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  1. smalltank

    Warped Blade - What to do?

    the lower the grit..the easier for steel to be removed where it should be...
  2. smalltank

    PC help. What is this?

    try systemcarefree...fixes and repairs any errors in your entire system spybot search and destroy for all malware spyware etc...
  3. smalltank

    Warped Blade - What to do?

    You can "breadknife" the razor to make it even again...saw back n forth on a 220 grit synthetic stone...there might be a few other ways as well
  4. smalltank

    Honing a Kamisori

  5. smalltank

    Honing a Kamisori

    Kami's were made that way..stamped sign should traditionally be used..to respect the makers markings...but both sides can be used just fine...12k and higher grit stones are the easiest way to hone em
  6. smalltank

    Strange occurrences in my house - hoping for logical explanations but doubtful.

    are you sure your place wasnt broken into and items stolen? if you believe it could be the "spirits" from the otherside..well..I would suggest "saging" your house and every inch of it...
  7. smalltank

    Give up and revert to Mach 3?

    I also have sensitive skin and very coarse facial hair...go with what works best...
  8. smalltank

    Now THAT'S a bargain!

    bed bath and beyond also really cheap..I still have mine sitting in my drawer
  9. smalltank

    I am missing something simple.please help!

    Wade & Butcher looks fine..2 other blades look like they need to be "breadknifed" to be made straight
  10. smalltank

    Seeking a soothing aftershave splash

    if you want something without alcohol..DR Harris Pink
  11. smalltank

    Critique my straight razor finds

    well...that 2nd razor with that chipped edge is gonna need some dremel work to get that out..you could have it as a round point or shorten it at the chipped point
  12. smalltank

    Touch up for a beginner

    you can go a dozen back n forth laps on some green Chromium Oxide paste..or get a barbers hone...
  13. smalltank

    Found a good alternative to AoS Pre-Shave Oil

    another good option is DR Harrison Arlington pre shave...
  14. smalltank

    Newbie Warning - places to shop and places to avoid as you explore the Art of Shaving

    their creams are good..but their hardware...just walk away...
  15. smalltank

    HP Vent!

    well..I dont know much about photo printers other than the paper paper thats used and should showup perfectly.... Canon gives HP a good run for their money and features as well.....
  16. smalltank

    Where Can I Get A Cheap But Good Honing In The US?

    My edges are great and so is my work..for those who send me their razors of course
  17. smalltank

    Sandpaper for lapping a 3x3 30k Shapton Slip Stone?

    dmt325 diamond plate works well...I think 400grit sandpaper is also an option to lap your stones.
  18. smalltank

    Hone ID, Any ideas?

    Link doesn't work
  19. smalltank

    Taking care of blade

    superspeed razors were designed to be shaken off and let dry..the blade however should be patted dry on a dry towel
  20. smalltank

    new passion - future addiction?

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