWord

    Holsters are getting as bad as firearms and ammunition

    Here in Illinois 16 hours of training is required (unless you have a DD-214 or are an instructor, then only 8 (can't be combined)). Part of that training is putting rounds on target to show proficiency. 5,7, and 10 yard, man-sized targets. 10 rounds on target at each range. When I want a...
  6. PreachTheWord

    Where and/or from whom did you learn how to cook?

    I never did! I went from mom's house to the Navy to marrying a woman that could cook. We have an arrangement that has worked for a long time. I keep everything in the house fixed and the cars running and she feeds me: what a cool arrangement.
  7. PreachTheWord

    What goodies are you expecting in the mail?

    A&E Summer in Paris CRSW Citrus Zingari Man Navigator
  8. PreachTheWord

    Why Multiple Razors?

    Variety is the spice of life. I don't own anything as expensive as a Wolfman, but each razor is different. The other thing is whether you consider shaving a chore or a hobby. If it is a chore you will have the minimum gear to get the job done. I happen to view it as a hobby, so experiencing...
  9. PreachTheWord

    Flu Shot

    I won't be getting one now or ever. The ONLY year that I ever got the flu was the year I got a flu shot (they were being offered by my job). I have gotten along all these years without one so I'll pass.
  10. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    There is lots of rocker rust and the bottom of the DS front door is rusting. I can get another door for about $300 and I have a local guy is is going to cut out the rockers and weld new ones in. The previous owner had all of his receipts (over $33k). 7k on the motor rebuilt from a long block...
  11. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    I have both of those conditions.
  12. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    Bet you get better gas mileage and few dirty looks! :)
  13. PreachTheWord

    The day my wife understood the value of a CCW

    I'm with you there. East St. Louis from birth to enlistment. The sound of gunshots means "don't go near the window". A huge things in East St. Louis was car jacking when someone stopped for an active railroad signal. To this very day I will not sit waiting on a train.
  14. PreachTheWord

    The day my wife understood the value of a CCW

    I grew up in East St. Louis, IL. The reality of my upbringing is that life is short. Bad things happened to good people all of the time (and we knew a lot of those good people). Just walking to school could be dangerous (street gangs). I have never had the luxury of being unaware of reality...
  15. PreachTheWord

    The day my wife understood the value of a CCW

    My wife doesn't carry, but I do. I firmly believe in avoiding problem areas. We have a few areas in town that are full of criminal and a few where if there is civil unrest that's going to be the place (shopping district around here where the thieves can still stuff). I tend to avoid these...
  16. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    6.0 turbo diesel
  17. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    Thank you. I have no need at all for a truck like this. But I'm old enough to entertain my wants.
  18. PreachTheWord

    Just bought my first diesel pickup

    For a while now I have been saving up to buy a pickup truck. Early in the search I got turned on to diesel trucks. Finally I found one with a rebuilt engine. I has rust rockers and cab corners (not unusual for Illinois). For the price I paid, I was paying for the rebuilt engine and the owner...
  19. PreachTheWord

    Is rose a masculine scent?

    When I wanted a rose scented soap, I didn't even ask that question. It never occurred to me. Now I have Wickhams 1912 rose and Soapy Science rose scent. I enjoy them and that's all that matters. As someone already stated, scents and colors are neutral until society assigns a gender to them.
  20. PreachTheWord

    Love my Merkur Futur but never enjoy my shaves with my Merkur Progress

    I have both a Futur and a Progress (Mergress). I do enjoy them both, but only shave with Mergress on 2 or 3. Anything over that is way too aggressive.
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