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  1. K

    FSOT RR 37/RR Old Type head/ Ming Shi

    $25 shipped PayPal only. Or trade offers thanks for looking.
  2. K

    FSOT Merkur Progress

    The razor is in great condition only thing is it zeros out at 2 but it has no issues. Also it is made of the old mold pre 2016. Asking $35 shipped US only. Thanks for looking.
  3. K

    FS Progress, RR 37, and Ming Shi lot

    Lot for sale $45 or best offer. Note: Progress zeros out at 2 other than that in great condition. Pre 2016 model. Thanks for looking.
  4. K

    Tabac soap refill $5.51 plus shipping

  5. K

    FS Mini lot of razors progress, RR 37, etc

    Selling razors that have not been used that much and collecting dust I have no use for. I want to sell them as a lot. RR German 37: $15 Older model progress : $30 RR Hawk aluminum v1: $10 Ming Shi 2000s: $9 RR Old type head only: $5 Note: The progress zero out at 2 instead of +1 like normal...
  6. K

    FT 70 Personna Reds

    I am looking for some feathers, 7 o'clock yellow or GSB or what you gotgto offer. Thanks for looking!
  7. K

    FS Brass General

    In very good condition like new. Sitting in drawer collecting dust asking $125 or best offer willing to negotiate. Shipping included. PM me.
  8. K

    Ikon MrSe head only

    $70 shipped or best offer
  9. K

    Why after shave splashes feel so dry?

    I have proraso green and pinaud clubman original if seems like I haveto use a lot because it dries quickly is this normal? How much should I be using?