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  1. Telecaster52

    beligerent new neighbor, advice needed

    So, how about that cookout?
  2. Telecaster52

    Thinning out the Liquor Cabinet

    I read the thread title and was hoping for a PIF :biggrin1: I generally keep a bourbon, gin for summer, and scotch/brandy for the cooler months
  3. Telecaster52

    Gillette Senator or Sheraton?

    the difference in the endcaps is the difference between a '37 and '38 to my eye, the doors look too clean to be brassed nickel, brass could feasibly polished to that lustre but would quickly oxidize sitting in a case at an antique shop. It should clean up pretty easily, just don't go too crazy...
  4. Telecaster52

    Great engine sounds

    Pretty much any group-B rally car, aircooled porsche or BDA Ford :thumbup:
  5. Telecaster52

    Cologne Like Shulton Old Spice

    There's still new-production shulton OS made in India, i've been out of the loop for a while so im not sure who may or may not still be carrying it
  6. Telecaster52

    Seiko Monster Straps/Bands

    I need a few ideas on a band for my Black Monster. I want to pick a couple bands for various situations/purposes. Here's the direction i'm going: black grooved silicone: James Bond NATO: Maybe something with a bund to keep the 3:45 crown from chewing up my wrist? Any suggestions otherwise?
  7. Telecaster52

    How many miles on your ride?

    93 ranger 240k, 97 taurus 190k :scooter:
  8. Telecaster52

    Razor cane

    thats an early schick repeater, the predecessor to the injector http://wiki.badgerandblade.com/Schick_Injector
  9. Telecaster52

    RIP: Chief Jay Strongbow

    It's still real to me damnit!
  10. Telecaster52

    Came home today to a nice surprise...these beauties

    DO NOT TOUCH THE TRAYUM!!! :lol: nice razors, and good on Dave for the generosity
  11. Telecaster52

    A question about dedicating pipes...

    easy there seabiscuit
  12. Telecaster52

    I have a Zombie Killer knife! (KaBar Pestilence Chopper)

    you need this to match http://www.impactguns.com/ruger-lcp-zombie-slayer-380-acp-3721.aspx
  13. Telecaster52

    Found a Brick and Mortar that carries some fountain pens!

    If you got one of the skinny slide type piston convertors, there is a bottleneck/bulkhead in the body of the vfm that can be bored out (carefully) to accept the shaft of the converter. If you have the twist type convertor, it unfortunately won't, but the convertor from a benton clay grid is the...
  14. Telecaster52

    Parker 75 Pen & Pencil?

    Thats the wrong box, better send me the whole set for proper disposal... :drool:
  15. Telecaster52

    Benton Clay "mystery pen" purchase

    Fwiw, the "butterscotch" pen is identical to the shakespeare, just prettier :D
  16. Telecaster52

    New van halen

    With that getup and those dance moves, Dave could pass for the third wild and crazy guy :lol:
  17. Telecaster52

    Benton Clay "mystery pen" purchase

    mine was 40 cents difference on a $25 order
  18. Telecaster52

    Benton Clay "mystery pen" purchase

    I'll attempt to, if i can find my camera. The way i understand it, they're basically a grab bag so theres no guarantees you'll end up with the same ones
  19. Telecaster52

    Benton Clay "mystery pen" purchase

    i'm in for 5