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  1. Felix G

    Tatara Nodashi vs. Blackland Blackbird

    I'm a proud owner of polished Blackbird for couple of year. May be my most beloved razor in my collection. Friend loan me his Nodashi. I'm amazed. Different feel but amazing shaver. May be better than Blackbird. Now I'm confused. How it's possible. Somebody experienced the same?
  2. Felix G

    The Eagle is flying

    Out of curiosity I bough a vintage Chinese razor called a Flying Eagle with the original case. Wow! What a surprise shave. Very smooth and effective. In R41 territory if not better. One of the best shaves I have, and it is only the first one. The price is radicilous, about $10. I feel it's a steal.
  3. Felix G

    Purely Skinful

    Friend of mine provide me with couple of samples of soap company I never heard about it -Purely Skinful. There is a beef, bear and deer tallow soaps. Wow. All you need in the soap is here. Excellent cushion, glide and slickness. Amazing post shave feel. I don't speak about the flagrance because...
  4. Felix G

    Any shaving related places in Copenhagen?

    As a title says. Thanks
  5. Felix G

    My two new custom brushes

    My dear friends Dror and Adir makes two amazing brushes for me. I so thankful. Dror's orange cloud and Adir's purple behave. The knots are SHD.
  6. Felix G

    My first custom brush

    This beauty was made for me by my good friend Adir. The knot is Maggard"s 24mm 2 and SHD Fan.
  7. Felix G

    Review of Pereira shavery soap

    Pereira orange and cinnamon soap with activated carbon. It looks similar to SV Dolomiti. Very hard puck in deep grey colour. When you start to leather it it became brighter but the light grey colour remains. Very easy to leather and the leather is very slick and protective. Very good glide and...
  8. Felix G

    My name soap

    Hi, my name is Felix and a long time member of this forum. I'm a part of a large group of shaving fans from Israel. We even have our own soap maker. Her name is Hila. You can find her on Etsy. Today we have a meeting and she makes special soap for this event and named after me. It's vegan all...
  9. Felix G

    Yaqi High Mountain White impressions

    I used this brush for two weeks now. I'm mostly boar brush guy and only have two badger till now. New Forest brush that was too floppy for me and Simpson Duke in best that is very fine brush. The Yaqi HMW is not dense like the Simpson but not very far behind. It blooms to a huge size and while...
  10. Felix G

    Surprise Surprise

    Yesterday I received my Yaqi High Mountain White brush. In the package was includes a razor head. First look it seems like 89 clone and I almost put it aside. Today I decided to give it a try. Wow. It's not 89 clone. Very smooth but so efficient. One of the best shaves i have. Some of the...
  11. Felix G

    Yaqi High Mountain white question

    Anybody have experience with this brush?
  12. Felix G

    I'm in Love

    After a week with my new Gibbs Adjustable I' in love. I have a wast collection of both vintage and modern razors, from cheap to expensive. For me Gibbs combines the efficiency of theBlackbird with a smoothness of the Rockwell. What a little gem.
  13. Felix G

    First shave with Gibbs Adjustable N17

    I love aggressive razors with a lot of blade feel but I can appreciate a smooth efficient shaver as well. After long time hunting I bought one from a member of english forum in mint condition with the original case and blades. Yes you need to modify the blade but it only takes 5 seconds. First...
  14. Felix G

    WTB Gibbs adjustable

    WTB Gibbs adjustable
  15. Felix G

    The MMOC teach me what a light touch is

    Month or two ago I got a nice MMOC. It is my first GEM razor. Loaded it with GEM coated blade and prepared to shave. I heard a lot how nice this razor and what a good shaves you can get. Starting to shave and stoped. Feels very harsh on the face. Tried again, same feeling. Put it aside and...
  16. Felix G

    benediktiner seifenmanufaktur

    Friend who visited Austria bring me a gift. A Benediktiner Seifenmanufaktur shave soap. I don't know much about it because their site is in German. What a performer. Ten swirls with the brush and you got sick, dense and very cushioned leather. What a surprise.
  17. Felix G

    A question about MMOC shaving

    I recently got a MMOC with Personna coated blade. First shave was wonderful, smooth and comfortable. Since the first shave I can't recreate that sensation. The shave is harsh and uncomfortable. I change to a new blade but the result is the same. No doubt the shave is good and I got BBS but the...
  18. Felix G

    Review of new slant from Manlystuff.ie

    Got three shaves with this razor and this what I think about it. First it is a beautiful razor. Mate black color. Heavy, from what I understand it's a Zamak head on brass handle. It looks like Merkur 37C but shaves much more aggressive but remains smooth. Very efficient razor indeed. Not a bad...
  19. Felix G

    Question about Vie Long horse hair

    Visiting Madrid this week and bought a Vie Long horse hair brush. It's nice and soft but very fluffy and very difficult to load and apply the leather. Any advices?
  20. Felix G

    Anybody tried Windrose razors?

    Saw them on ETSY. What your opinion?