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    Favorite Saponificio Varesino Scent

    Do any of you know where samples of SV shave soap and bath soap can be purchased? Thanks
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    most authentic lime scent

    Based upon your experiences, which of the lime scented soaps have the most authentic and natural scents? Thanks
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    Shipping soaps in summer heat

    To make sure I understand, your orders have been received by you and no problems?
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    Shipping soaps in summer heat

    Have any of you had problems with buying and having shave soaps shipped during heat of summer? Are certain types of soaps more likely to melt- tallow vs non-tallow?Thanks
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    Fine shave soap scent advice

    My scent preferences are clean, fresh, natural ones as opposed to cologne type scents. Given my preferences, which of the following Fine scents would I more likely enjoy- Italian Citrus, Green Vetiver or Fresh Vetiver? Thanks!
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    Recommend me - Bath Soap

    Marco- Marco - I bought a cube of the Marius Fabre 72% olive oil soap. I cut off a bar sized piece and used it during a shower. It suds easily and is moisturizing, but the scent is stronger than expected and has a medicinal/chemical smell- unpleasant to me. Do the traditional Marseille soaps...
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    Recommend me - Bath Soap

    Marco - I would appreciate more info on the savon de Marseille soaps. Are the 4 you mentioned very similar in ingredients, scent and performance? Do these soaps easily later? Also, would like to hear your recommendations for Italian bath soaps and how thy compare to the savon de Mrseille...
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    Where to buy DE blades

    My concern is how do you determine which eBay vendors are reputable? That’s where I’ve had unsatisfactory experiences looking for best price, even if vendor had good ratings. I’d rather pay a bit more and have confidence that I’m getting the real thing.
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    Where to buy DE blades

    I’ve bought blades from different sources over the years, often motivated by the best price. My goal now is to first make sure I am getting genuine blades and not knock-offs or counterfeit blades, and second to get a fair price. Which vendors do you believe best meet those objectives? Thanks.
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    Blown away by Omega 011829

    Is the faux jade handle a solid, uniform color, or does it have variations in color like true jade? Thanks
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    FS ATT, brushes, blades

    What’s the model # on the Zenith?
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    WTB or trade for Sudsy Soapery Lavender and peppermint shave soap

    Looking to buy or trade for either a sample or container of Sudsy Soapery lavender and peppermint shave soap. Thanks
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    Sudsey Soapery Top O the Morning

    Can you more specifically describe the herbal scent? Overall, do you find it to be a pleasant scent? My preferences for shave soap scents are fresh, clean, natural scents and somewhat mild on the strength scale. Does it fit these qualities? Thank-you.
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    Sudsey Soapery Top O the Morning

    For those of you who have tried this shave soap, I would like to get your impression and description of the scent. Thanks!
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    Looking for a Summer scent

    A couple of suggestions not mentioned so far 1. Soap Commander Motivation (limited release) cucumber and bamboo. It’s a mild scent, but very fresh and natural smelling. 2. Caties Bubbles Le Marche du Rusage - acquatic top notes over a base of oak moss, vetiver and coumarin (according to...
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    What shave products to buy in Italy

    I agree that SV is a great soap, but I’m not sure it’s any less expensive in IT than ordering it online in the US.
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    What shave products to buy in Italy

    I am fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Italy soon. I would appreciate advice as to what shave products, such as soaps, creams and or brushes, I should look for which either or not usually available in the US, or are available in Italy at a substantial discount. Thank you in advance for...
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    Question about mixing shave soaps

    I plan to mix leftovers from a Stirling soap and a Soap Commander soap. What’s the best way to do it with these type soaps- melt them, grate them or just mash them together? Thanks
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    Buying DE blades in Italy

    Thanks, Marco. We'll be starting in Milan. At you aware of any wet shaving stores there that may have good blades? Also, are higher end Italian shave soaps, such as Saponificio Varesino, available at lower process than we typically pay in the US? Grazie mille!