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    Shavette Style

    I’m excited to add the Kai folding shavette to my rotation soon as well as the Irving Barber Company shavette. Both are sleek and use AC style blades. The Irving uses a DE blade too. Pretty dope. Anyone else enjoy using shavettes?
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    Average HHT but great shaving edge

    Anyone experience this? I have. I have an average HHT, not banging, that I believe will shave good. Curious what others experience. I have had great HHT that suck at the shave as well.
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    FS 7/8 Shell Japanese Frameback

    This is a beautiful 7/8 Shell frameback that was NOS when I bought it. The razor will need a slight touch up. It is in great condition with no rust. Pivot pin is snug. Comes with the box. Asking $85 Shipped conus.
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    Synthetic Stones

    I have a 1 and 5K now and wanted to add another synthetic stone to my arsenal prior to the natural stone onslaught finisher. I would finish with a coti, Escher, Jasper, or Jnat. Is it safe to jump from 5K to a 10K? Just curious. Was wondering if I should get an 8 or 10K stone? Thanks Gents.
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    Max Sprecher Cutthroats

    I love his beautiful work and was wondering how are they to hone? Near wedge and 1/4 hollow? I don’t want pesky blades that take a long time to hone. I’m a big fan of 6/8 and 7/8 full hollow blades just to give you idea.
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    PAA Doppelgänger Grey Label

    I bought the grey label and I heard it is Aventus scent. Does anyone have this and how is it in quality? I heard it lasts a long time.
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    WTB Mikawa Asano Set

    I’m looking for a nagura progression set with Tenjyou, Mejiro.
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    Frameback Cutthroat

    How are they to hone? They seem like they would take a great keen edge. I May buy one on the auction site and tinker with.
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    FS Ozuku, Shoubu Jnats and 2 Cutthroats

    1.) Shoubudani Asagi (4/5) - Lacquered and lapped. Approximate estimated dimension without truly measuring is 5” x 4.5”. $70 shipped CONUS. 2.) Ozuku Koppa - (4.5/5) - Lacquered and lapped. Approx estimated dimension is 5” x 5” at the widest. $70 shipped CONUS. 3.) Fridour Inox 5/8 (not shave...
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    Very Lovely Coticule Eges

    I have been getting great Coti edges with a certain technique. I learned it from Dr. Matt. I use water at the start and perform circles with moderate pressure and then some half strokes. I do this for about a minute and then I turn the water on at a slow stream. I continue to use moderate...
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    Gent’s Gin

    I received this splash yesterday and used it. It is a great lime and gin scent. I can smell more lime than gin. The boozy note is lovely.
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    Burnishing a Translucent Arkansas

    I was interested in burnishing my Trans. Could I just use a spoon under running water? Any ideas would be appreciated.
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    Jnats Galore!

    My buddy and I are doing a trade. He is sending me 4 Jnats. Nakayama, Shoubadoni x 2, and an Ozuku. Can’t wait! Let’s get it on!
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    High Quality Thuri (Droescher) - Antique Store Find

    I found this Thuri in an antique store yesterday. It appears NOS. I was told this could be an Escher. Either way, I’m really excited about adding this high quality finishing stone to my collection. I sealed the label as seen in the last pic.
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    FS Cute 4/8 Wedge Straight Razor

    This is a cute wedge straight razor. I bought it about a month ago and was told it is a 4/8. It will need a refreshing of the edge. I will ask $32 shipped CONUS.
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    First Decent Coticule Edge

    I received a bout coticule (La Dressante) yesterday from Griffith’s and put an edge on my vintage Geneva. I spent 17 minutes on the stone. Using moderate pressure in the beginning and diluted to water. I finished under running water. It tree topped hairs very nicely after the stropping. What a...
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    Tomo Nagura on Jasper stone

    This is Tomo nagura slurry on a jasper finishing stone. Wow! The edge it produced was keen and mirror polished. I spent about 15 minutes working this bad boy slurry and finishing under running water. I have the finishing side lapped to a fine 800 grit. I was so giddy, I nearly spit my beer out...
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    Wakasa Jnat - Experimenting

    I have been experimenting with my Wakasa. I haven’t been getting the best edges that I want. I noticed that I haven’t been using much pressure in the beginning stages of the slurry. I just noticed since I have been using moderate pressure on the beginning slurry, I am starting to get swarf. I...
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    Keenest Edge with a Jnat

    To get the keenest edge with a Jnat, do you suggest final strokes to be on water only? I have a Wakasa and will test that out.
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    Flattening a Jnat with Sic

    To flatten a Jnat with Sic powder do I need to start at a lower grit and work my way up? What do you all suggest? How high should I go?