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  1. SpyvSpy

    Conditioning a new Humidor.

    Well...my wife made a mistake of getting me a nice cigar and my fever for buying and collecting nice smokes shot off. I ordered a nice humidor which will be coming in this Wednesday and I have a few questions which i couldn't find. 1. When conditioning (wipe down interior but not soak with...
  2. SpyvSpy

    A little help please

    Trying to find a nice orange smelling cologne that has a nice lasting time. Hermes d'Orange Vert cologne is my favorite but just doesn't last long at all. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  3. SpyvSpy

    Christopher Ward watches

    Anyone have one? Good/bad watches? Had my eye on this one and want to check with others before hitting the "order" button
  4. SpyvSpy

    My best a newest addition....

    I'm a daddy :laugh: My first child (daughter) Madison. Born- 5/31 at 7:01pm Weighed 8lbs and 19" long.
  5. SpyvSpy

    Help with a new knot

    So my Rooney 3/1 pure brush is shedding like crazy (3-5) hairs each use and I've been using it for some time. Only problem is I purchased it through B/S/T so I don't think sending it To the makers or someone would help. So my question for you gents is what would be a good TGN knot to redo the...
  6. SpyvSpy

    Shampoo w/Neroli scent?

    So upon staying at a nice hotel the past weekend they stocked the bathroom with a nice smelling neroli shampoo. To bad it had the hotel name on it and not the brand. Upon asking no one knew. Anyways anyone able to recommend a shampoo with neroli?
  7. SpyvSpy

    iPod-what's your top 5 songs?

    Not sure if this is a redo or not. Thought I'd be interesting to see what types of music everyone listens to as well as your favorite tracks. Mine are.. (big DnB fan) 1. Alpha Omega- Orange Moon 2. Mav- Ocean Phantom 3. Zero Tollerance- goes around 4. Sub Focus- X-Ray 5. D Kay- in my soul...
  8. SpyvSpy

    ....and your forever punishment is...

    So sitting eating my favorite food (Chinese) I was thinking "man,I could eat this all the time." which got me thinking if I were to have an everlasting torture it would have to be to eat lasagna and nothing but that for the rest of my life." so gents what would your everlasting torture be...
  9. SpyvSpy

    A fun riddle

    Bored at work and been trying out this riddle took awhile. Anyone able to solve it? The beginning of eternity The end of time and space The beginning of every end, And the end of every place
  10. SpyvSpy

    Brush for this brush for that...

    I'm pretty sure this question has been beaten with the ugly stick a few times. Just curious and been wondering I have a SB brush and have been using it for both my soaps and creams. Now any of you gents use badger for creams and boar for soap? Or does it really not matter and it's just more...
  11. SpyvSpy

    Shaving cream soap?

    Morning gents. I was browsing the WCS (west coast shaving) website and saw they are selling the cella shave cream soap blocks. My question is what is shaving cream soap? Is it just Like any ordinary shave soap or different Thanks in advance.
  12. SpyvSpy

    Windows 7 users...

    Do you like this version? I have been debating about getting it but would it be worth it if I mainly just screw around on the Internet (occasionaly using quicken for business and personal finances) ? Or would it just be throwing away money for nothing special?
  13. SpyvSpy

    Weather and body pain.

    Morning gents, so it's been pretty rainy the past couple of days here in MD. I've noticed my lower back and shoulder (previously broken and told I have rhumatory (spelled right) arthritis in it. Anyways it seems everytime it's cruddy and rainy out my body aches. Anyone have similar experiances...
  14. SpyvSpy

    Would your rather....

    Don't know if there's a thread for this or not. Thought of doing this for awhile but start a would you rather game. Ex. Would you rather eat coffee grinds for a week (all your allowed to eat):biggrin: OR have bad razor burn on your face for a month straight. Then the next poster...
  15. SpyvSpy

    Events on your birthday

    Thought I'd start up a thread I thought would be neat. So anyways, I thought of posting up something that is special or happened on your birthday (news,events, ect.) First- March,15,1983 couldn't find any neat things other than my b-day is the Ides of March.
  16. SpyvSpy

    Similar to EJ super badger?

    Anyone ever use an Edwin jagger SBB able to poin me to a brush that might be similar? Looking at Rooneys and simpsons. Looking for the knot size to be 22 or 23 maybe less.
  17. SpyvSpy

    *Obama gets Noble prize

    I'm sorry but this just makes it seem like they're passesd out like flyers now. IMO I don't think he did anything to deserve one. How about you guys/gals Link- http://news.in.msn.com/international/article.aspx?cp-documentid=3285153
  18. SpyvSpy

    Golden Nib soaps

    Anyone ever use any of their soaps. Kind of eyeing the creme brûlée.
  19. SpyvSpy

    Need for speed shift

    This game is freaking sweet (got it for Xbox360) not like the othe NFS where you have to go around finding races. I'd compare it to grand turismo but not quite. All in all this game holds up to it's advertisments.
  20. SpyvSpy

    Maaco (hope it's spelled right) paint jobs

    Morning gents. I was considering getting my car repainted and was wondering if anyone has ever dealt with Maaco. Any thoughts experiances good/bad. I was planning on doing their top paint jobs.