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  1. TBoner

    A Simpson Situation...what do to?

    I have debated posting about this for a couple of weeks, and I want to say upfront that I harbor no ill will toward Simpson. I have had a bunch of their brushes over the years and liked nearly all of them. However, I'm in a bit of a conundrum. I ordered two brushes about a month ago direct from...
  2. TBoner

    Some Old Friends Return

    I bought a long-handled Super Adjustable last week. This was the first vintage razor I really fell for back in 2008, and I used it almost exclusively for a long time. I ordered a Red Tip over the weekend. This was the second vintage razor I fell hard for, and it was my daily driver after the LH...
  3. TBoner

    Help me simplify from my Rockwell 6S

    I have used a Rockwell 6S for over a year exclusively. More specifically, I have used plate 5. I used plate 4 for a brief time but have found 5 slightly more efficient. I like the shaves a lot. I don't love the clunky feel or exposed tabs. I also don't like keeping around plates that don't get...
  4. TBoner

    The Summer of Semogue

    I haven't really ever given Semogues a fair shake, having owned a few here and there for too short a time to seriously evaluate them. Anyway, after bunches of Omegas (some of which I will always keep) and a few other boars, it's time for a summer of Semogue. At some point after acquiring a...
  5. TBoner

    24 and 26mm wooden handles?

    Guys, I've got some Omega 40033 knots coming in, and I'm eyeballing the shoat boar knot from Turn N Shave. I'm interested in wooden handles, not resin, and I'm looking for a good source for 24mm (for the Omega) and 26mm (for the Turn N Shave) handles. While I like a lot of the resins, I'm after...
  6. TBoner

    Naniwas and a hard Arkansas...and?

    I mentioned in another thread that I've got a friend who is offering to sell me a set of unused Naniwas at half price. I also like the idea of natural stones and am drawn to the idea of a hard Arkansas stone as a finisher. I know once I get into stones I'll probably want to try a coticule and a...
  7. TBoner

    FS Shavemac, frags, Red Tip, Simpson, Semogue 2018 TSN LE boar, soaps & creams

    Close-up pics here of the items I thought would be of most interest/cost and a couple of pics of everything. If you want close-up pics of anything, I can send them. Prices include CONUS shipping. I will ship elsewhere at actual cost minus 3 dollars per item. Prices and descriptions first, then...
  8. TBoner

    Starting over with an open blade

    Well, 11+ years into this hobby, it's time for me to really learn to use a straight. I tried a few times in the first 2-3 years I was involved in this hobby, but as far as I can tell, I last used a straight in 2011 or so. I like learning new skills; I like tactile experience. I figured out how...
  9. TBoner

    WTB 2018 TSN Semogue LE Boar

    I missed out on this brush, and I would love to acquire one. If anybody has one they're not enthusiastic about (unlikely, I know) or just wants to clear some funds or space in the den, please PM me. Simply a stunning brush.
  10. TBoner

    FS Moving Sale Round 1: Thater, Shavemac, straight kit, frags, more

    Well, we are moving, and so the last vestiges of my various ADs are on their way out. This sale constitutes round 1. Please PM with comments or questions about prices if anything seems out of line. Prices include CONUS shipping. Click on thumbnails for full pics. Straight kit -...
  11. TBoner

    Wolf Whiskers, Envy Shave, Plisson synthetic, Duke 3, BK4, T&H, Shavemac,Mergress

    I have a bunch of brushes and a couple of razors to unload. Back to just my EJ synthetic and my Barley Chrome 89. Each brush comes with software as pictured and described. Razors do not. Prices include CONUS shipping. Click on small image to view larger picture of the item(s). PMs have been...
  12. TBoner

    Here's what I love; which TGN is The One?

    I'm looking to settle down with one badger brush. Several current residents of my den are contenders, but I am going to have Rudy Vey make me a handle for a TGN knot to vie for the honored spot, too. I have read through many old threads here regarding TGN and other knots, and I'm trying to make...
  13. TBoner

    Rudy Vey.yes, again

    I am a longtime customer of RV Shaving, having had 3 boar handles and at least 7 or 8 badger handles custom-crafted by the man over the past four years or so. He is a true gentleman, always willing to go above and beyond for the customer. Here is a quick shot of the two new additions to my den...
  14. TBoner

    Speak to me of 2-band Thaters

    I've been pondering a Thater 2-band lately. I prefer fans, and I have read mixed reviews on the firmness of Thater 2-band knots, particularly in the fan shape. I know fans splay a bit more than bulbs, generally, but I'd like to hear more impressions of the firmness of the 2-banders relative to...
  15. TBoner

    Help me love my Phileas (or replace it?)

    I'm not a FP guru at all, and this is my first post in the Nib. I am looking for help with one of my three pens. I have a fine-nib Pelikan M200 that I absolutely love and have used for about four years. This is always inked and always close at hand. I have a medium-nib Lamy Safari that I carry...
  16. TBoner

    Austin area meetup?

    Gentlemen, forgive me if there's an Austin thread going; I went back to October 2012 and didn't seen any info. I'm wondering if there are any Austin area guys interested in a meetup? I moved to Georgetown last year after a long stretch in Dallas, and I wouldn't mind meeting some of the gents...
  17. TBoner

    TBoner's Hall of Fame Entry

    Been around here a while, and I'm now participating regularly, so I guess a formal HoF entry is in order. TBoner Hall of Fame Entry ------------------------------------------------------------------- Username: TBoner (is there a way to change this?) What is your real name? Tim What are your...
  18. TBoner

    Another Newbie

    Good evening, gentlemen (and ladies). I'm just doing my duty here as a new member of the board. Been shaving with the multi-blade monstrosity and goopy gel for some time now. Not much else to report on the shaving history front except that I've been disappointed with nearly every razor...