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  1. lurchbrian

    in growing hair

    ok its happened i have a ingrowing bristle . how would you deal with it ?
  2. lurchbrian

    these one and done chaps

    well i just cant stand it i have tried the one and done a few times and cant get on with it . Now i have tried all the settings on my rockwell 6 right up to number six and i still feel unshaven on a one and done shave just dont feel right so im going to stick to my 3 pass on setting 4 with a gsb...
  3. lurchbrian

    yaqi open comb

    well it turned up today my $8 razor head its great . ok the shave in the shower with my trusty palmolive stick , i loaded the yaqi with a 2 use gillette/wilki latherd up and expected a aggressive shave but was shocked it was as smooth as my rockwell on #4 . yes its going to stay in my...
  4. lurchbrian

    gillette platinum's my first thoughts .

    these are my thoughts on the gillette platinum blades that i got by mistake . ok tools of the trade = rockwell 6c on #4 palmolive stick ok now a puck . cheep synthetic brush. floid vigeroso . ok as a daily shaver there wasn't much to cut but what was there got knocked down on pass 1 . pass 2...
  5. lurchbrian

    gillette platinum v's gillette silver blue

    hi is there any differance in the 2 blades as i seem to have got the platinums instead of the silver blues how big a mistake have i made ?
  6. lurchbrian

    shaving stick into a puck eazy way.

    hi just found this on the tinternet and found it eazier than all the heating them up or gratting them . thought it may help some people .
  7. lurchbrian

    was i surprised

    funny thing is that i have read many a post about them but passed them by not anymore and here is why . well i was about to run out of my wilki/gillette salon blades, and saw some gillette silver blues going cheep on fleebay so i thought what the heck and bought 10 . these arrived today so to...
  8. lurchbrian

    first synthetic

    hi just bought my first synthetic a clubman and was I surprised how good it is for the grand price of £6.50 or in your money $8.20 inclusive . well worth the punt never thought it would be this good though being a ...
  9. lurchbrian

    almost a year and still loving it

    got my Rockwell 6c almost a year ago and I still think its one of the best for the price point . when I get bored with one setting I just swap plates to another for a few days . its not like some that are blade fussy it will almost shave smooth with broken glass in it . find it likes the mid to...
  10. lurchbrian

    wrong soap still works well

    just received my geo thumpers extract of lime bath soap (thought I orderd the shave soap refill ) bugger . so I thought id give it a try yes I can still shave with it, it just needs a refresh between passes . whooo who not wasted any money .
  11. lurchbrian

    looking for lemon & lime

    hi im looking for a soap puck that has either lemon or lime scent to it or has a blend of both any ideas needs to be under £10 or the bank that must be obeyed kicks off wanting her kitchen . thanks in advance .
  12. lurchbrian

    new brush on its way

    just picked up a brand spanker of a semogue 1520 of the bay for £8 all in think id have a few more at that price if I could .
  13. lurchbrian

    where to buy knots

    hi Im thinking of trying to make my own brush . so im asking if anyone on this good forum can tell me where to buy the knots preferably in the uk but could go international . thanks in advance.
  14. lurchbrian

    im bored so here is a question

    ok so combining slickness , comfort , scent and cost what would be your choices starting at the lowest cost and working your way up ?
  15. lurchbrian

    new razor and first time blade use bbs

    hey you know there's just no explaining the way you feel after getting your first bbs with a new razor and a new blade . its the kinda feeling that lasts and you know you wont forget it in a while . . . .
  16. lurchbrian

    wahl bay rum aftershave

    hi had to try this as I wanted a change from the clubman bay rum . this however has a different base its more clove based and I found the scent lasts longer than the clubman all in all I would say if you dont mind a bit of clove its quit good might try a blend of this and the clubman to see how...
  17. lurchbrian

    is this any good ?

    whal bay rum is it any good ? as its cheeper than the pinuad bay rum and more in the bottle. go on is it worth it.
  18. lurchbrian

    the Broman your views please ?

    ok now that a few have been shaving with this for a few shaves can I please have your views on it . thanks .
  19. lurchbrian

    Palmolive stick no longer

    I have just received a response to a email I sent Colgate-Palmolive about the shortage of the above mentioned stick . sad news im afraid i'll let you read it for your self as im gonna be busy crying . Thank you for your recent inquiry about Palmolive Classic Shaving Stick. We're sorry to...
  20. lurchbrian

    first open comb

    hi thinking of buying my first open comb ive been de shaving over 2 years now but would like your thoughts on the parker 24 c open comb . thanks in advance .