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    What was your first shaving cream?

    Proraso, back when Target carried their line. I have some of the red label Proraso pre shave and a tube of Bigelow on my counter today. I guess I still like the brand.
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    First Straight razor

    One of these bad boys is worth looking at - http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php/488353-Dovo-Pearlex-No-Box-Specials-107 Certainly a good deal if you like the looks of the razor. For a strop, check out Whipped Dog's Poor Man Strop Kit for around $25. I wouldn't recommend anything too...
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    Black spots after 1st use

    I have a few black spots on the satin finished Hart Steel razor I got in December. I keep it in the cloth storage sheath that came with it and store it in a nightstand. Mango's explanation of alum may apply because I did try it a couple times to dry my fingers. Won't be doing that again. I...
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    Coticule PIF

    I'm in. I'd love to give one a shot.
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    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    My second straight razor and first vintage. Friodur Inox 72. These are the seller's pictures are are a bit overexposed - the scales are a few shades darker to my eyes. Waiting in my face to heal from a bad shave last night before I can try this out. https://m.imgur.com/a/eCHrf
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    And so it starts.

    I can see most places on my face by twisting and turning, except I haven't figure out the sideburn line yet. I stay away and get that spot with the DE still.
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    First Str8 shave, Not bad. Stropping, not so good.

    I started with the Poor Mans strop in December and I nicked the crap out of the edges in the first month. Not sure if it's that delicate or I was that bad. I know I struggled with the X stroke that's required on it. I also laid it flat a couple times because I was frustrated, but on the wooden...
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    And so it starts.

    That's a fancy looking razor! Have you picked out the next acquisition yet? I got my first straight for Christmas and I know I want a second but can't decide... And my wallet won't let me buy all the ones I want!
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    My Second Purchase - Not much info

    Kinfolks wasn't made by Case, per se. The folks that started Kinfolks were members of the Case family, along with a couple dozen other cutlery companies. It was its own company with its own factory. There's a couple videos on http://kinfolksinc.com/videos.htm that tells you some about the...
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    Looking for a first strop. Thoughts on this?

    I'm sure glad I got the Whipped Dog Poor Man's strop for my first strop a couple months ago. Knicked the hell out of it. Got a nicer one from Maggards now that I've done a lot better with.
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    Fine Accoutrements Soap

    I really like the Fine American Blend aftershave, so I'll be giving this one a shot, even though, like most of us, I have enough soaps to last forever. I signed up on the mailing list for the release a few weeks back. I may even throw in their brush because I'm getting curious about these...
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    Tabac - don't be afraid!

    I got it in January or February with the coupons. I like the soap a lot, the aftershave is ok, but I could have done without the cologne. And now I got 10oz of the stuff!
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    Maggard straight razors.

    Couple more tidbits from Brad on Reddit. More sizes and different ($$) scales to come. https://www.reddit.com/r/wicked_edge/comments/43jo05/maggards_officially_have_their_own_sr/cziy3an
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    JA Henckles Twin Works Graef & Schmidt Ivory Set

    Wow they don't even look like the same razors. Awesome find and awesome work!
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    i think i give up on straights

    I got myself a straight for Christmas. I've just been using it around every 3 days or so, and using my DE in between. And I'm just doing one pass when I do use it, and using the DE to smoothen things out a bit. This is helping me learn slower and not get so frustrated with it. I'm and lefty and...
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    Perfumania has a very good sale going on with Tabac

    My stuff arrived today and I gave the soap a try. Holy cow is that stuff good! Why have you guys been keeping it a secret all these years?! The aftershave and cologne bottles are monsters. I guess the size didn't register with me, but 10oz is A LOT. I like the scent of the soap and am so-so on...
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    Perfumania has a very good sale going on with Tabac

    The loyalty club thing was great. $26 for the bowl and aftershave last night. Went to buy the cologne this morning, but it wouldn't let me check out with a zero balance, so cologne and refill for $4.50 or so. Sure hope I like this scent!
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    well its time to move

    Is that where a bullet would hit if it had come down after someone had fired in to the air on Jan 1?
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    Reducing the shower curtain effect

    Having the doors sealed didn't work but there was less billowing. Don't have an external window. The vent fan is more in the middle of the bathroom than over the tub. I do have two shower curtains.. a heavy fabric one on the outside, and a vinyl liner on the inside. I looked at a fabric one...
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    Reducing the shower curtain effect

    Ahhh! I'll try sealing the doors to the bedroom and closet. Maybe cut down on the airflow, at the expense of fogging the mirror I guess. I thought about that. Unfortunately, I have a small bathroom and it's already pretty close between the toilet and tub.