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  1. Telecaster52

    Seiko Monster Straps/Bands

    I need a few ideas on a band for my Black Monster. I want to pick a couple bands for various situations/purposes. Here's the direction i'm going: black grooved silicone: James Bond NATO: Maybe something with a bund to keep the 3:45 crown from chewing up my wrist? Any suggestions otherwise?
  2. Telecaster52

    Kaweco Bordeaux

    Got my red ICE sport last week, and it's great. Looking into throwing a "bordeaux" sport in on my next order, but i can't for the life of me figure out what the "bordeaux plastic" is :confused1 Anybody have any insight?
  3. Telecaster52

    Kaweco ICE

    Quick question on these, how orange is the orange? I picked up a Sheaffer VFM on my last Goulet order and the orange was way different in person than the pic. (looks almost pumpkin/umber on my screen, traffic cone orange in hand :lol:)
  4. Telecaster52

    pen chat

    Im in a fountain pen mood tonight, and theres no one to talk to. Anyone? http://badgerandblade.com/vb/chat/flashchat.php#
  5. Telecaster52

    Quick PIF

    Found a random stamped envelope in my desk, so I'm tossing in a few random blades for a lucky newbie (less than 30 posts, joined this month, preferably one who hasn't gotten a blade sampler yet) Astra SP Shark SC UK Wilk Iridium Zorrik Treet Black Beauty I'll pick based on post # at...
  6. Telecaster52

    N GA Meetup Summer 2011

    Since a good time was had by all (...all 3 of us :blush:) earlier this month. I think with a little more organization and more lead-up time we could have a meetup to rival the likes of the DFW meets :lol: So, as it stands we're in the pre-planning stage, target date early-mid June. Aiming for...
  7. Telecaster52

    Nimrod Lighter questions

    Whilst browsing the pipe gallery thread i saw that eagle-eye Jim pointed out a nimrod in Jmallen5's post (the lighter that is :lol:) If anybody (Jim and Jmallen included) has any insight or further pics of the workings of these things, what would be a good price for a user-grade one, and whether...
  8. Telecaster52

    Shave stickifier

    Here's how I cobble my soaps into sticks. Step 1: Grate the soap into a bowl, add a few drops of water to aid adhesion Step 2. loosely pack the soap shreds into a ~1" diameter tube/pipe Step 3. Cap one end of the tube and plug the other with a bottle cap (to evenly distribute the load)...
  9. Telecaster52

    1500 post PIF *CLOWNBARF REDUX*

    This is a continuation/rehashing of my dismal failure previous attempt at a PIF. http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?t=175540 Here's how it's going this go-round -Open to CONUS newbies (less than 75 posts/joined in 2011) that have not tried SE, Boar brushes, and/or shave sticks (any...
  10. Telecaster52

    Cee-Lo Green: Motown from A-town? The 6th temptation?

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKxodgpyGec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3qCK88aRJk I LOATHE 99% of new music, however this cat's got soul. Discuss
  11. Telecaster52


  12. Telecaster52

    N. Metro Atl. Meetup: testing the waters

    A couple of us have discussed a meetup sometime this spring. Red Top Mountain/Lake Allatoona seems central enough for the local members that i'm aware of (Rome area - Alpharetta W-E, Rome - ATL N-S) Date: TBD Ideas/input appreciated.
  13. Telecaster52

    Japanese saw as frameback stock?

    Any thoughts on this? The only iffy part IMO is knowing the hrc#, but as well as the one i bought for woodwork has held up, I wouldn't be surprised if worked. In any case, the price is nice enought to not feel bad if i ruin it, and if i cut it right, i'll still have a useable 3-4" saw :thumbup1:
  14. Telecaster52

    fun with polls

    :wink2: I guess so :thumbup1:
  15. Telecaster52

    Blah Blah blah VDH blah blah blah

    22mm Larryandro Black badger ~50mm loft, sanded to matte finish for grippiness
  16. Telecaster52

    Blah Blah blah VDH blah blah blah

  17. Telecaster52

    Old Spice T-Shirts!!!

    http://store.oldspice.com/p-24-red-clipper-ship-t-shirt.aspx http://store.oldspice.com/p-14-straight-up-old-spice-t-shirt.aspx I find it ironic that the guy that's modeling the shirts is in dire need of a shave... Ohh, just saw this one too; the progression of clippers used on the bottles...
  18. Telecaster52

    Code red: Walmart has reached critical mass

    Breaking news: The Walmart wilkinsons have changed packaging, it seems as though they used up all of the old-stock schick stamped-metal dispensers and are now using the rounded black plastic cases with individually wrapped blades. There is a possibility that these are now the same blades and...
  19. Telecaster52

    'Nother everready, thanks to larryandro

    Never seen one in this color combo before, so i snatched it up :tongue_sm 20mm super badger knot, also from larry. 23 hours and 22 mins until i can use it.... :a36:
  20. Telecaster52

    I have a pretty awesome buddy

    Went out for lunch before he heads back to school, and we ended up at an antique shop. He told me to find something for less than $25 (he wouldn't take no for an answer :001_rolle) So... I'm now the proud owner of a parker pen & pencil set (for less than a brand new stainless jotter, to boot...