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  1. Trubert

    Shaving gear shop in NYC

    Off to New York for a short getaway soon. I figure there has to be a good shave shop / emporium somewhere so I can pick up some of the artisan soaps and aftershaves etc that cost a fortune on import. Anyone know where it is?
  2. Trubert

    Westholme or Tony Miller?

    Trying to decide between luxury strops. I think I've narrowed it down to Tony Miller (Heirloom) and Westholme. Probably in the 'notovan' if Heirloom, or Cordovan if Westholme, but I'm also tempted by Tony's Old #2 Steerhide. Both involve a wait: as I'm based in the UK, the Tony Miller also...
  3. Trubert

    Possible bevel angle issues

    I'm having difficulty with an old vintage Kropp I got. Since I got it, sharpness has deteriorated to the point where I can barely use it, even though it's not been used for that many shaves (maybe 15?) and despite a couple of returns to the hone (see separate thread). All this time my main...
  4. Trubert

    Shapton 12k vs Ohishi 3k/8k

    A question about hone quality. I started out with an Ohishi 3k/8k which is a really lovely hone and the only thing I've used on my new manufacture Boker. Efficient, smooth, and the 8k side puts a lethal edge on it. Reading around here, I decided to try for an even finer edge and settled on the...
  5. Trubert

    Left hand, right hand

    So having seen videos of people doing this, I recently tried using my left hand to hold the razor when shaving the left side of my face (I'm a rightie). First time I tried it was pretty terrifying, so I just did the bit below my sideburn. Now I can do most of the left side of my face as well as...
  6. Trubert

    Citrus Ceylon tea

    Anyone know a good Ceylon tea with a strong citrus flavour? I like to blend with Assam and Lapsang Souchong for a combination of malt / smoke at the bottom and bright citrus at the top. But I can't source the Ceylon tea I used to get, which was quite dark/small leaf and stronger than most; the...
  7. Trubert

    Kinexium Shave Oil

    I used to use this as my only lubricant with cartridges but have more or less stopped since I /ragequit after the Gillette ad and yet another price hike on carts. I also read somewhere that oils tend to clog the blade with DE, or just aren't a good idea (not sure why) with straights. I tried it...
  8. Trubert

    Strops, pastes and confusion

    So I've started with straights and like it. I got a strop. Having read around a bit, and seen that leather needs care, I got some strop balm (beeswax from the smell) and non-abrasive conditioning paste. As far as I can tell, the yellow paste does the same as the balm, i.e. just looks after the...
  9. Trubert

    Trubert's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    What is your real name? Simon What are your nicknames/aliases? "Oi". Sometimes "Get off that". Where do you live? Hertfordshire, UK What is your age (or) generation? 40 What are you in the real world? Climbing the greasy pole of management. What is your favorite shave...