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  1. ddown

    FS Assorted Stuff - Brushes, Razors

    Ikon SBS with unknown brand Stainless handle flips plate from Mild to Wild- 45.00 Muhle 102 OC R41 head - 25.00 Edwin Jagger De89 BL - Free with first one above to sell Brush Lot Fine Synthetic, Omega Pro boar, Semogue 830boar, Whipped Dog Silvertip, Unnamed Badger 25.00 lot Shipping Included
  2. ddown

    Has anyone had a Zamak razor fail

    I have been wet shaving ten years never had a failure I do have a few stainless handles. I know every one states Zamak is doomed to fail but I sure haven't seen the evidence to support failure. Why a stainless head other than wanting it.
  3. ddown

    I sold a brush now regret trying to duplicate

    It was a Golden NIB 28F2 SET pretty low I never got a measurement. it had great backbone butter soft delivered warm lather my complaint it wouldn't release lather very well. I have since learned that with time they relax and open up. should I try to get another made and at what loft I have no...
  4. ddown

    RR Slab New Version with knob on handle end

    I've had mine about three weeks it's my new daily driver. I actually love the shave and the stainless handle and balance rocks. Workmanship is first rate. I recommend you get one and try it you'll love it I'm sure. A real value at 39.95:001_smile
  5. ddown

    muzzleloaders any hunters?

    Everyone ready for fall season I'm shooting TC Omega/Nikon Prostaff 3X9X40 Blackhorn 209 Hornady XTP 240
  6. ddown

    trying Simpsons Best Badger

    I've tried Boar, 2Band, Silvertip, Pure. I'd like to try a simpson's Best but would like a entry level model. Are all prices of Simpson's the same quality of best badger hair?
  7. ddown

    28mm Finest F2 TGN hate it

    I have a 28mm Finest F2 TGN knot in a black handle I got off BST I also have a Whipped dog 24 and a B&B boar. I can't get used to the backbone in the finest.Any suggestions Should I give up on it?
  8. ddown

    Ist Shave with New Long Comb!

    I just recieved this to go with my Pearl OC Just got done Shaving with it. Much less aggressive than the Pearl. Soap: MWF Brush: Semogue SOC Post: Alum AS: Clubman Great Razor, Great Shave:001_smile
  9. ddown

    Been using Pearl open comb have Gillette New Long Comb coming differences

    What should I expect how aggressive is the new long comb mine is the same thing as the Cadet OC. The only problem with mine is uneven blade exposure but it sure shave well.
  10. ddown

    1 year check-in lessons learned

    I've learned a lot this year: Nice tools, Razors,Brushes, Blades difference. Notice I said nice from my Super Speed to my EJ Soaps, Creams I love DR Harris, MWF, Proraso Green,Red,Blue and Van der Hagen, Last couple of weeks have tried a couple sticks Arko,Palmolive. Alum only have tried it a...
  11. ddown

    1ST Shave with Stick

    I had never used a shave stick before today. Wow what Lather!!! I used a Palmolive stick from Germany are they all this good?:w00t:
  12. ddown

    Does anyone know where all the new Merkur Slants are?

    I've noticed they are out of stock everywhere are they discontinued?
  13. ddown

    1st shave with the FAT!

    MWF (Mitchell's Wool Fat) What slick,easy to lather soap and my skin feels great. That's what I love about here the tutorials, tips and reviews makes trying new things much less frustrating. B&B rocks:drool:
  14. ddown

    Using DR harris and Proraso what next

    I picked up DR Harris that was dried out on clearance from a Vendor use it like a croap. Absolutely love it I have Lavender and Marlborough I actually love the Marlborough the best. I also use Proraso/Bigelow old style which is great in the Summer. I understand none of these are Tallow based (am...
  15. ddown

    Six months in

    Well I think I can Finally call myself a Shaver now. After six-months of goods days and some not so fine. I think I finally am getting the shaves I want started with a 1960 Fatboy, Walmart blades and a VDH bowl and boar brush set with VDH deluxe soap. At first it was bad 1st shave set it at 9...
  16. ddown

    WOw 1st shave with silvertip

    Well I used my new to me silver tip today it's a whipped dog knot and handle. I had thought boar was the way to go but this thing is dense has great backbone, and soft. Oh, and it Lathers up a storm. I finally understand the Badger lure now. How does this knot compare to others. I did 1st pass...
  17. ddown

    How do you find out how many posts that you have?

    I've been trying to find out where I can check this:scared:
  18. ddown

    1st Shave with Merkur Slant!

    Only one word can describe this is WOW!. Bought on BST loaded new feather blade. and BBS has never been such a pleasure. Really a great keeper.:biggrin1:
  19. ddown

    1st time Oily skin in Life

    I've been DE shaving about a month using, EJ DE89L, VDH soaps, Badger or Boar brush, Clubman AS. Everything was going great until the last week when all of sudden skin seems oily all over I'm 57 and to have a Pimple and oily skin. Ideas?
  20. ddown

    Help for noob

    I just got a Edwin Jagger DE89L and did my first shave with it. Gorgeous razor fine craftsmanship. I also have a Gillette Fatboy that I use on 4 and a Flaretip TTO. Both of these seem to give me closer shave (three Pass) than the EL technique or is it really that mild Crystal Israeli blades. To...