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  1. octoserge

    FT WTS: Shavemac and Heritage Gel brushes

    Selling the following brushes; great performers with no issues (all prices include shipping, CONUS only): 1. Shavemac Silvertip brush (25x51mm) - my price: $48 2. Heritage Gel tipped brush (26x51mm) - my price: $75
  2. octoserge

    WTS/T: AP Gelousy brush

    Looking to trade this APShaveCo Gelousy fan brush in faux horn beehive handle for a bulb shape badger shaving brush (I use bulbs more these days). This knot measures 27x48 by my calipers and is as luxurious as people have been saying, while this loft produces great backbone. Retail on this I...
  3. octoserge

    FT WTT: Several razors, creams and ASBs

    Looking to trade the items below (mix and match as you like) for new/unused: - Speick AS splashes - Proraso White AS balms - La Toja soaps, creams or AS - Pitralon AS - 4711 AS - B&M Reserve AS - Musgo Real products - others? Here’s what’s on offer in the pic above (L to R): - Ming Shi Futur...
  4. octoserge

    WTB WTB: Swing or Matador DE razor

    Hi all. Looking to buy a Swedish Swing or a Matador DE safety razor. Please PM if you have one you'd part with. Would also trade for the Gillette New DeLuxe razor I posted in the link below. Thanks...
  5. octoserge

    WTS/T: RARE Lady Gillette NEW DeLuxe 1931

    Selling this exceptional, rare 1931 Lady Gillette NEW DeLuxe set in pearl finish. Serial #24457 on the base plate. A superlative find in beautiful condition, the NEW DeLuxe might be the smoothest, most efficient Gillette razor I've come across. Case functions as new; opens and closes flush...
  6. octoserge

    New Semogue butterscotch! (but wish it were 1305 colors...)

    Just saw today that Semogue is offering its venerable SOC shave brush in a butterscotch handle color made of resin material. Appears be offered in Semogue's typical SOC knot lineup: Finest badger, Mistura and Boar. Very nice, but I still wish Semogue would offer these perfectly shaped SOC...
  7. octoserge

    FS WTS: Timeless Razor .95

    Selling this complete Timeless Razor with .95 SB baseplate and smooth top cap in stainless steel matte finish. This is my backup razor; was used only 1x and presents as new. This is by far my favorite Timeless configuration - incredibly smooth and efficient. And I prefer the matte finish over...
  8. octoserge

    FS WTS: Shavemac and Elite Razor brushes

    Selling (reluctantly) the brushes below. All are in like-new pristine condition; non-shedders and have some of the best hair I’ve ever used - I hold Elite and Shavemac in the highest regard. 1. Elite Manchurian two-band knot in a gorgeous cocobolo wood handle. My price: $50 shipped, CONUS only...
  9. octoserge

    FS WTS: Rare Canadian Gillette Pocket Edition & Old Type (unused?)

    I have for sale the following vintage Gillettes: 1. Canadian Pocket Edition - very nice condition, playing looks great, perfect teeth - rare to see a Canadian set, especially with this ornate floral case. Case closes just right. Handle has NO CRACK! $48 shipped CONUS 2. Old Type - appears...
  10. octoserge

    WTB Gillette Tuckaway razor

    Hi all. I'm looking to buy a nickel or silver Gillette Tuckaway razor in very good, problem-free condition (i.e. no missing or bent teeth with plating intact). I may also consider one in gold if the finish is in very good shape. A case would be nice but it is not necessary as I wish to shave...
  11. octoserge

    FS WTS: Blackland Dart & Ikon X3 slant bulldog

    Both razors present as new, no issues. Dart: $80 shipped (comes w/ original box) X3 slant :$48 shipped (comes w/ bulldog handle) CONUS only.
  12. octoserge

    FSOT WTS: C&S w/ bowl, Musgo Real and Fine shave soaps - Half Price Sale

    Looking to sell these shave soaps as a lot. Retail price for the total lot is $75+ shipping (C&S Oxford & Cambridge [2x] and bowl is $35+ retail, Musgo Real Classic [2x] is $23 retail and Fine Lavender [new] is $12 retail). My price: $35 shipped for the whole lot, CONUS only. Might also...
  13. octoserge


    I have for sale this beautiful custom brush with a Bob Quinn Elite Razor Premium Manchurian White knot set in a custom Turn-N-Shave handle. Bob’s knots are my favorite and this one is sensational. 26x50mm. No issues at all. Only selling because I am getting more and more into wooden handles...
  14. octoserge

    FT WTT: B&M aftershaves + Proraso ASB (all new/unused)

    Looking to trade the B&M aftershave splash samples listed below and Proraso ASB (newest aloe + Vitamin E formula). All are new/unused. Retail value of ~$30 shipped. Great way to try a bunch of terrific scents/performers. I’m trying to keep my den lean, so I would trade all of these items in a...
  15. octoserge

    FT WTT: Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar AS splash (discont.)

    I have for trade a bottle of Truefitt & Hill Trafalgar AS splash (now discontinued) ~70%. Great scent and performance, just looking to try something new to me. In return I’m looking for another AS splash of equal or greater quantity. I’m open to options and scents, but I’m thinking maybe B&M...
  16. octoserge

    FSOT WTS/T: NOS vintage DE blades, razors + more!

    Looking to sell or trade this as one lot. I would sell for $25 shipped CONUS. Or I would trade for a SV shave soap or an Irisch Moos shave stick. The lot includes: - NOS Gillette Super Silver DE blades (made in England) - Gillette NDC Superspeed Razor in very good working condition - Gillette...
  17. octoserge

    FSOT WTS/T: Timeless Dual Comb .95 base plate

    Looking to trade or sell this custom Timeless Dual Comb .95 base plate (OC/SB) in polished finish. I prefer the feel of the SB, so I would trade this for a Timeless polished .95 SB base plate. Would also sell for $125 shipped (retail is $155). CONUS only.
  18. octoserge

    FS WTS: Gillette Red Tip + shave cream

    Selling this Gillette Red Tip A2 together with a tub of The Body Shop shave cream (scooped twice, no contact w/ a brush). The razor is in good user condition and operates as it should. $30 shipped. CONUS only.
  19. octoserge

    FS WTS: Elite Razor Premium badger knots (NEW)

    I’m selling two new/unused Bob Quinn Elite Razor Premium badger knots. My badger brush rotation consists entirely of Elite Razor Premium knots (I find them to be that good, and I’ve tried most of the big boys). These are two of my spare back up knots I’m selling to fund other purchases...
  20. octoserge

    WTS: Parker Variant (graphite, boxed)

    Selling this Parker Variant in graphite finish. The razor is in pristine condition. Comes with its original box. $45 shipped, CONUS only.