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    most authentic lime scent

    Based upon your experiences, which of the lime scented soaps have the most authentic and natural scents? Thanks
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    Shipping soaps in summer heat

    Have any of you had problems with buying and having shave soaps shipped during heat of summer? Are certain types of soaps more likely to melt- tallow vs non-tallow?Thanks
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    Fine shave soap scent advice

    My scent preferences are clean, fresh, natural ones as opposed to cologne type scents. Given my preferences, which of the following Fine scents would I more likely enjoy- Italian Citrus, Green Vetiver or Fresh Vetiver? Thanks!
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    Where to buy DE blades

    I’ve bought blades from different sources over the years, often motivated by the best price. My goal now is to first make sure I am getting genuine blades and not knock-offs or counterfeit blades, and second to get a fair price. Which vendors do you believe best meet those objectives? Thanks.
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    WTB or trade for Sudsy Soapery Lavender and peppermint shave soap

    Looking to buy or trade for either a sample or container of Sudsy Soapery lavender and peppermint shave soap. Thanks
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    Sudsey Soapery Top O the Morning

    For those of you who have tried this shave soap, I would like to get your impression and description of the scent. Thanks!
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    What shave products to buy in Italy

    I am fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Italy soon. I would appreciate advice as to what shave products, such as soaps, creams and or brushes, I should look for which either or not usually available in the US, or are available in Italy at a substantial discount. Thank you in advance for...
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    Question about mixing shave soaps

    I plan to mix leftovers from a Stirling soap and a Soap Commander soap. What’s the best way to do it with these type soaps- melt them, grate them or just mash them together? Thanks
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    Buying DE blades in Italy

    I will be going to Italy soon and won’t be able to take DE razor blades on flight ( only carrying on suitcase). Are DE blades readily available at pharmacies, groceries, etc. in most cities, or will I need to find a specialty shop? Thanks
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    Unscented soap for blending?

    I want to make some custom blends starting with a base of a good quality unscented soap then add some scented soaps. In some cases, I just want to create a lighter scented version of some soaps I like but wish were less strong. Any suggestions for the unscented soap base? No preference between...
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    Vie Long horse/boar combo brushes

    Any of you have any experience with the VL horse hair/ boar bristle brushes?
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    Vie Long vs Epsilon horse hair brushes

    If I understand correctly, Epsilon brushes are made by Vie Long as a more upscale brand of brush. It looks like the Epsilon handles are nicer which accounts for at least some of the price differences, but do any of you know if the horse hair Epsilon knots are more select than the Vie Longs or...
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    Saponificio Varesino scents

    Trying to decide between Stella Alpina (4.2) and Manna di Sicilia (4.3). I prefer scents that are clean, fresh and natural- not too strong. Generally don’t like leather, smoke, wood or strong cologne scents. Would appreciate advice from those of you who have experience with SV scents. Thanks!
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    WTB- Semogue Cerda boar brush

    Let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Cold River Soap Works- new Select formula reviews?

    I would appreciate feed back from those of you who have tried the updated CRSW Select formula with goats milk and apparently other changes to make it creamier and slicker (according to CRSW). Thanks
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    Saponifico Varesino soap scents

    Between the Manna da Silica or the Dolomiti , which would you say has the lightest, freshest, cleanest scent? I don't care for woody scents or heavy cologne scents. Thanks
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    WTT Shave soap samples

    I would like to try some of the following Grooming Department shave soaps: Magnolia Magnolia and Oud Claurus Tacit Neroli di bois Conca d’ora Angel Voyager I can offer samples of the following in return: Soaps: Soap Commander Endurance, Motivation, Honor,Courage Sampson All Natural Phoenix...
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    Envy white vs Elite razor 2 band knots

    I've seen some older threads on this question, but would appreciate a comparison of the more recently available versions of these knots. Thanks!
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    Elite Razor Manchurian badger vs. Romero Manchurian

    Would appreciate any information you might have regarding the similarities or differences in these two knots. Thanks!
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    Wholly Kaw-Fougere Bouquet vs La Fougere Parfaite

    For any of you who have tried both of these soaps, would you please compare? Which one is a lighter, cleaner, fresh scent? Thanks!