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  1. Zenas

    Merkur Slant!

    Slant FTW. A buddy of mine let me borrow his. Tonight I warmed up a towel, got the whiskers ready, and popped a Feather into the slant. BBS in most spots with a couple of barely rough patches. My sensitive neck is only mildly irritated, but the AS Balm is helping that. It's going to be hard...
  2. Zenas

    Shaving Essentials?

    Is it gone? I'm in the market for some TOBS and I want to buy from them but I can't find the website.
  3. Zenas

    Outstanding gift

    I've been working with a committee at school, one of whom is a member here, for a big project I've been responsible for. Tonight was the culmination of all our efforts and they awarded me with an outstanding gift: http://www.truefittandhill.com/detail_00278__19.html I was floored. I can't...
  4. Zenas

    Fountain Pens

    Any suggestiosn on quality fountain pens under $100? I prefer something classic and classy, preferrably black or some other neutral, versatile color.
  5. Zenas

    Watch Suggestions?

    I am looking for a watch. My birthday is coming up and I'm also graduating from law school 8 days later. My wife has told me that she and our families would like to all go in together for a big gift for me. I wanted to get something I won't replace with something new and better in 5 years...
  6. Zenas

    Butterscotch Brushes?

    Does anyone make these anymore? I don't see them sold, but there was that one time I made a mistake and missed something. Could have happened again.
  7. Zenas

    Creed Green Irish Tweed Smells Like Lucky Number 6

    Really I mean vice versa, as Creed has obviously been around longer. I got my sample of Irish Tweed today. It's quite potent. A little dab really goes a long, long way. However, as the title says, it smells like Lucky 6. My wife and I are almost positive. Her little brother has Lucky 6 and...
  8. Zenas

    Weishi Arrived Today!

    Hooray! My first DE. I recieved some Dorco blades, along with three different types of Lord blade. I don't know where to start!
  9. Zenas

    What is an Injector?

    What are these? They look so strange and I wonder how they work.
  10. Zenas

    AOS AS Balm > T&H?!

    I have to say it, AOS AS Balm is way better than T&H. I got my T&H sample pack in the mail yesterday and I tried out Trafalgar this morning. Cream lathered up well and there was more than ample AS balm. I slapped it on and performed well enough. Still smells great 3 hours later. However, my skin...
  11. Zenas

    Excellent Truefitt and Hill Customer Service

    I placed an order for their shaving cream sampler pack. I recieved some confirmation emails and noticed this morning that I had completely botched the shipping address. I emailed them and recieved a very timely reply offering to fix the mistake I had made. I'm so pleased. I thought my things...
  12. Zenas


    Just got a Weishi on loan from my buddy. I normally use a Shavette. Is there a learning curve for the DE like there is for the Shavette?
  13. Zenas

    Stretched face?

    What causes the stretched feeling of my face after I shave sometimes? I have only noticed since I started using Merkur blades ony my shavette. (worst product I have ever used-out of all products ever.) How do I stop it?! It feels awful!
  14. Zenas

    VDH Boar Brush FTW!

    I've been using the small badger brush from the AOS starter kit with mediocre results. I decided to bust out the VDH brush I got with my VDH soap. I had written it off because it was boar and "cheap". Wrong. It was great. I got better lather than I ever have. Outstanding result. :thumbup:
  15. Zenas

    Creed shaving soap?

    http://www.creedboutique.com/creed-grooming-products/109-green-irish-tweed-shaving-bowl.html Anyone tried? Pretty dang steep for shaving soap.
  16. Zenas

    Merkur is horrible.

    I switched to a Merkur blade on my shavette today because my Dovos that came with it wore out. My face was swiss cheese. I don't understand how my shave experience could change so drastically, but it did.
  17. Zenas

    TOBS Sampler

    Is it true they stopped making these? I heard accordingly and promptly ordered one from shaving essentials. I can't wait for them to get here. Will post my favorites when they arrive and I work them in.
  18. Zenas

    Kent Shaving Soap?

    Anyone used? Care to comment on quality?
  19. Zenas

    Van Der Spice!

    Just made my first batch of Van Der Spice! Hooray!
  20. Zenas

    Old School Beards? Moustaches?

    I'm talking things like handlebars, Scottish moustaches, and chops. Anyone keep a well-groomed beard or moutache of the old school variety? I am unable to grow a full beard. What I have is splotchy and not full. I await the day I am actually able to grow something. I'm planning on Scottish...