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  1. Benoni

    Differences between Martin de Candre soaps

    I've been rotating 4 soaps from Martin de Candre over the past months and found that there are slight differences in performance. I wanted to make sure that my findings are not the result of other gear or methods. Before continuing, I want to stress that all 4 soaps perform wonderfully and...
  2. Benoni

    Switching from negative to positive blade exposure (Rockwell/Tatara)

    I've been, almost exclusively, using the the Rockwell 6s during the past years. Over the past months I moved from the standard 4 plate to using plates 5 and 6. My shaves have significantly improved, I assume this is due to less buffing/passes. While I'm happy with the results and comfort, I do...
  3. Benoni

    Rockwell 6S alternative

    I've been exclusively using my Rockwell 6S ever since I bought it some 1,5-2 years ago. I currently own 3 of them; one regular, one black and one backup.. Shaving-wise, I don't think another razor will beat the Rockwell, I'm mostly getting BBS shaves and it never bites or irritates my skin. I...
  4. Benoni

    Confession: I no longer enjoy using natural hair brushes..

    I started my DE-shaving journey around 8 years ago. In the first 6 years, I've gone through a variety of high end badger (M&F, Shavemac,etc.) and boar brushes, the shaves were excellent. Some years ago I decided to add a 5 EUR synthetic brush from Omega to one of my orders, out of curiosity.. A...
  5. Benoni

    Different version of the Gillette Rubie blade?

    I recently received a pack of Gillette Rubie blades, this morning I had an absolutely glorious shave with them. While looking around for some good deals on these blades, I noticed that my blades look totally different from others found online. The blade I used is the one on top, as you can see...
  6. Benoni

    Adding menthol to Martin de Candre? (unscented)

    I've always enjoyed heavily mentholated soaps (e.g. Fine snakebite). Over the past few months I've used MdC Agrumes for most of my shaves, the ease of lathering and quality of the lather blew me away. While I do enjoy the Agrumes scent, I prefer simple unscented soaps that have a strong menthol...
  7. Benoni

    New version of the Nivea sensitive balm?

    I came across the following product: https://www.nivea.gr/shop/nivea-men-sensitive-ultra-comfort-after-shave-balm-40059004747420044.html I'm not sure whether this product will be available worldwide. There are some differences in the ingredients compared to the original sensitive aftershave...
  8. Benoni

    (SCENT) Could someone describe the Myrsol Plastic and Formula C scentwise

    Recently I acquired both the Myrsol Emulsion and Aqua Balsamica and I've fallen in love with both of them. Not only is their performance fantastic, the scent of both products (especially the Emulsion) is so good it's almost addictive. Looking at other offerings by Myrsol and many reviews I'm...
  9. Benoni

    Floid black. I know that scent!

    After enjoying my Floid Blue a lot during the past year I decided to give another Floid a shot. Reading some reviews on the Floid Black left we somewhat in the dark. The perception of the scent seems very polarizing, from fruity perfume to synthetic Axe-like comments. So I decided to go for it...
  10. Benoni

    Single pass ATG

    I always had the feeling that when doing a 3-pass shave the stubble had been reduced too much that when going against not 'enough' hair was left to grab for the blade. I acquired a 37C last friday and had the most wonderful 2-pass shave (WTG + ATG= 100% BBS), and yesterday tried a 1-pass shave...
  11. Benoni

    Weber availability and quality

    I'm looking for my first stainless steel razor and during my research I noticed that their consistency is not splendid and as I can see they only offer handles at the moment. Are they going to sell heads/complete razors in the near future? Any comment or advice is appreciated!
  12. Benoni

    List your staple products - 1 per category and runner-up!

    I'm currently shaving my way through a mountain of products/equipment I bought during my first your of DE-shaving and I think I can safely say that for a special occasion or a super comfortable shave I always return to the same products. Based on a wide variety of products that I bought my...
  13. Benoni

    Weleda lotion or balsam?

    I'm looking for some new AS to perhaps add to my staple. (Lucky Tiger, Speick Active, Floid Blue) Is there any B&B-member who has tried both and is willing to comment a bit? I'm not the biggest fan of balms, but my skin can tolerate Nivea Sensitive. All tips and help is welcome, I hope your...
  14. Benoni

    Found my holy grail set-up!

    After a year of wet-shaving I'm pretty sure I found my sweet spot when it comes to products and tools: Mühle R89 Featherblade Proraso white pre-shave Le Père Lucien Speick Active aftershave (Nivea Sensitive balm) Things I like to implement once in a while: Mühle R41 (longer beard), MWF...
  15. Benoni

    1L Myrsol?

    Never tried any Myrsol before but seeing the great value on a liter bottle makes me doubtful, should I go for a liter of the balsamic or try the much more expensive smaller bottles? http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/after-shave-splash-lotion/504-myrsol-after-shave-balsamic-water-1l.html I'm going...
  16. Benoni

    Floid vigoroso difference?

    http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/after-shave-splash-lotion/553-floid-after-shave-vigoroso-vintage-special-edition-400ml.html vs http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/after-shave-splash-lotion/511-after-shave-splash-floid-vigoroso-150ml.html Could someone enlighten me on the difference between both...
  17. Benoni

    Ikon shavecraft and bulldog handle difference?

    http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/120-maquinillas-de-afeitar-ikon (near bottom of the page) Are the two handles besides size and weight the same qualitywise? Other differences?
  18. Benoni

    Resin handle in matte finish? (group buy idea)

    For some odd reason I keep imagining a brush with a resin handle in a matte finish (octagonal) and filled with luscious 2-band badger... What would my best option be to find such a thing, a group order from a larger company or find an artist brushmaker? Maybe in dark blue or grey! :mellow:
  19. Benoni

    Closest razor ta a 34C HD?

    I'm looking to add another razor to my very small collection (R41, R89 and Futur) and I keep hearing/reading about the capabilities of the 34C HD. I would like something a tad more aggressive/effective than the R89 as I have very thick and coarse facial hair. The R41 provides nearly always a...
  20. Benoni

    Le père lucien

    ... smells like being in an overly hot sauna while being slapped in the face by pine and sage branches. I hope it will grow on me, great performer! other products that same in: Floid blue: Just perfect! Pinaud clubman: Strangely enough I recognize the smell as a 23-year old belgian. Proraso...