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  1. Clovis Man

    My big ol' Mergress did something...

    I didn't even know this could happen, but as I was cleaning up after my shave this is what it did. Is it ruined, or is it a simple matter of putting the pieces back together??? I'll be using one of my Gillette TTO's for now.
  2. Clovis Man

    Is this a very messy leak about to happen?

    Just noticed this today. Am I about to have a pocket full of ink?
  3. Clovis Man

    Gillette over Tabac???

    I like Tabac. Shaving soap, shaving cream, bath soap, after shave, you name it, I like it. I bought a bottle of Gillette Cool Wave after shave to go in my travel kit, and my wife seems to like it better than the Tabac! What's up with that??? 🧐
  4. Clovis Man

    Er -- um -- Olay Beauty Bar -- Shea Butter

    Today, out of curiosity, I grated about half a bar of an "Olay Beauty Bar" into a shaving bowl and gave it a whirl. It was pretty slick, but seemed to fade fast. I had to re-lather my neck after shaving my cheeks. Pretty slick, might work in a pinch. But fades fast. Way too fast.
  5. Clovis Man

    What do y'all use to wash moustache wax out?

    That's the question -- what do y'all use to wash moustache wax out at the end of the day?
  6. Clovis Man

    I didn't know you could melt shaving soap!

    So I'm running low on Tabac shaving soap and decided to use a puck of VDH Deluxe that's been in my cabinet for a few years. Got the puck out and set it in that little blue/green bowl they sell and decided I didn't like the way it looked. Searched on here and found that you can microwave it and...
  7. Clovis Man

    Tabac Hair Cream

    Wonderful product. I gave my barber a bit to try and now he wants to sell it in his shop, but none of his usual distributors carries it. What distributor might be able to sell a case or so to my barber, at something less than retail? If he has to pay retail, there's no reason for him to carry...
  8. Clovis Man

    Care of Tabac milk glass bowl?

    How do you care for the milk glass bowl that Tabac (and others) shaving soap comes in? Surely it isn't dishwasher safe? Or is it?
  9. Clovis Man

    Initial frag order - operation tabactober

    Since I didn't find any other mention of it, either this year or last year, I'm going to throw it out there. Tabactober is barely two weeks away, let's get our gear together for it.
  10. Clovis Man

    Tabac AS vs. Cologne

    What's the difference in formulation of Tabac AS and cologne? They smell similar but not exactly the same. Just wondering if one or the other is more alcohol, or more water, or more.something else...
  11. Clovis Man

    Down or out?

    When you comb your mustache, do you comb it down (trimmed to above your mouth), or do you simply comb it out to the side?
  12. Clovis Man

    Cella in Tupperware

    I've always wondered -- For those who store Cella in Corning or Tupperware -- do you "burp" them when you close the lid? And why, or why not?
  13. Clovis Man

    Pipe tobacco samples?

    Where can I find free samples of pipe tobacco? I'd like to try some that I'm not currently using, like the various Frog Morton blends, etc. Thanks, CM
  14. Clovis Man

    After Shave and sun screen?

    Well -- it's been an eventful month. Just a few days ago, I got the diagnosis -- that little place under my eye is a basal cell carcinoma. So -- now I use screen screen every day, wear a hat, long sleeved shirt, etc. But -- do I put my sun screen on after my after shave, before my after...
  15. Clovis Man

    I just wanted a cheap blister-packed pipe.

    Perhaps ten years ago, I got rid of all my pipes and haven't had one since. I've been thinking I'd like to have one again, so have just started looking a little. So I was in the local Wal Mart this morning and thought I would see if they sold pipes. You know, like Grabow, Kaywoodie, maybe...
  16. Clovis Man

    Service for a Seiko automatic?

    I have a Seiko automatic that's been in my "top drawer" for YEARS. It isn't working, but I hate to throw it away. The local jewelry store charges around $60 or $70 to send it off for an estimate. Is there another option to get this watch working? I'd sure like to be able to use it.
  17. Clovis Man

    Went to Albuquerque today.

    Went to Albuquerque today to attend a concert. Nice drive up, got there a little early, so went to the Model Pharmacy to buy a new bottle of Tabac after shave lotion. Oh no! They were out of the small bottles, and I wasn't going to buy a big one. What to do? Well, my wife and I did some...
  18. Clovis Man

    LOOKING FOR - a good deal on Tabac AS

    Well, I missed the one a couple of weeks ago, so now I'm looking for a good deal on Tabac after shave. Seems most places want close to $20 US for the small bottle -- any better deals out there?
  19. Clovis Man

    Cigar Dave's Officer's Club - Opinions?

    I was a member of the Officer's Club several years ago, and it all ran just fine. I stopped it for a while, and recently started it up again. This month is the second month in a row where the cigars are really late. last month, I was actually charged for this month before AI got the ones for...
  20. Clovis Man

    Surprise ADs?

    Anybody else have an AD and not realize it? I just took a look in my cabinet, and I have eight soaps/creams, seven aftershaves, about 800 DE blades, two DE razors, and three straight razors. How, oh how, did I gather all this stuff??? :blink: