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  1. binowatch

    Injector blades from Vermont Country Store

    Just got the new catalogue today from VCS and they have an unbranded 20 pack of single edge injector blades for $14.95. On the same page is a TTO razor which I suspect is a big mark-up on a Weishi or similar razor and 10 DE blades (no name) for 9.90!!!
  2. binowatch

    Covering scratches on cordovan shoes.

    Yesterday, I put on a pair of cordovan leather Chukka boots and spotted a 3" scratch. I was late to work but my OCD wouldn't let me out the door without trying to fix it. When I went to the closet I keep the shoe polish in sitting on the shelf was a "Tibetan Almond Stick" used for covering...
  3. binowatch

    How did men choose DE razors in the Golden Age?

    This forum is filled with scholarly analyses of the various classic razors-the blade angle, the weight of the handle/head, the geometry of the head, etc. etc. As far as I can tell this information was not provided by Gillette (et al). Before this information was available, and before...
  4. binowatch

    A 2 day return to the dark side

    I overslept two days in a row and returned to a Gillette power fusion in the shower with ivory soap for a speed shave. After the shower a quick splash of Clubman and my usual AS balm. No nicks, no obvious burn BUT all morning my face hurt, was tender to the touch and by noon it felt like fine...
  5. binowatch

    A good steam equals a great shave!

    I usually don't shave on days off and swim on those days. Today we were having my son's future in-laws for dinner-our first meeting - so shaving was indicated. I took my hour long swim followed by a 15 min steam at the gym. I used Dr Hunter's Shave cream, a Gillette travel razor with a fresh...
  6. binowatch

    Proraso pre/post what am I doing wrong

    I picked up some Proraso pre/post cream. I love the menthol feel, esp after using the shave cream and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and comfortable. BUT-both times I used it I wound up with white residue on my face after drying that I had to wipe off with a wet wash cloth. My face was wet...
  7. binowatch

    An increasingly visual world

    I was at the gym Tues and noticed a guy shaving with a Power Fusion and canned goo. With my too many years at the shooting range ears I could hear the hum of the razor. It crossed my mind that it was like so many things now. The stark white foam goo-visually striking but with no real tactile...
  8. binowatch

    first try with dovo shavette

    I was in a local tobacconist yesterday and was happy to see a locked case with Col Conk, Merkur, various quality shave brushes and dovo straight razors. There was a black shavette with a red insert. Not knowing, I bought the shavette and some professional blades. Took it home, thought the blade...
  9. binowatch

    Why are second shaves from a blade better?

    As I try out different blades I sometimes notice that the second shave is smoother than the first-the blade then seems to plateau out until it starts to pull. Why? Would palm stopping make the first shave better? I really noticed this with Bolzano. After the first they are terrific and stay...
  10. binowatch

    A great shaving bowl

    I recently bought a large mortar and pestle from American Science and Surplus for about 13 USD. It is a bit crude, from China but has a nice slightly rough finish inside the bowl as a mortar should, about 6" across. Tried it with a Semoque 1305, a touch of Cremo and a non-tallow Erasmic stick I...
  11. binowatch

    A Gun Show Find

    Today I went to a local gun show. One table had a nice selection of old Smith and Wesson revolvers. Right between a 2" Model 10 and a 4" Model 15 was a Merkur 12C with box for 25 USD! It could have passed for new except for a fine telltale haze of old soap on the underside of the head near the...
  12. binowatch

    first time with a horse

    No, not a quote from Catherine the Great!! Finally picked up an inexpensive horsehair brush made in Pakistan, low grade wood handle, about 10 USD on the bay. I stared at it for a few days, even after doing the same prep I would for a used brush, remembering pictures of cutaneous anthrax, but...
  13. binowatch


    This morning I used some absolutely horrible Caswell Massey lather shave cream on my brush and then onto the Williams-a controversial but at best satifactory soap- and made absolutely incredible, rich, lubricating, smooth lather that filled my BandB Badger brush with copious amounts of this...
  14. binowatch


    During a recent foray at Wallymart I picked up a bottle of Canoe. I honestly cannot tell any difference between Brut, Canoe and Pinaud Clubman. Does anyone else have the same impression? For the money, the nice AS effect and the lasting scent it would seem Clubman wins hands down.
  15. binowatch

    Caswell Massey hits a new low

    First, let me say I really like Caswell Massey bath soaps, colognes, aftershave splashes and talcs. I have tried their shave soaps and they are pretty bad-they lather well but the lather deflates quickly and the shave is fair. I figured that was pretty bad-until today-I tried a small jar of...
  16. binowatch

    Gibbs Razor uses regular blade!

    I just rec'd my gear from Deutscheoptik.com- It is a Gibbs French army razor but I just installed a regular DE blade without problem. Apparently most Gibbs Razors need a slightly smaller proprietary blade. Will give it a spin in the morning. The razor strop is a mini-somewhat bigger than an...
  17. binowatch

    My two bits on Williams Mug Soap

    I finally did it--I bought a puck of Williams just to try after reading all the serious and tongue in cheek comments about it on B+B. I put in in a slightly oversized ramekin borrowed from the kitchen and soaked it for one hour in warm water, drained it off and let it sit open over night. This...
  18. binowatch

    Deutscheoptik.com shaving gear

    Deutsche Optik is a small vendor that once sold great quantities of collectable optical equipment. In recent years with new management they also sell a variety of collectables, esp odd miitary gear like surplus medical equipment. Right now that have for sale French Army surplus open comb razors...
  19. binowatch

    Shaving gear at Super Supplements

    I was in a Super Supplements today to pick up some vitamins and asked the clerk if they had any shaving stuff. I was told no, but decided to look around. They had a full line of Dr Bonner's soaps, liq and bar, all the Thayer's witch hazels, potassium alum blocks, Burt's Bees shave cream, a large...
  20. binowatch

    Caswell Massey lather does vanish!

    I have used CWM colognes, AS and powder for years and really like them. I've also liked their Dr Hunters Brushless non-lathering shave cream. I recently picked up their Sandlewood and Almond shave soaps in very nice wooden bowls on a sale. Great box, great bowl, great scent. If you put some...
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