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  1. weekly

    WTB OB Genesis V1

    Looking to buy a Genesis V1 at a Reasonable price. It must take a Despined Gem blade with No further modification.
  2. weekly

    Is Wolfman raising prices again

    Has anyone heard about recent Price increases of razors on the Wolfman Website or the Google Order form. For example solid & Hollow handle prices. Or basic vs Mirror finishe prices.
  3. weekly

    FT Any of my blades for Feathers

    Hi everyone I don't usually use Feather blades At all,but during my last RAD outbreak I picked up quite a few razors and Would like to have a few Feathers On hand. Blades I can trade for your Feathers are: POLSILVER SI , Nacet, GSB, 7o'clock Yellows or Permasharp stainless/INDIA Silver...
  4. weekly

    WTB Long handle for fatip Piccolo

    I got a fatip Piccolo last week And I really hate the length of The handle it's way to short for My taste. And none of my handles Will fit the Piccolo I want one of Longer handles with a thread size That will fit a fatip Piccolo.
  5. weekly


    Looking to buy a Gem Contour Razor In good condition with the push button
  6. weekly


    Looking for a clog pruf in good shape Will also except a G bar in good shape Thanks all
  7. weekly


    I would really rather just buy the head But will consider the whole razor if The price is right , the one i want the Most is stainless steel Col. General I Also have a question about the Brass General.. What I want to know is if the threaded Screw is also brass and if so how well If works with...
  8. weekly


    Looking to buy a MM BULLET TIP That is in good working condition
  9. weekly

    Dose anyone know exactly how many

    Dose anyone know exactly how Many modern razors there are That were manufactured to use Gem blades exclusively and what The names are ?
  10. weekly

    I have a question about my 67' Slim

    What I am worried about is water Getting into my 67 slim when I shave And also when I rinse it in between Passes and then an exstencive hot Water rinse. I usually let it air dry but I'm starting to worry about all the water That gets on the inside and on to the Settings dial and may in time...
  11. weekly

    What are the lesser known blades that work in a Slim

    What I usually see in the forums when it Comes to blades that have success in The Gillette Slim are the well known popular ones (GSBs,Polsivers, Feathers, Astra and so on) I'm very interested in What not so well known or not so popular blades turn out to be perfectly Matched in the users...
  12. weekly

    Need help figuring out which Super Max blades are best-If Any

    I've noticed there quite a few different blades in the Super Max Line, , and one thIng I always do before trying new blades is get as many B&B members opinions and,, analysis as possible,, I see good prices on The super max blades,, Longevity is not an issue I'm want to know which line is...
  13. weekly

    Does anyone have an opinion on Gillette Stainless in Red Pack

    I'm interested in anyone's opinion or Review on the Gillette stainless in the Red Pack.. Just out curiosity and to see if People feel that these blades are as good or not as,, other Popular Gillette Blades and what you think of actual Quality of the blade, , Thanks Everyone
  14. weekly

    has anyone tried Bevel

    I was just wondering has anyone tried the blades being, ,sold by Bevel, , if so would mind sharing your experience, ,or a review and maybe a comparison to other blades You ,,have used. ...
  15. weekly

    can someone answer a murker futur question for me

    Hi everyoneI just got my murker futur,,,in the mail and I noticed that,,when I turn the settings dial,,,you know right under the head,,,,with the numbers on it,,,, there, ,there no click sound or feel that,,,,would suggest it is locked in on,,the setting, , it is very smooth when,,turning from...
  16. weekly

    I have a question that someone here can help with

    My question is based ...On your experience ,,is the DE slant automatically..more aggressive than a non slant when it comes down ,,to ..manufactures and models.....what's the most common,,situation. .....thanks for your time and help......Kevin.....
  17. weekly

    has anyone used the 7o'clock permasharp Green

    I'm trying to find out a sort of ballparkopinion from those who have usedthe Gillette 7o'clock permasharp inthe green package how the compareto the 7o'clock green from Russia orAnd also what other well known bladewould you say it is kinda close to, I'mprobably going to get some to try, butI...
  18. weekly

    Does anyone here like Dorco ST-300

    Hi everyone IMHO Dorco ST-300 is a really good blade at fitting in a shaving routine. . It's not to sharp but it's manufactured intention is be a blade that will satisfy all needs under the right circumstances if one has to shave on a day while trying to recover from irritation or...
  19. weekly

    posting in hopes of getting opinions or analysis from users of listed blades

    Hello everyone I want to hear from members who have used Polsilver SI and also have used 7o'clock yellow & 7o'clock black and possibly 7o'clock permasharp - Green and have formed an opinion for the comparison of Polsilver SI in relation to the 7o'clock blades listed above I am well aware...
  20. weekly

    anyone using merkur futur

    I'm thinking about purchasing a merkur futur razor and would like to know what current users think of it and how it compares with the vintage adjustables as far as the settings are Equaled such as a 5 vs 5 and For you what blade you find to be most effective and I appreciate all advice...