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    FS Unscented soaps and ATT R and H

    I am offering for sell the following sets. Add $5 for shipping. All prices include PP fees: 1. All are unscented soaps. All above 80%. T+S and Stirling well above 90%. Note that Siliski and Soapy Science have been combined and now are 50-50 tubs (great combo imo), for that reason I am...
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    FS Scalloped Timeless 0.68

    I am offering a 0.68 scalloped Timeless head with a titanium handle. Head retails for $200. Here with the handle for $145 shipped
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    FS European Tour of Soap

    Greetings everyone, Looking to sell what I consider top notch shaving soaps and creams. Esbjerg grapefruit. Retail $24 @90% Santa Maria Novella. Retail $71 @70% Nuavia Blue. Retail $65 @90% Eufros - Citricos and Dama de Noche, which are very natural scents of curated lemon and an elegant...
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    FS Wolfman brushed head

    Selling a Wolfman head with very little use. Standard blade gap. $325 shipped, fees covered by the buyer. Original owner.
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    FS M&F 3XL

    I am selling this all Sabini brush. Dimensions are aprox. 31X50 mm and it has a very luxurious feel. Price is $250.
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    WTB: Naniwa 12K

    Let know what you have.
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    WTB: weck SE surgical prep

    Let me know what you have.
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    FS: Wolfman handle wrh2 with custom knurling, cased Gillette HD and Gillette SS

    All prices include shipping. Paypal only. 1. Brushed WRH2 with custom knurling. Measures 14x89 mm and weights 97 g. $150 2. Cased Gillette HD. Weights 71 g. Opens and closes smoothly. Looks very lightly used. $65 3. Gillette Super Speed. Opens and closes properly. Doors with some...
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    Stahly head

    In good shape. Thanks,
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    WTT: Cucumber Razorock and Phoenix AA for your MW

    Gentlemen, I have one tub of each RR Zi Peppino and Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements - Cucumber @ 90% each. Want to trade for Mystic Waters (stick or soap), any scent. Can workout values to make it a even trade. PM if interested. Thanks.
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    Bad news particularly for single B&Bers

    So it seems like girls don't prefer clean shaved guys. What do you think?
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    Got a Tech - tomorrow is a good day

    Hi everyone, Got this Tech and am wondering if I can know more about it. From Mr. Razor's website I am guessing it is this one: it weights 49g, the handle looks similar to me and the cap has that "dashed" middle line that helps hold the blade and centers the cap in its base plate. I don't see...
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    NEW with common thin handle

    I got this today and cleaned it up a.s.a.p. Its my first NEW and am looking forward to tomorrow morning. From Mr-Razor I learned it should be aged 30-36. Can the head take a common handle? Thanks! http://i1293.photobucket.com/albums/b587/lloydrm/2014-10-30160650_zpsc8490fb4.jpg...
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    The only thing a dislike about wet shaving

    Wet shaving has so many things I like. From the variety of products and their performance, to the techniques and permanent challenge of making it better next time by learning form your mistakes, to the sense of community best represented by this forum. Good looking, long lasting, well built...