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  1. George Kelley

    What Do You Use For Home Defense?

    Stoeger coachgun 12ga #4 buckshot
  2. George Kelley

    Pistol for a Wife

    Check the used gun market for the Smith & Wesson .32 Hand Ejector revolvers. They are built on the I frame size, perfect for petite hands. Chambered in .32 S&W Long, they are very accurate and with no felt recoil. BTW, stopping power is marksmanship...
  3. George Kelley

    Pistol for a Wife

    The best S&W revolvers were made before 1982. Pinned barrel where it threads into frame. Recessed cylinder for the rimmmed cartridges. A K frame S&W chambered in .38 Special is very good kit.
  4. George Kelley

    Bear Defense Handgun Caliber

    >Click Here< for information on the .41 Magnum carttridge.
  5. George Kelley

    Bear Defense Handgun Caliber

    .41 Magnum > 10mm
  6. George Kelley

    Pistol for a Wife

    Buy the wife a carbine. The M1 carbine is good kit.
  7. George Kelley

    Pistol for a Wife

    Check the used gun market for a good, used Colt Police Postive chambered in .32 Colt New Police, which is really the same cartridge known as the .32 S&W Long. This is a quality gun sized for small hands.
  8. George Kelley

    Unused Hoards of Blades, What to Do With Them

    Give them to a youth in the family.
  9. George Kelley

    Steam towels are key to a good shave.

    I recommend getting an electric kettle if your tap water dont get hot enough.
  10. George Kelley

    What was your carry today?

    Charter Arms .44 Bulldog revolver.
  11. George Kelley

    Restoration work started on antique Koken barberchair.

    I finished Bates barber college last March, but Washington State canceled the certification board tests due to Covid-19, so I am still considered a student and can't legally get paid for services. I can only get models for practice. 😕
  12. George Kelley

    Restoration work started on antique Koken barberchair.

    I just finished the putting the barberchair back together. I gave my brother a free haircut and shave..
  13. George Kelley

    Carry Revolver - What are the options?

    Check the pawnshops and gunshows for vintage S&W revolvers. The ones made before 1982 are best.
  14. George Kelley

    Refurbishing antique bottles for aftershave

    What is the best way to remove the micro scratches and cloudiness from the glass bottles so I can use them for aftershave? Where to find reducers for bottles?
  15. George Kelley

    Clubman owners/lovers - how many varieties are in your den right now?

    On my back bar I have Bay Rum. Clubman, Lilac Vegetal, and Whiskey Woods. My clients like having a selection to choose from.💈💇‍♂️
  16. George Kelley

    DiY aftershave, save money

  17. George Kelley

    How to explain that a sharp SR is safer?

    Get a sharp knife and a dull knife, then demonstrate slicing a tomato.
  18. George Kelley

    Williams Mug Soap, perfectly fine.... don’t hit me.

    Cologne is for scent. The shave soap is for lather. 😉
  19. George Kelley

    In your opinion what's the best inexpensive shave soap?

    William's does well if you soak it for ten minutes in hot water before shaving. Easy enough with mug soap.