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  1. West Coast Shaving

    [Vendor] WCS teams up with Pamppers Diapers to help bring you a baby Butt Smooth Shave.

    April Fools!⁣ With all thats going on in world we live in we just wanted to make you smile and laugh 😊⁣ But we are Offering Free Shipping No Minimum and this ain't No Joke. Use Promo Code: APRILFOOLS⁣ Wet Shaving Products & Supplies at West Coast Shaving - https://www.westcoastshaving.com/
  2. West Coast Shaving

    Aquamarine By Fine Accoutrements For WCS Is Now Available!

    Good morning everyone. We have some exciting news. We collaborated with Fine Accoutrements and we are happy to say that Aquamarine by Fine Accouterments for WCS is Now Available. Aquamarine evokes the carefree feeling of relaxing sea-side, under a warm sun, accompanied only by the rhythmic...
  3. West Coast Shaving

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals at WCS

    its a mild shaver. Zinc aloy witch a chome finish. Good everyday shaver for an irritation-free mild shave. YMMV like with everything else tho. We enjoyed shaving with the prototypes.
  4. West Coast Shaving

    [Vendor] Cyber Monday Starts Now at WCS!

    Cyber Monday Starts Now at WCS. CYBER MONDAY: 20% Off Side wide, 30% Off WCS Products on orders over $45+! + Free Shipping. Exclusive Releases & Deals 11 AM EST Exclusive Releases -Kryptonite by Mammoth Soaps -Infinity Brushes w/ That Darn Rob Fanchurian Knot. Door Buster Deals $11 Duck fat...
  5. West Coast Shaving

    Black Friday Begins Now!

    20% Off Sitewide, 40% Off WCS Products. https://www.westcoastshaving.com/
  6. West Coast Shaving

    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals at WCS

    Black Friday: 20% Off Sitewide, 40% Off WCS Products. Black Friday Releases 12PM EST -Yates Safety Razor -Black Ship Grooming Seasonal Releases -Dr. Jon’s Strangelove -Barrister and Mann Nordost -Grooming Dept - Maleki and Melody -WCS Lithe Safety Razor Head (Designed by Charcoal Goods) ______...
  7. West Coast Shaving

    One Day Flash Sale going on Now. 8% Off $50+, 10% Off $75+, 15% Off $100+

    Daylight Savings One Day Flash Sale going on Now. 8% Off $50+, 10% Off $75+, 15% Off $100+ https://www.westcoastshaving.com/
  8. West Coast Shaving

    Beaudelaire by Barrister and Mann is now available at WCS

    Beaudelaire by Barrister and Mann is now available at WCS. You can pick up the Shaving soap in the new Excelsior soap base and the debut of the new Deltus aftershave tonique. Additionally, for the first time ever, you can pick up Beaudelaire as an EdT. Don't forget about out Free Shipping on all...
  9. West Coast Shaving

    Beaudelaire, New WCS 26mm Infinity Shaving Brushes, and more!

    Happy Tuesday everyone! We have some new releases from Central Texas Soaps. Hill Country Dew and Sandalwood shaving soap and aftershave splashes are no available. Mindful from Lather bros is their 1st of 4 vegan based soaps this year. Our Limited edition with Dr. Jon's named Sakura Musk has been...
  10. West Coast Shaving

    Something Going On With WCS?

    just a warehouse, Sorry about that.
  11. West Coast Shaving

    Something Going On With WCS?

    Great Question! We started in SoCal. We still have a small but mighty storefront here too. If you give us a call or shoot us an email, we answer from here. If you are ever in the area, please stop by--we would love to have you. We do have our warehouse in Maryland. As mentioned in the thread, it...
  12. West Coast Shaving

    Something Going On With WCS?

    Hey there, We are really great at returning emails within a day. if you wouldn't, please message me your email address. I want to check and see why no one ever replied. Want to make sure we are receiving our customer's email, whether it's through our site or their own email. Want to be sure this...
  13. West Coast Shaving

    Something Going On With WCS?

    Hey there! So sorry about that! Could you message me your order #, I want to look into that. Glad it came in! With all the holiday packages being shipped, we have been noticing tracking with packages as just nonexistent for some packages. It's very frustrating on our end.
  14. West Coast Shaving

    Our New Shaving Brushes And What's new at WCS!

    Good Morning! We just released our new Two-Tone Tall Synthetic and Silvertip Shaving Brushes. We have them for 30% for our 11th of 12 Days of Christmas Sale. So excited to be able to bring Oaken Lab (based out of Jakarta, Indonesia) to the US. As mentioned by Siliski_Soaps, Meditation and...
  15. West Coast Shaving

    12 Days of Christmas Sale

    Hey Everyone! We are having a 12 Days of Christmas Promotion going on at the moment. We are on our 4th-day which is 15% off all Gift sets. The New Pinaud Aftershaves and Krampus by Dr. Jon's are new to the site. We will be releasing our newest shipment of Grooming Dept Soaps tomorrow (12/5) at...
  16. West Coast Shaving

    Cyber Monday Starts Now! 20%-30% Off Sitewide On Orders $45 + Free US Shipping At WCS! and Hourly Do

    Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Our Cyber Monday Promotion starts now! 20%-30% Off Sitewide On Orders $45 + Free US Shipping. No coupon code needed. You will see those discounts in your cart. Also, we will have Hourly Door Buster Deals Starting from 7am - 9pm PST. They can all be found...
  17. West Coast Shaving

    Black Friday 20%-40% Off Sitewide On Orders $45 + Free US Shipping At WCS

    Receive 20% off ALL Items and 40% off WCS Items With all orders of $45+ and Free Domestic Shipping to the US. Whether you are looking to pick up that high-end razor, a new silvertip brush, or a few of the latest releases of soaps from your favorite brands, now is the time. You will see those...
  18. West Coast Shaving

    Free Shipping, 30% off Selected WCS Razors, and Talbot and Mammoth

    Good morning everyone! We have free shipping going on the site. We are now carrying Australian Private Reserve. Sweeney The Mad Barber by Lather bros is a limited Edition Halloween soap and Blood Oath By Dr. Jon's are some new products worth checking out. We will have the New Talbot Shaving set...
  19. West Coast Shaving

    Free Shipping and New Ballenclaugh Scents!

    Hey Everyone. Happy Tuesday! We have some new items on the site. The New Imperial Set by Lather Bros is now live on the site. We also have three new scents from Ballenclaugh Soaps: Portals, Fir & Ice, and Festive Parlor. There is also a few new offerings from A&E . Lastly, our Free shipping...
  20. West Coast Shaving

    Mike’s Rose, Patchouli, Cedarwood

    We can bring it up to Mike and see what we can do!