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  1. Katia

    Women's watches

    Anyone know anything about them? Is there much of a difference between a women's line and a men's line, as far as quality is concerned (I know that in some industries there definitely is...). Can I trust that a brand recommended here for a men's watch would also be a good brand for a women's...
  2. Katia

    Post your first shave here!

    I see lots of "my first shave" threads and thought we might make a thread similar to the "Newbies, show off your gear" thread, since with my (admittedly-imperfect) search I didn't find that we already had one like this. I wanted to yap on about my first, but obviously wasn't going to do it...
  3. Katia

    Katia's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Kat, Katharine, Katia, whatever you want. What are your nicknames/aliases? See above Where do you live? Michigan What is your age (or) generation? 30 at the moment What are you in the real world? A paper pusher for pay. Not-for-pay, a musician...
  4. Katia

    Found me a Fatboy! (pic heavy)

    While I was at the local flea-slash-farmer's market this morning, I decided to have a browse around and see who had razors. I saw three... what must've been a Gillette travel of some sort, one I couldn't identify (I didn't have the booth owner get it out) and what I think was another Fatboy...
  5. Katia

    N00b here!

    Hello, everyone! :001_005: I spent a long time lurking, hoping to learn without making yet another message forum account, but I couldn't resist as I'm sure I'll have questions. I'm Kat or Katia; I live in Metro Detroit and I've been intrigued by safety razors for years. A friend recently...