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    Reducing the shower curtain effect

    Has anyone found a way of reducing the shower curtain effect? You know how the shower curtain blows inwards and upwards towards the shower stream. I have used shower curtains with weights at the bottom and they don't really help (or I don't have enough of them I guess). Are there any heavy...
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    95 year old couple dead in apparent murder suicide

    Romantically tragic. http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20110708/NEWS01/107080309/
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    Have a few minutes for a survey?

    http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3ZJNLBR I have a friend taking a graduate class and she needs some people to take that short survey. Just 10 questions, should be less than five minutes. If you have the spare time, we would appreciate it!
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    Online tax software comparisons

    For the past several years I have used Tax Act Online to prepare my taxes. I'm wondering if anyone has compared the various services and found any to be better than the rest, as far as refunds are concerned. I'm used to owing money each year since I was a single guy that rented. Last year was...
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    IMPD Officer David Moore

    Indy Metro Police Dept Officer David Moore was shot four times on Sunday, January 23, during a traffic stop. Officer Moore survived his injuries, but it was announced today that he will not be able to recover. :frown1: http://www.wthr.com/story/13906272/impd-officer-condition-update His...
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    Tips for a cat adopter?

    So I'm thinking about adopting a kitty cat. Never had one before, and haven't had a pet since I was in elementary school! Think I'd like a critter hopping around, and cats seem more independent than dogs so I wouldn't feel as bad leaving it at home during the day by itself. I've been reading...
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    Calf pain after half marathon

    So I don't flood the daily workout thread.. Around mile 10 of my half marathon yesterday I developed a pain in my left calf. I stopped to stretch for a few seconds but it didn't help. Around mile 12 I felt like I was limping along. I definitely limped back to the car (someone said something...
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    Elongated vs round

    I'm doing a mini-renovation of my master bathroom right now. While I have the round toilet pulled, I'm wondering about elongated vs round toilets. An extra couple bills won't kill me if the elongated is that much "better," however my bathroom is rather small and that extra 1.5" - 2" of length...
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    PSA: Donate Blood!

    I gave blood today for the first time in about... oh.. 12 years or so! :blush: And it wasn't all that bad. The Indiana Blood Center setup a few locations at work today, and I was out in about an hour. The gal that drew my blood was very good - last time at the doc it took them three sticks...
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    Wasps in my windows

    For the past several days, I've been noticing wasps on the insides of my windows. Three or four each day. Obviously, this isn't an ideal situation. Luckily, they are staying on the windows and not flying around too much. From some reading, this is pretty normal behavior for them. But, what...
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    First half marathon complete!

    I made it! Finished the 500 Festival Mini Marathon! First half marathon done in 1:56:27! I'm pretty darn happy with that considering I was shooting for 2:10 when I registered (which is how they picked my corral I think). I give credit to the 31,000 other runners for pushing and pulling me...
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    KitchenAid mixer?

    So I got my first time home buyer's credit from the IRS and I'm thinking that a KitchenAid stand mixer would be a good investment for my home. I'm thinking it would outlast the house, right? :wink2: I'm looking at the 5qt 325W model. Anything to steer me away? Anything to make me buy one...
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    Man hit by airplane while running

    http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/35885646/ns/us_news/ This is just too bizarre for words. When your time is up, your time is up, I guess.
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    Calling upon the B&B masses for some voting help

    The Indianapolis Museum of Art is running a contest for a guest blogger position for a year. They invited people to submit applications and one of my friends is one of the five finalists. And now it's up to a public vote to (help) decide who gets the "bloggership". So, I call upon the...
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    My girl question

    I've sworn to myself that I wouldn't ask for dating advice on an online forum, but I'm confused. I met this gal online in October. We went out to dinner twice in a week then just chatted over text messaging until Thanksgiving, about 6 weeks. We planned stuff but life got in the way and...
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    Italian Beef

    Anyone have a recipe to share for Italian Beef Sandwiches? I've been challenged to make them, and have, of course, found a few recipes, but what's the B&B population have to share? I don't have fancy cooking stuff and will even be borrowing a slow cooker... One recipe was just a chuck...
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    Tips for my first house

    I'm closing on my first house in a little under a month now. It's just "basic housing" as my agent liked to call it. 12 year old ranch, little under 1500sq ft, 2 car garage, decent sized deck, 1/4 acre lot, 3bd 2ba, brick front / vinyl sides. The roof is only about 3 years old and has those...
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    My new Shavemac 177

    I wasn't in the market for a new brush, but I couldn't resist the deal at Vintage Blades and bought a Shavemac 177 23mm. Here it is next to my 2006 B&B Finest, the only brush I've used for the past year and a half or so: I obviously have not tried the Shavemac yet, but I'm looking...
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    Tips for first time home buyer?

    I'm starting down the road of buying my first house. I'm meeting a Realtor tomorrow and going to look at three homes. I had four picked out, but one sold just today. One of my coworkers suggested that I take my camera along and take pictures of everything. Loved the suggestion, so I'll be...
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    Detailing the brush handle

    I was cleaning my 2006 B&B brush (finest, ebony, my only brush) tonight and noticed that the handle is pretty "gunky" looking.. Either hard water stains or soap scum. I'm wondering what a good method is to clean it and bring it back to its original beauty? I'm afraid of a) taking off the...