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    Another Winner from Rudy Vey

    During a recent trip to Spain we visited an Olive farm. The farmer let me have a small piece of wood from one of their trees. I asked Rudy to craft a shaving brush out of that wood. This is his final product. Beautiful work by Rudy and a great memento from our trip.
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    Gift from Italy

    My brother and his recently wife took a vacation trip to Italy, and returned with a tub of Acqua di Parma shave cream as a retirement gift for me. This stuff is fantastic! The texture, fragrance, and performance are all top notch. The best is the feel after I'm done. It's like I've used an...
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    Excellent Replate

    I sent my birth year 47 SS to Above-the-Tie for a rhodium replate. I couldn't be happier with the customer service or the results. Here are a couple of before & after pictures.
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    Broken Merkur

    I have a one year old Merkur 23c that just broke this morning while I was shaving with it. The post in the head where the handle screws on just broke off! In the picture, I laid the broken screw on the head. Anyone ever experienced this kind of problem before? I can't imagine super gluing...
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    Have I Wrecked My Slim?

    The adjustment collar on one of my Slims (Code H-2) would not move beyond the 4 setting. It moved freely from 1 to 4, but would not budge beyond. I found a few threads that addressed the problem and tried lots of things - hot water soak, Scrubbing Bubbles Soak (5 overnights), mineral oil soak...
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    First R41 Shave - Best Shave Ever

    But I did pay a small price in irritation. I'm a relative newbie here on B&B, but at 64 years old am not a new shaver. I returned to DE about 9 months ago. Received my new R-41 from Connaught yesterday ($37 including shipping); 11 days after placing the order. I used it for the first time...
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    Is this a Frankenstein razor?

    My son brought me this razor when he was up from NC for the holidays. To my untrained eye it looks like one or two razors were combined to make one. The head has Patent Numbers that look to me like 1633738 and 1639335. There is a date January 13, 1920 on the top of the handle. The handle...
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    The Day After a BBS Shave

    Maybe this sounds like a wierd problem, but I have been struggling with what to do the day after I get a particularly good BBS. Usually Sunday morning is my best shave. I get to take my time, do three or four passes, and even do some buffing clean up. My problem is that Monday morning I don't...
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    I think I've been had - Fat Boy?

    I've just returned to DE shaving after many years and have been wanting to try a Fat Boy. I bought a razor on e-bay that was lsited as a Fat Boy, but now that I have it in my hands I'm not so sure it is. First of all, the code is H-3 or 1962. I thought Gillette stopped making the FB in 1961 -...
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    First Post

    I just found this post through a shaving discussion on a coffee roasting board of all places. I have been a wet shaver all my shaving life. That's since I was 16 and I'm 63 now, so a loooong time :biggrin1: I have a Trumper silver tip brush and use Bigelow shave cream. For many years I used...