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    Whats with the Wax on Blades?

    I've always wondered why there is wax residue on blades? Are they just left over from the manufacturing process or do they serve a purpose like prevent blade chatter? Should I wipe the wax off the blades to prevent it from gunking up in the razor?
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    Have you ever liked a razor so much you bought it more than once?

    Title says it all. If so, what razor was it and what was your reason for buying another one? IE, one for travel and one for home?
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    REX Ambassador Quality Control Issue?

    Hi All, I recently bought a REX Ambassador and have noticed a few nicks that have popped up after cleaning it twice with a very soft toothbrush. The first time I cleaned it I noticed a small nick that appeared on the bar or blade guard. Its fairly small but feels pretty rough and catches your...
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    Stainless Steel Razors Scratch Easily?

    Hello, I recently got my first stainless steel razor (REX Ambassador) and I managed to put some light scratches on it after less then a week of ownership when cleaning it with a soft toothbrush. Some of my other razors (Edwin Jagger DE89 & Merkur Futur) are all ‘chrome plated’ and don’t really...