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  1. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    So I wanted to try a gold dollar again after many years (tried a 66, 208, and 80 many years back and I believe I've only kept the 80). Looking at prices, best deal to my eyes (if you don't plan to start selling them) was aliexpress where you could get them in quantities of 5 for ~20-25$...
  2. SliceOfLife

    Testing Edges Loser PIF

    So Tanuki is doing some edge testing of user/ugly razors for me. First round ended and one razor was a clear loser. It has been removed from the competition and will be PIF'ed to a random winner with a US shipping address who posts "I'm in" and their preferred finish for the razor if they win...
  3. SliceOfLife

    Wife absolutely refuses to give me a say in home decor.

    So I was married 2.5 yrs ago. Moved into her home, turned mine into a rental. She has a HEAVY handed "Paris" theme. All the cheap chinese "Paris" pieces of decor you see at places like TJ Maxx and homegoods. I don't really care. I'm not particularly interested in home decor. But here's the...
  4. SliceOfLife

    Sharpening Stones, Straight Razors, Brad Sears Brush, Vintage Soaps, More

    Shipping in US will be $5 flat. Out of US, I'll ship for actual cost, but expect it to be so high it's not viable... Happy to get an estimate though. Top left is a prefinisher Vintage Jnat. Has a split on the side I stabilized with superglue. See Picture. Very Roughly 8x3" $100 Underneath it...
  5. SliceOfLife

    The Envelope of Soap PIF

    So I made myself a batch of shaving soap a few weeks back and molded it into pucks in a homemade mold. Lemon/Lavender scent. The mold results in some soap "flashing". I trimmed this off pressed it in a plastic bag, ran a rolling pin over it a few times and stuck it in an envelope. Weighs...
  6. SliceOfLife

    Lynn Idwal thread

    So I've got a couple Lynn Idwals around, and have owned maybe 10 or 12 over the years. Never been especially thrilled with them. This one that just arrived will hopefully prove to be an exception. Appears to have been used with water, so I'm continuing that. It feels a lot like a soft charnley...
  7. SliceOfLife

    Cheap strops. Do they work?

    So I started out with a Zeepk strop and I remember that my edges immediately improved when I got an Illinois as an upgrade way back when. Since then I've avoided all the cheap strops. I've seen a guy or two claim they can work, but most people seem to recommend almost anything (jeans, old...
  8. SliceOfLife

    Four shave ready user-grade straights The ugly, the ugly, the ugly and the ugly

    Four straights: honewear, grimy scales, sloppy honing, pitting, and all. But they have edges on them. Four different edges in fact. You get all four for $20 shipped to your door (US only) The catch? 1. You must be comfortable using a straight razor and stropping already. 2. You must use all...
  9. SliceOfLife

    Can't find a Turkey Hone thread so here it is.

    Got this on etsy for a very pretty penny. Either Belgium or US customs lost it for 3 months and was about to have to file a postal insurance claim when it finally turned up. One of the biggest I've snagged, 7.75x3.25" and very heavy in a massive hunk of walnut. From the walnut base, it looks...
  10. SliceOfLife

    My Lone PdSo Label (Record/recognition)

    I've got a bunch of PdSo, but only ever encountered one with a label. This is from an old french paddle hone with a hinged top. The label came off the stone and embedded in the case, so this is reversed and backwards (you're looking through the glue at the label printed on the opposite side of...
  11. SliceOfLife

    Who dares to make the 50" diameter vintage bakelite brush?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-BUTTERSCOTCH-BAKELITE-Mug-Cup-w-Black-Base/174306793977?hash=item28957e99f9:g:lAoAAOSw32Ve2WuX I can't be the only one who's thinking of it after seeing this on eBay, right?
  12. SliceOfLife

    Brad Sears brush, Straight Razors, Vintage Soaps, Homemade soap, Coticule, Nagura, PDSO, Barber hones, Slurry Stone

    $5 shipping in US. Brad Sears is a big one. 30mm I think. I got it here for $105 shipped. It's too big and soft for me. I'll pass it on to someone who will use it. $105 Razors are all ugly users $7 each Uomo Da Vinci 294 Silvertip Brush NIB $45 Coticule Natural Combo. Lapped. The thinnest...
  13. SliceOfLife

    Remaining water content of triple milled soaps?

    What is the remaining water content of a triple milled soap (shaving or body)? Based on ingredients lists I'd estimate it's somewhere in the 3-10% range... but I would have thought it would be even lower. Every thing talking about triple milled soap I can find just says "Less" water than...
  14. SliceOfLife

    Thoughts on this hone....

    Any thoughts?
  15. SliceOfLife

    Ambassador Shaving Soap

    So I bought this shave bowl ages ago. Either I got it reasonably cheap (<$20) or in a lot... can't recall, but I never tried to use it. It was wrapped in yellow cellophane wrapper and in a wood shaving bowl not unlike the one that Kent Sells MWF in. Starting pruning down my collection of...
  16. SliceOfLife

    Vintage Shaving Soaps (software) and straight Razors, brush (hardware)

    Flat $5 shipping in US, any amount. Plisson Size 8 European Grey Brush. Nearly New. Box appears to have gotten wet on the back. I washed this up once. Seems nice, but not my kind of brush. $40. Razors should all be shave ready. Dubl Duck Wonderedge. Has some oxidation/pitting remnants, but...
  17. SliceOfLife

    Any Clue on this stone?

    Got sent this picture on eBay. Anyone recognize the surface?
  18. SliceOfLife

    Tons and Tons of sharpening stones

    Just spent a ludicrous amount of money on a Tam O... need to clear out room and funds: All prices are shipped in US, if you are buying multiples, I can be flexible on price as I'll save a lot on shipping. First are the coticules. I've owned HUNDREDS of coticules and have been reducing my...
  19. SliceOfLife

    GSK (02-04) vs Combe(2020) Williams

    So I keep a lot of "Vintage" Williams around, and always on the lookout for a good deal on Vintage stuff, I found a seller of lots of Modern Williams who happened to have a small stock of 02-04 (pre-reformulation) pucks. It'd been awhile since I tried any this recent, and a lot of people have...
  20. SliceOfLife

    So you all saw the crazy yellow swirled/marbled bakelite that sold for $250?

    I picked up a damaged version of the same brush, but orange, and had to buy a top to restore it (top had a strip in the middle that was caved in). In doing so I had to bring in the threads on it a little, as the tops on the adorations were crazy thin (hence why the top on mine was so damaged)...