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    Positive blade exposure & rigid blade design

    The more I use safety razors the more I tend to more efficient razors. Important to me is that a razor is efficient without being aggressive which is to my opinion a matter of blade chatter. I have used a Gillette Fatboy and a Slim both at 9. Both have been efficient but with some blade chatter...
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    Shavette like Single Edge Razor

    Good evening from Germany to all, I'm looking for a single edge razor which does not have a guard or comb or safety bar at all and is more like a shavette. Also, it should work with half DE blades and should hold the blade as rigid as possible. Does the market offer such a single edge razor...
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    Steep vs shallow angle - When/where to use which

    A steep angle seems to work best for me... except under my noise where I need to go very shallow. Is there a rule of thumb when to use a steep angle and when/where to use a shallow angle? Do you change your shaving angle during a pass or the pass after? Thank you very much and best regards...
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    Gillette NEW nothing else

    I was able to buy several Gillette NEWs include standard LC, SC and also sets such as Bostonian, Federal and Windsor. They still have great condition even after 90 years. Most important: They are great shavers, holding the blade very rigidly and shaving as I like quite efficient (almost...
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    Karve equivalent to R41

    I apologize if this has been answered before. I like my R41 but I want a more heavy stainless steel razor. Karve razors seems to work for many unbeatable. So which plate should I choose when I want a blade feel like R41? F open comb or will this be to much? Thank you very much!