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  1. Trubert

    Clubman owners/lovers - how many varieties are in your den right now?

    Standard Pinaud Clubman (my daily go to), VIBR both in big bottles. Then a normal bottle of Reserve. And minis of Lime Sec and Citrus Musk. Not convinced on the minis but warming to the Reserve. Regular PC ASL is addictive like crack.
  2. Trubert

    Have you tried any new soaps lately?

    I'm a Phoenix & Beau fan but decided to try Goodfellas Smile tallow soaps Tallow n.1 and Inferno. Both good soaps but I need to use them a bit more to dial in the lather. Scents very nice though somehow not quite what I expected from description.
  3. Trubert

    Have you tried any new soaps lately?

    Try adding more water than you think you need. I quite like Arko stick on my face but for me it takes a properly wet brush to get a good lather. And it isn't as moisturising as e.g. TOBS or my artisan soaps even then.
  4. Trubert

    What is your favorite, most masculine (manly) soap?

    Phoenix and Beau Spitfire. It's awesome. And Tabac.
  5. Trubert

    Shaving gear shop in NYC

    Thanks all - that's a pretty clear recommendation! Will plan some time and budget accordingly. And send SWMBO to Tiffany's or something...
  6. Trubert

    Shaving gear shop in NYC

    Off to New York for a short getaway soon. I figure there has to be a good shave shop / emporium somewhere so I can pick up some of the artisan soaps and aftershaves etc that cost a fortune on import. Anyone know where it is?
  7. Trubert

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Thanks PB. Shaves beautifully. Am sure I need to work on my honing as factory edge felt very good. NB I'm newish to honing but this felt genuinely very nice with light stropping. 6/8" blade good to control as slightly shorter than some due to the very gentle round heel.
  8. Trubert

    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

    Mail call - Böker Elite Carbon 6/8" Spanish point
  9. Trubert

    Possible bevel angle issues

    Update - following the only real test (i.e. a shave), resetting the bevel has worked. Not really surprising, given it's creating a new cutting edge, but reassuring. Also doesn't now need to be at a steep angle to cut, so I'm inclined to think it was overtaped when setting the previous bevel...
  10. Trubert

    Possible bevel angle issues

    Thanks all - very helpful. Had a quiet afternoon so spent some time working the hones (800 / 3000 / 8000 / 12000) and have reset the bevel. Used a Sharpie but couldn't see clearly so I guess I won't know for sure what the cause was. Now seems comparable to the Boker on AHT which I use to test...
  11. Trubert

    Westholme or Tony Miller?

    Trying to decide between luxury strops. I think I've narrowed it down to Tony Miller (Heirloom) and Westholme. Probably in the 'notovan' if Heirloom, or Cordovan if Westholme, but I'm also tempted by Tony's Old #2 Steerhide. Both involve a wait: as I'm based in the UK, the Tony Miller also...
  12. Trubert

    Possible bevel angle issues

    I'm having difficulty with an old vintage Kropp I got. Since I got it, sharpness has deteriorated to the point where I can barely use it, even though it's not been used for that many shaves (maybe 15?) and despite a couple of returns to the hone (see separate thread). All this time my main...
  13. Trubert

    Shapton 12k vs Ohishi 3k/8k

    A question about hone quality. I started out with an Ohishi 3k/8k which is a really lovely hone and the only thing I've used on my new manufacture Boker. Efficient, smooth, and the 8k side puts a lethal edge on it. Reading around here, I decided to try for an even finer edge and settled on the...
  14. Trubert

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" August 26th - September 1st, 2019

    SOTD: the brave shave Shower Muhle R41 Muhle traditional silvertip badger New Feather Phoenix & Beau Denali Alum Proraso green ASL Decided to try this set up on a hot day with a 3d growth (mine is heavy to start with so there was a lot to take off). Unsurprisingly no trouble cutting through...
  15. Trubert

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" May 20th - May 26th, 2019

    SOTD: Proraso green pre shave Semogue 610 Vintage Kropp P&B Imperial Rum
  16. Trubert

    SOTD "FREE WEEK" May 6th - May 12th, 2019

    SOTD: R89 with new Treet. Proraso red pre and post. P&B Sanskrit. First time I've tried Treet. Very smooth but not quite sharp enough for my taste (my standard is Astra).
  17. Trubert

    What straight did you use today? Now with PICTURES

    Vintage Kropp, Muhle Traditional silvertip, Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum, Proraso green pre and post.
  18. Trubert

    Left hand, right hand

    So having seen videos of people doing this, I recently tried using my left hand to hold the razor when shaving the left side of my face (I'm a rightie). First time I tried it was pretty terrifying, so I just did the bit below my sideburn. Now I can do most of the left side of my face as well as...
  19. Trubert

    Technique for Jaw Line and Neck to avoid Razorburn

    Neck is also my trouble area, with either razor burn or not getting close enough the usual consequence. The right soap definitely helps - for me it was Arko puck, until I discovered Phoenix and Beau. Seems I need tallow soaps; results with Proraso were not good. YMMV of course. Looking...
  20. Trubert

    Strops, pastes and confusion

    Thanks - that's pretty much the plan, with the addition of something pasted for touching up the edge. As an aside does light/heavy draw on the strop make any difference to the edge? Or is it just personal preference for how it feels?