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    just pulled the trigger on this

    well after some thought, I finally decided to pull the trigger on this brush from PAA, as I've been eye balling it now for about 3 months, and thought since I have a birthday coming up, I'll get it. I really dig the color of the knot, and the handle it's self. Being in Wisconsin I'm a die hard...
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    86’ed Goodfellas “Inferno”

    Well I finally am calling this one done and finished. Today was my last shave with this soap. I really enjoyed this stuff, great scent profile and strong for its entire life. It smelt the same today as it did the day I got it. I’m thinking about getting something else from the same company but...
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    Badger brushes.......I’m now 100% a Synthetic guy

    For the absolute longest time, actually since I started wet shaving almost two years ago. I was totally impressed with my Simpson Special Pure Badger. I didn’t think life could get any better. Fast forward to my first Synthetic, a nice cheap brush from Maggards. I got it and I thought meh I...
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    help pick my next soap

    So I finished up a tub of Goodfellas Smile "inferno" and I really liked it, great soap, nice thick lather, it checked all of the boxes. Since we are getting into the winter months here in the upper midwest I would like something heavy in scent, I've narrowed it down to these two scents and...
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    motor sports / racing car themed soaps

    does anyone know and or does anyone have any idea on companies that make racing themed inspired / scented soaps? or even aftershaves?
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    what's a scent regardless of brand that is a staple in your rotation?

    So I was thinking this morning, and I thought it would be interesting to know, but what is a scent profile that you have always had in your rotation in one brand or another? for me it's a bayrum and a lavender scent, I will always no matter what have two of those scents in any brand of...
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    Van Yulay soaps?

    So I came across the soap maker, Van Yulay, I've never seen them or heard about them, granted I know there are about a million soap makers out there when it comes to this hobby. However they intrigued me, and so while I looked over their website, I noticed that their soaps have a unique look to...
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    Semogue boar quality question

    Ok so I've been tinkering around with the idea of picking up another brush, a Semogue, and they have three different levels of boar, a natural boar, a pure boar, and then a premium boar. Obviously premium is easy to figure out, but what in the heck is the difference between a natural boar and a...
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    check these out!

    I came across this soap company, They make soaps for all sorts of really things, they make them for sporting clays and firearms, but they also make just normal bar soaps and even a few different shave soaps. I mean what self respecting firearm owner doesn't love the smell of Hoppes? But what's...
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    Mike's Natural Soap.....Hungarian Lavender just purchased

    So as some of you know I've been on the hunt for a replacement to my basically now finished bottle of Razor Rock King Louis Lavender aftershave, after going back and forth between Fine Lavender Pour Homme, Lavender Planet by PAA, and Barrister & Mann, I decided to go 180 and get Mike's Natural...
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    Freemason's.......anyone here one?

    So just out of "curiosity" are there any free mason's here? you know asking for a "friend" I have some questions for members.
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    Polo Sport scented soaps AKA "clones"

    so I've fallen in love with my PAA Hahn Polo scented aftershave, and it got me to thinking, what's out there for Polo Sport clones when it comes to soaps, sure I could get a tub of the PAA but variety is the spice of life. I did see wet shaving products now released "The Sport of Kings" soap and...
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    Geo F Trumpers vs TOBS scent profiles

    So here we are at the cross roads of yet another opinion and fact finding mission. Can anyone tell me scent differences between Geo F trumpers violet and the rose scent......then compared to the TOBS lavender? I’ve used TOBS once and really enjoyed how thick and rich it was, but also how...
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    Ladas Super Stainless

    You know who out there is using them, and who has had good luck with them? I for the life of me can't get along with them, they hurt, I can't find the right angle, I'm on my 2nd blade now, and I use a blade for five days and then pitch it. Maybe I need to spend more days with this blade, but...
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    Goodfellas Inferno review

    So I got the container of goodfellas Inferno last Friday. So I thought I’d share my opinion with you guys, in case anyone was on the fence about getting this soap. Here’s the first smell results. -leather -wood -dust -old wood floors -saddles -cowboy boots -well worn cowboy jacket -well...
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    Masculine aftershave recommendations

    Ok so I come here looking for some help. This entire community has always steered me in the right way when I've asked for help, so I'm hoping that I can pick the brains of the members for a new aftershave to replace my current/empty bottle of Razo Rock American Barber. So I scored a bottle of...
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    first shave with a synthetic brush.......somewhat interesting.

    So I recently acquired a synthetic shave brush, as I've read alot of the internet chatter about them, and thought what the heck I better try one out. I bought one from Maggards and I should have looked at the dimensions before I ordered, because I got a 24mm knot, and holy crap that thing is...
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    Help me choose my next two soaps

    Ok so I have cranked through my Razorock Lavender and my Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood. I would like to replace both scents, here’s what’s on my list. Any and all experience is greatly appreciated. sandalwood Stirling Sandalwood or sandpiper PAA Sandalwood science captains choice...
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    Royal Shave Soap opinions?

    So I have been eye balling the Royal Shave brand of soap, in lemon and sandalwood, I was wondering if anyone here has used this soap, and or has any real world experiences with it? I did read the 17 odd reviews on it, but a little additional feedback never hurts right?
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    just loaded up!

    So I have been trying blades out here and there, and I have come to like a certain few more then others, so I took the dip today and ordered about $25.00 worth of blades, I've got 100 blades coming from some of my favorites and a few five packs to try. I've never bought that many blades in one...