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    Another Winner from Rudy Vey

    During a recent trip to Spain we visited an Olive farm. The farmer let me have a small piece of wood from one of their trees. I asked Rudy to craft a shaving brush out of that wood. This is his final product. Beautiful work by Rudy and a great memento from our trip.
  2. Olive Brush 1

    Olive Brush 1

  3. Olive Wood

    Olive Wood

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    Cold Brew newbie here

    I use a Hario Mizudashi Amazon.com: Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Pot/Maker (1000ml, Black): Toddy: Kitchen & Dining with good results. I pour the coffee over ice and add a little simple syrup and cream. Nice results with pretty much any coffee that I roast to medium.
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    Pour Over Coffee Brewer

    Maybe a little pricey for some, but I've used a (ceramic) Hario V60 for a number of years with god results. They also make a smaller size which is perfect for pouring one mug of coffee directly into your favorite mug.
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    Three FREE bottles!

    I'm definitely in. Thanks.
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    help with hario paperless pour over

    My method is the 30 second bloom followed by continuos, slow pouring in concentric circles. I use 18 grams of medium grind coffee for my 12 oz. morning mug.
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    Black Handle Super Speed

    I'd love to see pictures when it's done.
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    Black Handle Super Speed

    Thanks, Anders. I think I'll look into the model paint idea.
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    Black Handle Super Speed

    I would love to hear more about this. I have a 1970 black handle that I purchased as I graduated from college that year. The metal polishes up nicely, but the handle looks a little sketchy. Do you know someone who does recoating?
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    PIF - Fresh Roast Coffee - U pick - I Roast 4 U

    i'm in! Since I'm traveling to Costa Rica in the fall (and plan a coffee plantation visit), I'd love to try some of their coffee before I go.
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    FS Gillette Slim Adjustable K2 (1965) + Badger Brush + Stirling Sandalwood AS Balm

    Agree Edgewater is a trip for me. Shipping makes more sense. Please PM your PayPal info and I'll get the cash on its way.
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    Den Reduction Sale Pipe/Shave

    PM sent re OS after shave and mug.
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    FS Gillette Slim Adjustable K2 (1965) + Badger Brush + Stirling Sandalwood AS Balm

    I'll take it all if you haven't sold the Slim separately yet. I'm in Jersey - Exit 100. Is a pick up possible?
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    Need recommendation on first soap purchase

    Catie's Bubbles has some nice soaps for $20. I like their Irish Coffee.
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    Suggestions for pre-shave

    I make my own from a recipe I found here. A search on home made pre shave will probably yield a load of others. Here's what I use: Pre-shave Oil Recipe 3 oz Olive Oil (Refined 'A' Grade) 2 oz Castor Oil (1st Press) 1 oz Jojoba Oil, Clear (Organic) 1 oz Kukui Nut Oil (Organic) 1 oz...
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    Hello from NJ

    And another. Exit 100.
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    Baratza Purchased - Roasted Coffee Recommendations?

    +1 on the Bonavita as a great value. It's my daily driver here in FL. Coffee is close to the Technivorm I use at home.
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    PIF (sign-up before 9/8/2015) - Gillette Sheraton

    I'm in. Would love to try a Sheraton!
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    Best beach soaps? Post your description and experiences.

    Anyone try Ocean Grove from Katie's Bubbles?