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    I’m a fan of Lord products. After being cheated on the Bay in an attempted Shark purchase, I went back in and bought 100 Rainbow Super Stainless on a bit of a flyer. The reviews of this blade are all over the map so I was a little apprehensive. Today, I loaded a Rainbow into my Lord Racer and...
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    Wanton destruction

    There’s an active thread on this site re a Gillette slant that troubles me. There’s a fellow who makes slant razors out of Gillette Old types. One was destroyed in the process, the others are of doubtful utility. I wrote on the thread that the destruction of these wonderful razors made me...
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    Cool shave

    The last thing I want to do on a hot day is douse my face w hot water, daub on warm lather or stand over a sink full of hot water. On hot days I’ll “cool shave”, filling the sink w cool water, applying cool lather, etc. YMMV, but I detect no difference in the result. Give it a try
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    Shaving time

    In a reply to a straight shaver from Cebu I wrote that my shave, from water in sink to aftershave splash was 5 minutes. But I never put a watch on it, so that was an estimate. Today I timed it. Water in sink, soak brush, wet soap, work up lather, wet face, apply lather, WTG pass, re wet, re...
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    Done with Pellas

    Have had enough of bad shaves w Ted Pella injectors. I have about 30 blades in 2 injectors that I’ll send to anyone who wants them. It’s all Chicks for me.
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    DE shavers have an obsession about razor weight that mystifies me. Isn’t heavier razor weight an advantage in WTG shaving only, irrelevant to XTG and counterproductive when ATG?
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    Not in the rotation

    I have 4 razors that I don’t use, simply because they don’t work. Two are razors that are highly acclaimed here at B&B My prewar Fat Handle Tech doesn’t work for me. My postwar Ball Handle shaves great. Most folks get the opposite result. I dunno My Shick Krona has such a narrow angle of...
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    If you haven’t seen them yet, I suggest you watch the Cheapshaver videos on YouTube. This fella shaves like I do, with vintage or inexpensive equipment without any fuss or flummery. I know some of you don’t appreciate this, but I see the objective of this entire exercise to get a shave superior...
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    You don’t get what you pay for

    A myth, all too commonly believed in the wet shaving community, is that you get what you pay for. In my experience, this is not true 90% of the time. The best shaving equipment that I have enjoyed has been among the least expensive available. Vintage Gillettes are the best values, often...
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    Chicks v Pella, Personna

    I love my Schick injectors. When they’re on they give the best shave in the world w no muss, no fuss. But some of them perform better w Chicks over Pellas or Personnas. My E type likes Chicks. It won’t shave at all w a Pella. Same goes for my J type. But my G and L do just fine w a Pella. I buy...
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    Economical shaving

    I got into wet shaving because I get a better shave at less cost. To achieve this one should pursue value, rather than chase the shiny thing of the moment. My recommendations: Lord L5, best DE in the world, less than $10; Lord Platinum blades (100 for $10); VDH boar brush, $5; soap scraps from...